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Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Out of Stock
₹ 27,990
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Note 4 IS THE BEST in Market

I don't want to compare any other brands and mock them. In Today's Market Note 4 is the best in class. I will be honest in this user review and you decide what is best for you after reading this. Samsung needs to reduce the price for sure. The Price is way too much at this point to buy. nI used the Note 3 for almost 10 months. The Note 4 is improved in all the areas but Is it time to upgrade?? It's your call.. nThe note 4 's biggest changes from Note 3 nn1. QUAD HD 2K (2560X1440) SCREEN IS GORGEOUS BUT 4K SCREENS ON MOBILE IS ON THE CORNER SO within next May 2015 we may get 4k screens on mobile with 64bit processors from Snapdragon so why upgrade?. So this quad HD thing is SUPERB but only for the new purchasers not for upgrades. Another minus is lack of USB 3.0 which was awesome in note 3. nnSCREEN SENSITIVITY- Samsung has increased screen sensitivity 200 percent. Now the Stylus is very very responsive and the screen captures even the slightest of touches made by the stylus compared to the slight lag in Note 3. nADAPTIVE FAST CHARGING IS AWESOME. 0-42 percent charge reached in 30 minutes, Full charge was achieved in 1 hour 12 minutes. Where as note 3 with USB 3.0 took 2 hours and 2 minutes to reach full charge. The battery backup is amazing. it lasts a easy 14 hours with heavy usage. nnMETAL BODY IS SUPERB - Hats off to Samsung for finally bringing a premium feel to the phone after years of plastic. n4G COMPATIBILTY IN INDIA IS SUPER. It works with Airtel and Indian bands 2300Mhz called TD LTE along with International 4G compatibility. The speed I got is 30 Mbps Download and 7 Mbps upload. Get a USIM and Enjoy. Since this is factory unlocked. You can use it in all International 4G bands. nnTOUCHWIZ IS A MAJOR CHANGE touchwiz is very smooth and hatsoff to samsung for finally giving a lag free OS. nnFor phone to have these much Software enhancements and sensors and A HUGE TOO MUCH PRICE TAG OF 57-58K. we definitely WANTED A WATERPROOF AND DUST PROOF PHONE. But Samsung has let us down big time here. Why I am saying is nThe heart rate sensors, The IR blaster, UV sensors need protection when we go outside. When jogging OR IN FULL SUNLIGHT OR DURING RAIN . THERE IS A HUGE POSSIBILITY OF SWEAT OR RAIN AFFECTING THE PHONE. nnTHE MAJOR POINT FOR ALL CUSTOMERS WHO WISH TO BUY. READ THIS VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCEn--> It's coming with Snapdragon 805 32-bit and not the 64-bit Exynos 5433 processor which International markets get. I am not saying this is not fast. This is VERY FAST but The advantage of 64 bit:n1. The upcoming OS Android L needs 64 bit processors FOR 64 BIT apps. In future all apps will be redesigned for 64-bit processors. You will have to spend again to upgrade to 64 bitn2.Another big difference between 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors is the maximum amount of memory (RAM) that is supported. 32-bit systems can support a maximumof 3-4GB RAM, where as a 64-bit processor can support memory of over 4GB RAM. A 64-bit processor can run 32-bit apps without any issues but a 32-bit system can never run a 64-bit app. 64-bit is also important for apps that use graphical engineering design, video editing .ITS NOT A DRAW BACK. BUT YOU DECIDE IT FOR YOURSELVES WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU.n The snapdragon 800 or 801 users cannot find a major difference from 805. its VERY FAST AND GOOD for now but not 64-bit. International markets get exynos 64-bit 5433 processor. The antutu benchmark also rates the exynos 64-bit version of note 4 much higher than snapdragon 805 32-bit. nn OIS - OPTICAL IMAGE STABILISATION( best upgrade from note 3and Wide angle selfie is a major boost. SLO-MO - slow motion is very good too. nnFINGER PRINT SENSOR- works better than Galaxy S5 but needs lot of improvements in its use and utility like its Rival. nMY PLAN IS TO WAIT FOR GALAXY UNTIL THE 64BIT SNAPDRAGON 810 COMES AND 4K SCREEN COMES. Right now you won't find a big difference if you use note 3. I am an extreme user. Even I FOUND the Note 3 sufficient. Note 4 is exceptional but buy it only if you have an old phones of 2010 or 12 or you want a change OR EXTRA BUCKS. else you can wait for the next galaxy. nnI DONT REGRET ONE MOMENT PURCHASING NOTE 4 BUT You might realise note 3 is more than enough at present but its only my view. If you are lg or apple user and want a new phone with new experience. I would advise you to go for note 4 immediately just to find the awesomeness of the features Note 4 offers. But for note 3 users upgrading to note 4 especially at this HUGE price is not wise. Note 3 stylus is very sufficient nMY VERDICT - NOTE 4 STANDS ABOVE ALL THE RIVALS AT PRESENT. GO FOR IT WHEN THE PRICE IS BROUGHT DOWN TO 45-50K

