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How to root android device without losing data?

Asked by Kriti Darsha | 2 years ago


Kriti Darsha


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    Meghana Yadav



    Meghana Yadav


    2 years ago

    Rooting an Android device is not a complicated process if sufficient support is available for your device. 
    For rooting any device you will require a Custom recovery to be installed that will help you flash ROM and take backups. 

    No data from your SD Card will be affected. For the internal storage, you should move the media to the SD Card. Specifically for App Data, sync them with your Google Account to avoid any problems. App Data can also be backed up to your SD Card. 

    Note: OS will be reinstalled, so preferences will reset for once.

    Important elements of the Rooting Process:

    1. Custom Recovery
      Required to flash ROM, create backups and various other functions.

    2. Root Management App
      Root Management apps like supersu, kingroot, framroot e.t.c. are there to manage and provision root access to applications.

    3. Laptop with ADB Drivers
      A desktop is required with drivers specific to your phone and you need to unlock the bootloader with your phone in USB Debudding mode.

    After unlocking Bootloader, you can flash the custom recovery and that will help you install custom ROM with ease.

    If you do everything according to the process you will not lose anything. Your data will be safe and your phone will not be compromised

    The following video will assist you with the process:

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