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How to fix my device wifi from disconnecting and reconnecting again and again?

Asked by Utpala Jana | 2 years ago


Utpala Jana


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    Rhea Banerjee



    Rhea Banerjee


    2 years ago

    Android smartphones are getting smarter over time. Automated decisions are not always accurate and the ones you wish for. This issue is the same, most probably.

    The identified reason for this problem, of which the solution has helped most of the people facing this issue is Android's Smart Network Switch.

    With this feature, Android avoids poor network connections and automatically disconnects with them.

    This is a really helpful feature when you change your place and get near to your another available hotspot.
    However, this can be a problem if your smartphone detects poor connection wrongly or there is no other available connection.

    For the mentioned use-cases, you might want to turn off the "Avoid poor connection" video. 

    Follow the steps to turn off the feature:

    1. Go to "Setting".
    2. Go to "Wifi and Network".
    3. Look for "Avoid Poor Connection/Auto Network Switch/Smart Network Switch"

    4. Toggle it off.

    Now your Android phone will no longer disconnect from hotspot when identifying it as the poor connection. 

    Watch the video for help:

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