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A great device might not look so great paper

I didn't buy the phone from Flipkart, hence not a certified buyer.nnNevertheless, I would like to give an unbiased review on this beautiful device.nnI have never been a fan of Samsung, cuz I have not liked the look n feel of Touchwiz (Yes, this is a personal thing)nnLet's get this started, today we have this device available for under 28K INR which is amazing (eventhough it was released in 2014 end). nnThe best display you can see in a smartphone. QHD and Super Amoled is what you can get. It's super gorgeous! nnThe specs might not be as glamorous as the latest devices today such as 6GB RAM and Snapdragon820. That will obviously affect the app opening speeds between these devices, but would you really care when these differences are like 0.1-0 8 sec? The huge difference in the specs on paper wouldn't be evident in regular usage.nAll huge 3D games and apps work buttersmooth. There isn't that difference between the 32bit processor in Note4 and the latest 64bit ones. Maybe 2 years later we might see some minor differences, but still these things are not as serious n huge as people say.nnI have read a review saying Android L and M are optimised for 64bit processors. Well, I have updated my device to M and now its running on L without a glitch. So that kind of conception is absolutely senseless.nnMoving on to the Camera, this device had the best camera in 2014. But today it's not the best, obviously. But for this price, the top device like OnePlus3 and Leeco LeMax2 are the only competitors for Note4. Honestly they are not much better, but they provide slightly better results than Note4. The front camera, yes it's not amazing yet it's not disappointing too.nnComing to Video recording, I'm still amazed how Note4 beats the latest devices such as OnePlus3, Mi5 and LeMax2. It's was very surprising. I wouldn't include the Galaxy S7/edge and LG G5 devices because they cost 2 times today's Note 4's price.nnBattery backup is at its best after the 6.0.1 update. You won't charge your device twice a day unless you are a gamer. And hey, we have fast charging here too. 0-60% in 30 minutes. Like you would be knowing, most of the flagship devices find it hard to keep the battery drain low during sleep. Well, touchwiz is much loaded than stock android, but somehow it doesn't hurt the battery during sleep :) .nnGoing into the build and design, we have the IR blaster which can work with any of your home appliances. I really thought it would be of bo use, but you'd realise the convenience once you start usin it. It doesn't have an all metal body like today's latest devices. The fingerprint sensor is fast, but you need to swipe over it (unlike just placing your finger on it in today's devices). nnAnother drawback I'd like to point out is that the rear camera is bumped outside, and the protective glass cover broke. So be careful since the camera glass cover can't take huge impacts. I would also like to point out that the speakers are loud enough, but since they're placed on the Rear, they get easily muffled.nnVideo Playback: You don't need to install a third party video player. The stock player supports all gestures and subtitles. Playing a 4K video is a breeze.nnThis is Galaxy Note. Its different than other android devices. Wanna know why? Bcuz this is a Note! The S Pen is simply unique. It'll make you start using it. The pen sensitivity is much better than in Note3, the Note4 has additionally a pressure sensor which enhances the handwriting. The S Pen aircommand UI is updated as you can see in a Note5nnWinding it up, a Stunning Display, Great Battery backup, Good Camera and a performance (don't look at the specs) which never lets you down at this pricetag is absolutely worthy. nnYou will never find a device with a better display. But if you want you're device to have the 6GB RAM, sd 820processor and a latest fingerprint scanner you might look for another option. nnAll said, the Galaxy Note4 will not let you down evem if your friends have the latest big boys. This is just a validation that the specs simply put on paper are not what you see while using it.nnThanks for reading it, please let your response by clicking "helpful"/"not helpful". Cheers!

