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Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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Rs 43,092
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Out of Stock
₹ 43,092
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50,000 for a mobile!! You're drunk, go home samsung!

With a spate of manufacturers launching high-end devices, the focus has fallen on the pricing policy followed by them. While part of it could be attributed to the rupees weak health but what really justifies buying a phone worth Rs. 50,000?nnWith most high-end devices costing north of the 40k mark, does it really make sense to invest such hefty amount on just a phone?nnSamsung Galaxy Note 3 : Rs. 49, 990nSony Xperia Z1 : Rs 43, 000niPhone 5S : Rs 50, 000nnMost phones can get most jobs done without batting an eyelid. But these so called flagships are being repackaged with a better processor, an improved camera and usually a feature that is touted by the company as a killer feature. It is simply just so hyped to exploit us I believe.nnTruth is these phones will be replaced within twelve months by the same company reselling a new killer feature.nnGalaxy S4 was so talked about and termed revolutionary - "made to break all performance records with its Octa-Cores". Well we now know it wasn't at all true but a marketing gimmick and what it actually did break was our trust. Ask yourselves, was it morally right to cheat and mislead consumers like that ? Samsung should have been pulled to the courts. On quite a contrary, S4 not only aged quickly but has been dethroned by other new heavy weights like the xperia Z1 and lg G2. Launched in april, the sensation of S4 was such short lived. nnNow, here's an evidence that these companies only want to loot your money, to hell with your experience with the device. Absolutely shocking to see the double standards of samsung towards indians! A snapdragon 800 chipset for the western world and a totally different exynos offering to maximize profits in the indian markets. Well, Its a cry shame samsung, you disgust us. nnNote 3 by no means is an offering really worth investing the 50k for a few enhancements and a faux leather back. nnThese manufacturers will ensure that their device is in the news, throwing around buzzwords and grand terms like revolutionary. In an environment like this, it is tough to separate noise from the signal.nnI wouldn't be buying a phone costing more than Rs30,000 now. And neither should you. If you’d really like to get a fancy device, wait for a couple of months for the inevitable price drop. Investing such a significant chunk of money on a device that might be called outdated within a couple of months is just not worth it.

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Disappointed with Samsung. Atleast the pricing could have been better !!

Main Drawbacks of Note 3:nnNO LTE (4G).nNO 4K Recording.nNO OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser).nNO FM Radio.nNO Snapdragon 800 ProcessornnnMain Advantages of the Note 3:nn- Bigger screen and battery.n- S Pen Stylus.n- User replaceable battery.n- Micso SD slot.n- Slightly better camera at 13 MP.n- Plethora of Samsung only features like Smart Stay, Air View, Air Gestures, IR remote, etc. Though these features are gimmicks, but, will lure many users especially young ones.nnnFINAL WORDS:nnThe phone overall is very good, BUT, the lack of few critical features like 4G (LTE), FM, OIS, etc and the hefty price tag makes it totally unviable proposition. The correct price of this phone should have been less than 37K, which is the price of the 4G (LTE) Snapdragon model in the international market.nnn---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------nBEWARE: Samsung is cheating Indian consumers by demoing the N9005 (Snapdragon 800) version, which has better performance, has less heating issues and more battery life. So, Please make sure to get your hands on N900 (Octa-core) version before you make up your mind to buy this and empty your wallet. You can check the model number in settings menu or by removing the back cover of the phone.n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------nnSo, Choose wisely guys, its your hard earned money and precious Foreign Exchange of our country, India.

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My impression of the Samsung Note 3

Day 1:nIt’s been a day since I have this phone and this is what I think of the product.nWhen playing games on the device it tends to get HOT after 15 min of game play, the volume button and power get really hot after 30 min of play timenThe phone with 100% change got switched off in just 5 hours of usagenEvery time before switching the screen off I have to end all tasks just to keep it working as the RAM usage was showing 1.78GB all the time. Even when I have nothing on except the power saver option it has a RAM usage of 1.33GBnnSamsung needs to send a software update for this soon or else its back to the Note 2nnGiving this device 3 starsnnDay 2: Tuns of software issues with the new software, ,most of all, I CANT ACCESS MY CONTACT LIST ANY MOREnnGiving this device 2 stars

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SAMSUNG REALLY GONE NUT'S WITH THISnnIt's just a SAMSUNG mobile, and 50k for a mobile ? don't they understand Indian market ? it would have been good around 40k atleastnnI think they should try replacing the one's who make their marketing tactic'snnThey launch it at 50k and then week by week price keep's falling around 1k and till an year it will go 30, OK, now we lost 20k no problem, but then you go out and sell it to get note 4 next year and for a used mobile of 30k price would be around 12-13nnThough i hate I-phone but atleast they are durable and they provide good customer service, OS update for more time than Samsung as well as no such deduction in price and good resale valuennAnd about partiality of version's between countries, Xperia Z ultra provides Snapdragon 800 in Indian market that too available for 43-44k and what's the use of octa core with less ghz ?nnNO SNAPDRAGON 800nNO 4k RECORDINGnNO 4GnnSorry for giving 1 rating, there was'nt -5 on flipkart

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Everybody is very careful about selecting this have purchased galaxy note 3 on 3 rd oct ,after 3 days the set, while calling very hot,ni have given to the service centre,but thay are not able to rectify the complaint, and they replaced a new set, after 28 days the replaced set also showing the same problem,while 2 or 3 minutes usage,nthe service centre is not accepting the set, they have informed me to call the technical department,ni have send complaints to the ceo office, custmer centres,there is no proper answer for my complaint,today i approched the lawer to file a case against this company.

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