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what is a better phone in Samsung Galaxy J7 pro and Samsung Galaxy J7 plus?

Asked by KARUN AGARWAL | 2 years ago




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    Vishal Rao



    Vishal Rao


    2 years ago

    Both the phones have their pros and cons, I think you should go for 
    Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus,Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus has the following advantages over Samsung Galaxy J7 pro has faster CPU than Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. Faster CPU means more smooth experience.

    2.It has more RAM than Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. More RAM means more applications can run at the same time,without any lag

    3.It has Has Dual Camera,Dual camera is useful in enhancing certain effects like blur, zoom and wide angle photos.

    It is not like that it is a one sided game, Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has the following advantages -

    1.It has more inbuilt memory than Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus. has Battery Capacity than Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus. 

    Verdict - In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus is better overall performance and price ,if you Bigger battery and large inbuild storage than go for Samsung Galaxy J7 pro

    You can also compare these devices on 91mobilesSamsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus

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  • Eldho varghese

    Eldho varghese


    2 years ago

    J7 plus
    J7pro still is a good phone.but for heavy users 3gb will be little bit low but samsung device maintanance tab does a great job so optimising then does the job fine.
    Also missing led notification but have aod.(always on display).
    Processor also could be much more better.not a mediatek one an exynos one at 1.9ghz clock.
    But advanaced cams,more ram n cheap mediatek at high clock could definitely perform good that j7pro
    J7 pro-7/10
    J7plus 8/10

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