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Do not read misleading comments , half of them do not have money to own it !!

Firstly , Don't buy it from Flipkart as it is available offficialy in samsung estore 58300 and samsung brand shops at 56900 from day one ( Official price) and holding in that price .flipkart is posting bad pricing strategy causing bad name for samsung . nnSecondly , this time India have got the qualcomm version not exynos version so all the morons reviewing it , please don't show you are just blind haters .nnThirdly i own the phone and its QHD screen is just mindblowing with great battery ( Inspite of high resolution) i am able to get 2 days on single charge without using any of the 2 power saving features and it is quite beautiful and compact to hold, It is certainly feels premium to hold with leather back for better grip needed to handle large phone( surely all- metal body is true premium but mind it also becomes quite slippery so either be ready for dents or use a cover but then what will be the point !!) ,nnnI love it !! and i advise to please try it in local samsung store first before believing the morons .

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The best phone in today's market A mini laptop.

I have been using Note 4(white) for more than a month.nnPros:n-Multitasking made easy. All inbuilt apps(incl. WhatsApp, Facebook, EverNote) supports multiple Pop up window feature. n-4G/LTE support for india. n-Touch response is excellent. n-Music: Sound quality is extremely good. n-Different customizable screenshot techniques, converts "text in the image" to editable text. n-S pen: New features added. Can write like a pen with less pressure. Easy selection of the text and images using S-pen with a single click. n-Camera: Great image quality with both Rear and Front camera, OIS, Different types of Selfie's (using front and rear camera). n-Private Mode: Hides Images/Videos/My Files and doesn't show anywhere in the mobile, can be unlocked using Fingerprint scanner. n-SideKey Panel: This is a small pop up window at any side of the screen with all the 3 bottom buttons (Options|Home|Recent Apps and one customizable app). This feature avoids usage of physical buttons. nn-Battery backup: On continuos usage of 3g internet, moderate music and calls, battery lasted for 15 hours with still 20% battery remaining.n(Without Power saving mode): Battery lasts for more than 20 hours on average calls/internet/music. This is awesome for high end phones like this.nThere are different normal power saving modes, through which we can save even more battery. n-Ultra Power Saving mode: Samsung claims 15 days battery backup on 100% charge, minimum 2 days battery backup on 10% battery (haven't tried). n-Adaptive Fast Charger: This is added advantage for this mobile. Charges to 50% in 30-40 mins and 100% in max 90 mins, inspite of its high resolution and features. n-Voice Recording: Normal mode, Interview mode, Meeting mode and Voice memo modes are available for recording. nCons:n-Over price.n-Multi window feature available only for In built apps and few other standard apps.n-Finger print scanner: can be used with limited apps. (screen unlock, private mode, web sign in and samsung account only)

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Samsung never stops Cheating Indians Selling Cheap Exynos by displaying US Snapdragon Versions

Yet another act of shameless cheating providing vague specifications by Samsung India. They always sell the Exynos-based version in Indian market for the same price of Snapdragon-based US edition. Exynos 5433 in Note4 Indian edition is not good and comes with the same: 1.3GHz-1.9GHz combo as was found in Note3. If you look at Samsung India website, they mention the processor as 2.7GHz with a small disclaimer - it may differ by country and carrier. The truth is, they have only launched Exynos-stupid version here which heats up and lags a lot.nnHere is the best part: if you go to any showroom, the model that they have put on display will always be the Snapdragon US edition, and when you buy it, they will always sell you Exynos version in the box. You can go to Settings->About phone and compare the Model Number. You will be surprised to see that Samsung is CHEATING us all. So, keep yourself informed and dont buy the cheap, stupid version of S5 and Note 4 for a huge price. Otherwise, you will later regret your decision. Go for Sony or LG, they don't commit such FORGERY.

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