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Which phone is better between Oppo K3, Realme X and Honor 9?

Asked by Diamond Pudasaini | 2 years ago

Diamond Pudasaini


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    Ajay Verma



    Ajay Verma


    2 years ago

    All of these phones come with almost the same specifications and at a similar price as well. But on comparing the contrasting feature, the Realme X seems to be a better option.

    Let's compare the contrasting specifications-

    Camera:  Oppo K3 -  16 MP + 2 MP at the back,

                                       16 MP at the front.

                    Realme X - 48 MP + 5 MP at the back,

                                       16 MP at the front.

                    Honor 9x -  48 MP + 2 MP at the back,

                                       16 MP at the front.

    Storage: Oppo K3 -     64GB with expandable storage option.

                    Realme X -  128 GB with no expandable option.

                    Honor 9x -    64 GB with expandable storage option.

    Display-Type: Oppo K3 -    AMOLED (better)

                            Realme X -   AMOLED (better)

                            Honor 9x -    IPS LCD

    Seeing all these feature, the Realme X does seem better but as the Honor 9X is the cheapest of all three, it can be good option also.

    Check Full Comparison  Oppo K3 vs Realme X vs Honor 9

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