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How to transfer files from android device to computer without connecting via usb cable?

Asked by Amit Jhadav | 2 years ago


Amit Jhadav


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    Ikshu Nigam



    Ikshu Nigam


    2 years ago

    You might surely need to transfer some media from your Android device to your PC, for a backup and keep them in sync.
    Not to worry if you don't have a data cable, you can even transfer the files from your Android device to PC without using Data Cable. Following are the 5 ways that will help you:

    1. Bluetooth:
      Bluetooth is the minimal feature that every phone (Android or not) have. Expecting your PC also have a supporting Bluetooth hardware, you can easily transfer files. However, Bluetooth is a slow data transfer technology and not recommended for huge file transfers.

    2. Wi-Fi:
      You can share big file easily using Wi-Fi technology by creating a local network. You can create your own personal wifi hotspot or use the home wireless to bring both devices in the same network. Apps like ShareIt and Filedrop uses Wi-Fi technology for file transfer and are really easy to use as well.

    3. Using USB OTG:
      USB OTG is an essential feature of Android phones that help you read/write USB flash drives using your phone. Your laptop can surely access the Flash drive. You just need to get the USB OTG cable to connect USB to your phone.

    4. Drives or Cloud:
      Using Cloud storage is easy and better as well. You just need to upload your files once and it makes them accessible through all your devices wherever you sign in to your account. With 4G and cheap data packs, the issue of bandwidth has also been solved. Drives are a great option to share huge files with others and you can manage all the access rights for reading and editing. 

    5. E-mails:
      E-mails are great for sharing few files approx less than 20MB to your friends or for some official purpose. You can even use it to transfer your files to the PC. For greater files above 25MB, your vendor itself uses the Drive option. It's the best option when you need to send some files to your official laptop where USB and Gmail are restricted.

    I really hope these options will help and you are able to transfer your files with ease.
    Watch the video for visual illustration:

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