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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
Out of Stock
₹ 8,999
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Few facts about galaxy grand

Hi,nnI don't own this phone but writing this to tell a few facts about a grand.nnFirst thing I want to ask is how everyone was able to review even without using it.nI am not saying it is a bad phone but please be cautious before buying this phone and read the below facts about this phone that I know which not even Samsung is not saying it.nnDisplay: WVGA resolution. This is the same resolution as on Galaxy S2. But this phone has 5 inches versus 4.3 on S2.nDue to same resolution on large screen the display wont be sharp. Quality will be definitely less compared to 2 year old S2.nThis is not Super AMOLED. This phone has just LCD display. Quality of LCD display will be very bad. Under sunlight Super AMOLED is not good but good in indoor usage. nLCD will be worse in both sunlight and indoor usage.nnProcessor: All Samsung is saying this phone has 1.2 Ghz dual core. In S2 it has its own popular exynos processor. nGrand has broadcomm processor. This is probably the first phone with this processor. I have never seen a phone with broadcomm processor. I am not saying its bad but we don't know until its reviewed.nThe reason for using that processor must be cheap price. Otherwise why would Samsung use other companies processor instead of using its own processor.nnTwo most important specs of any phone is processor and display. These two things are bad compared to 2 year old galaxy s2.nnThe only reason this phone got attention of people is because of its screen size (5 inches).nnSo be careful and think a lot before buying.nnI am going to rate this phone 2 stars because Samsung is hiding the facts about display and processor.

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Hey guys,Even if you are new to the smartphone segment and want to buy a new phone,Dont't buy this one..Just think of all the phones that are available at this time.It has got good looks,good camera,but other than that??Nothing,Plainly nothing!!Just go for Micromax A116 HD.Samsung released this phone only in India just to compete with overgrowing Micromax..Micromax A116 Canvas HD!!Just look at its specs..It has got a cortex A7 1.2 GHZ Processor compared to 1.2Ghz of this one..And about the display,This has got a WVGA display whereas the A116 got a stunning HD display(1280*720).The Canvas HD is also RS15000 only..Micromax is getting better and better..Think twice before buying anything cause the investment is large and you must never regret in future.If you are skeptical,Just go,Google Micromax a116 vs Samsung galaxy grand..You'll come to know..If you find my review useful,Vote it high and make it stay on top so that others too find it :)

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Irated By The Haters

I bought this phone a week back. nThis one has given me an awesome experience till now.nI used to have a Galaxy Note earlier, and trust me, I feel this is faster and smoother than a Note. nnI'm really flabbergasted as to how people write reviews without even using the device. Just don't go by the spec. Its screen spec might LOOK disappointing, but real time experience is not bad at all. nnPeople have even compared this piece of art with a micromax. That itself is a ridiculous one. Someone has written that micromax has a better processor .? Dude, seriously .? nMicromax processor is a 1.2 GHz Quad Core. But it has been built on platform of a Cortex A7, which, even being a 1.2 GHz, will not be able to give a smooth experience. nWhereas, Galaxy Grand has been built on a latest platform with a 1.2 GHz, and hence, should serve the purpose more efficaciously. nnAnd I personally would never tag myself with a Micromax, for now on that is. I have been hearing loads of complaints about the Micromax devices. They remain in the service station for more time than they remain with the customers is what I have heard too. nnIts people's personal choice than. For a matter of 6k more, you get a Globally leading brand. I'd reckon, anyone and everyone to buy this phone. nnAnd please, for future commentors, please write a review, only if you have actually used this device. Everybody knows the spec. You don't need to put redundancy here. nnIn love with my Galaxy Grand. :)

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Please Dont compare with Micromax

Those who compare Premium branded phones like APPLE, SAMSUNG, HTC etc, Please use those phones and then write the review. Just because Micromax or for instance any company releases a cheaper version does not mean that it is better or this phone is inferior. I have used MICROMAX A65 and its the worst ELECTRONIC CRAP I have ever used. I am using Htc Explorer and these are the games that works on it WITHOUT LAGn1.NFS Most Wanted(1.83GB installation file)n2.Real Racing 2(1GB installation file)n3.Modern combat 3 (havent tried MC4)n4.Temple run 2 (as always)n With all these in my mobile with less than 30mb free, if MEMORY CARD is EJECTED from PC, SD card READ time of my mobile is less than 3 seconds(if u have any doubt ask any htc user)> Also while gaming Press Home screen , u WILL see homescreen UNLIKE Micromax which shows LOADING even if u take phone dialler.nnMy point is Htc explorer is just 600Mhz Adreno 200 GPU and still is a good device, I have seen TEMPLE RUN 2 STUCK, I repeat STUCK on Micromax Canvas 2 (its dual core ) I am sure it will never take Good Games.nnNo matter other Users review that some cheap company is providing these features,intelligent people wont fall for that because Performance always comes with a price, If u give 10,000 rs You will get a product worth less than or equal to 10,000rs, if u pay 21,500 rs U will get a product worth 21.5k . , simple...nnThose who want to take canvas 2 3 or 4 take that and accept ur ill fate, but please dont give 1 star or 2 starfor this device. Use it, then comment. I have used this (its own all showrooms)Its worth 21K... and I will Buy it.nnnREPLY TO Netan malhinnI have used canvas 2 ,as u said, every games work on Canvas 2,no doubt, but there is something called frame rate, canvas 2 has CHEAP CHINA CPU and GPU, fps is below 20,games looks horrible.

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GRAND Phone with Tablet Experience

Got my GRAND delivered on saturday 2nd Feb, was not expecting the delivery till end of this week, so was pleasantly surprised by Flipkart. I bought it on EMI, with no extra charges.nnHad taken lot of time and comparisons before I finally made a decision to buy this phone for my wife. I had earlier booked Note II from Indiatimes but cancelled it as I didn't got the delivery on time and meanwhile GRAND launch was announced.nnFirst Impression in Hand:n1. Looks pretty much like Note II, marginally smaller.n2. Screen / Display looks much sharper then my expectation (Though display is weak)n3. Profile is devoid of any edges, weight seemed appropriate for long use.nnAdvantages of GRAND:n1. 1.2 GHz Dual core + 1 GB is decent enough for most of popular gaming (Tried all versions of Angry Birds, Temple Run 2, Beach Buggy, email, FB, whatapp etc) and runs smooth with multiple applications running in parallel. There might be minor lagn2. Samsung software customizations, hardware sensors (I guess some 10+ sensors are inbuilt) do lot of magic for you and keeps you engaged (I read somewhere that features are same as Note II with trimmed hardware).n3. 5 Inch display is bright, gives you decent readeablility and mobility, I did not notice any pixelation of any form and viewing angles are ok. n4. Most IMP : Call Voice Quality very good and eliminates noice around, dialling and in call management is good.n5. Speaker output is loud, littlie bit on shrilly on high volume, Ear Phones are good but built quality is average.n6. Android JellyBeans is fast and moment you login with your GMail account you get instane access to all your content on Google Drive, Google+.nnCons:n1. Battery should have been better, Note II's 3100 Mh was the best fit. 2100 Mh drains in 4-5 hours with above average use in downloading, gaming, texting (Deducting 1 Star from the rating for same).n2. Flip Cover is looks fine but not a magnetic cover to switch off / on the display automatically when closed / open.n3. Price should have been around 17k or 18k max to compete with other lower brands and make it really pocketable (Financially :))nnI would definitely recommed this phone, until someone has a tight budget, else should go for Micromax Canvas HD or Huawai Ascent.

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259 users found this review helpful helpful?