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Samsung Champ Deluxe Color C3312s
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Samsung Champ Deluxe Color C3312s
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this phone sucks!

ppl if want to buy a touch screen phone for a low prize dont go for this 1!the touc responds very late and the camera also is a waste!dont waste ur money on this 1!ni sugest u to buy samsung galaxy!or =go jump in a pond

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Nice Phone From Samsung

Thanks to FlipKart Team.nReally nice work.nI booked this phone on Wednesday & got delivered on Thursday Morning.nSuch a nice & great Delivery.nAbout Phone:-nNice Touch with good camera & bluetooth is good working while making pair with samsung & little bit slow with other.nNo keypad lock with security number.nBut you can lock its msg,contact etc with code.nAs usual Samsung Engineer should think about this.nLast Thanks to FlipKart Team....

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Decent Performer

Initially to start with, all those complaining about "hanging" problem should have their handsets checked from Samsung gallery, there should be something wrong with their handsets. I got it for my wife a week before & here's what is presently loaded in her phone:nn400+ Contacts (abt 50 with images)n1.5 GB+ Songsn150+ ImagesnI must say for na phone with price tag of just 4000 it handles all the above info very well. I haven't experienced any â??hangingâ? problem whatsoever. The interface is clean & easily operates via finger (takes a while to get used to, but thatâ??s quite ok). Sound & Camera quality is pretty decent. Only drawback I found was it looks quite cheap in your hand. Other than that no complaints.nnCommon guys what more do expect from a touch screen phone for 4000?

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Not a good phone

I bought this phone two days back, and after using it I have realized the mistake of buying it. The sound quality is bad, choice of default ring tone is very poor, in call features are not user friendly, for example it take three clicks to put phone on the speaker mode during an ongoing call, that too with a very poor audio quality. The battery back up is poor.

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Read this, you will get your points clarified for sure!

I recently(3days ago) bought this phone from a nearby store, and I would like to mention one thing-it cost me rs 10 more than flipkart even after a lot of bargaining. Plus the conveyance cost, and the time lost. Anyways,let's move into the review part. When I was pondering over a few brands and few handsets deciding which to buy(as I recently lost one. :P ), I came across this handset and read the reviews carefully,here at flipkart. Now, after buying this product I find that some of the reviews are nothing but misleading. I want to clarify those points first..n1. Someone said that there is no back button. Man, please do a little bit of research with your phone before writing things like those. Do you think that the samsung engineers, they are fools?? Come on, back button is a basic necessity! The middle button works as a back button. And it works good enough!n2. Someone said that he is having a problem with his earpiece. Yeah, initially I was also having the same problem,but eventually I got rid of that. You just push the chord there into the earpiece slot till it gets stuck with a click sound. Then it will work ok.n3. Someone questioned it's looks. Believe me, it looks hell of a lot better than here-in picture. It is handy,it looks good enough for a rs. 3700 phone.n4. Someone said the phone of his gets hanged frequently. My advice would be that please get your handset checked. I have bought this 3days days, it hasn't done anything wrong since, even for a single occasion.nnNow the advantages..n1.Touch screen works well. Don't expect the experience of a capacitive one, but nevertheless, it's fine.n2. Sound quality better, than other phones of it's range.n3. Screen-size is ok. After a little bit of getting-used-to, you will never miss a button.nnDisadvantages..nI am yet to find a con for this. Yeah,you cant lock keypad with a password. But this is a problem of OS,not applicable for this set particularly. And Radio could have been better, as it sometimes becomes inaudible.nnIn my view, if you are going for a small budget phone. Try this, you will not regret! It works for me just fine! I am quite attached to it actually, because this is the first asset that I bought for myself,after getting my first salary! :)nnAnyways, Thank You. :)

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