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Suggest me an app to download YouTube Videos?

Asked by Adikavi Krishnamurthy | 3 years ago


Adikavi Krishnamurthy


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    Krishna Mehra



    Krishna Mehra


    3 years ago

    We always have this feeling while watching YouTube videos that how can I download this video and share with my friends or family. And waste so much of time in searching the perfect tool for downloading the YouTube Videos.
    As there is no good YouTube downloader available on Google PlayStore so you will have to side-load the app which simply means download the apk file from the link below copy it in your phone and install it
    Here are my top 3 picks for YouTube Downloader.
    1. OG YouTube: This is the best Youtube downloader app for android phones and this app acts as the alternative for your pre-installed youtube app. The UI of the app is almost similar to your original app but it also has some added benefits like minimizing the youtube videos and downloading them directly to your phone's storage. but for all this, you need to sideload it.
    OG youtube is developed by some XDA developer.

    2. TubeMate: This app is the second best alternative for downloading Youtube videos on your phone and it has a very simple UI and it allows you to download the video in mp3 format directly. Along with that, you can also download 4K videos from this app.

    3.  Non-stop YT Downloader:- This is the app of a famous online website to download Videos from Youtube. And the best part of this app that it can play the videos in the background and you can keep on surfing, texting or any other stuff on your phone. 

    Verdict: OG Youtube is the best app and one-stop solution for all your Youtube needs be it downloading videos in any resolution or convert it to .mp3 format or minimize the video and keep on doing your regular stuff and all of this is one familiar user-interface.

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