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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
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Good mid ranger phone

Reviewing after using it for last 3 days, bought from an offline store:1. Display is superb with 120hz and 60hz refresh rate option.2. Sound quality is good and loud from dual front speakers.3. Camera is having upto 30x zoom and other pro features. It could have been bit better for wide angle but night mode is sufficiently good.4. Comes with a 15W charger, but supports upto 25W fast & wireless charging.5. Phone back is polycarbonate which looks decent enough to hold. One plus 9 may look more premium with all glass back but will be more delicate as well.6. Snapdragon 865 processor is fast if not the fastest like SD888 on one plus 9.7. 5G support - will support around 9 5G bands in future as compared to just 2 5G bands of one plus 9. S20FE 5G looks more future ready on paper. More 5G bands getting enabled with software updates on one plus 9 is debatable and need to wait n watch.8. Phone is IP68 dust and water proof, which isn't offered by one plus 9.9. Expandable memory upto 1TB support not offered by one plus 9.10. Battery same 4500 mah on this phone as well as one plus 9 but latter comes with a 65W wrap charger.Verdict - GO FOR IT. One of the best mid- range segment phones from Samsung competing against one plus 9. Both having their own winning areas, boils down to one's own preferences.

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Pretty Happy. It has everything I wished for.I am upgrading from an S9 after 3 years.A good camera, waterproofing, strong processor, high battery life and headphone jack 3.5mm were my basic requirements.It has everything except the 3.5 mm jack. I compromised on that because I was getting rest.I am a power user. I do not play games but WiFi for majority of hours, 99+ tabs on Firefox and Chrome, many vudeo callings on 4G network (Jio) and heavy PDF files are operating simultaneously on my phone. Along with occasional YT Video.My S9 (Exynos 9810, 4GB RAM) never lagged on this routine and after 3 years, it started to.Initially, I was considering the A52 as it also had all my needs. I got the 3.5 mm jack in it, but the compromise there was the Camera and processor.I went through the details of The Snapdragon processor on A52, and that procoessor is not even close to the flagship processor I received on my S9. (Exynos 9810). That was the deal breaker for me as I was concerned that A52 will not be even ablebto handle my current requirements, let alone future ones. I think A52 has SD730G or 720G. My S9 with Exynos 9810 is faster than that chipset. The A52 5G may or may not be launched and even that has 750G which is not equal to S9's old one. These are facts available online. After paying 30-35k for A52/A72, I was getting a processor that was not even equal to the 3 year old Samsung Flagship of S9 (9810).People would be suprised to know that pairing 8GB or 12 GB RAM with low-mid/mid processors will give you *less* performance than having lesser RAM on Top End processors.It is with this need, I purchased S20 FE 5G. I get a better camera. and the Snapdragon 865 is future proof and will take care of my needs for 3 years comfortably without lags.Other phone I was considering was Asus ROG 5, It has everything I needed at nearly same price point. There the compromise was on Camera and Waterproofing. I was also concerned about Asus after sales support. Samsung after sales support is best in India as I have witnessed it my self. People should also consider this. That how good the company is in After sales support.5G was not my concern. I am satisfied with 4G speeds and where I need heavy speeds I use WiFi fiber based. Also, no phone currently sold in India is 5G proof, as it is not known which 5G bands will be brought to India by Government.The Camera is great and I have put a 512GB Sandisk Ultra Card inside.This is the best phone available from Samsung right now and the definitely among the top 3 by any standards in the whole market. You cannot go wrong with this.ChargerIt has a 15W inside while phone supports 25W. Personally I am not bothered because 15W is good for battery life and health. Fast Charging reduces it. The difference is also small. Difference would be great if phone supported 65W and then we were given a 15W one. 15W will improve your battery life.I purchased the Mint Colour as it is different. refreshing and playful. Navy Blue was boring.Never considered the OnePlus as it's a Chinese brand. I try to avoid Chinese one as much as possible. Also the S20 FE 5G is assembled in India in Noida, U.P. OP9 is full direct import, even the box.Edits1) DisplayPhone supports 120Hz. Looks Beautiful. But I do not use it. Battery difference is significant. Around 1-2 hours. 60Hz lasts longer. So...2) Camera - I am happy. Photos look even better on laptop (after transfer) :D3) Battery Life- takes 2 hours 13 minutes for full charge with 15W charger. Battery is 4,500 Mah. First 50-60% were very fast. After that charge happens slowly- lasts 1 and a half day with my normal use, which is heavy. (see above). 1st day ended with 36% :D- Woke up next morning to find it at 27%.- Lasted till around 3 p.m.- Make your own conclusions4) I do not play games. No comments.5) What's in the Box? (Se7en)- no silicone cover, no earphones- charger you get is 15W. *It is Type C to Type C Charger* (You cannot use old chargers with normal USB port)- SIM ToolWhat I do not like/A bit surprised- Phone is *Heavy*- If you are those who like to read/browse on phone for extended hours (I use Kindle often), you will feel real strain within 15 minutes. (At least I do) Maybe, because last phone was very light. Hopefully, arms adjust soon.This comparison is not meant to denigrate A52/A72's processors. They just do not fit my use patternThanks for reading till here

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Decent Specs with some limitations No proximity sensor

Sd 865 a decent performing QC processor in a Samsung device with 3 year updates ! Nice camera setup, 4500 mah battery, 120 hz refresh rate, samoled...the package is complete-almost.No Proximity sensor!Also, no 3.5 mm jack, the power Adapter in box is only 15w whereas it supports 25 watts. These two things are still manageable but the sensor missing thing is certainly going to create issues

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Before you buy please be aware YOU GONNA GET A CRAP AT 45K

Bought this a day backAt this price range I felt this phone is a crap.Here are the reasons why1) Terrible heating issue near to the camera with moderate usage - Might be from the processor2) Battery optimization sucks - with moderate usage it dint lasted for 7 hours3)Only 15W Charger will be in the box3) At this price range competitors provide better finger print reader4) cheaper corilla glass 3 is used5) Snapdragon 860 and 865 has some heating issues and other issues6)Back design makes this phone less premiumOverall at 40k price - This phone in not woth for the money ...if you're looking for mid flagship camera..then you can go for this phone.Considering the heating issue this phone rate will drop further.. When it drops to 30k you can buy this phone

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Value for money

Nice camera and performanceBattery backup is not too good its decentCharger is slow so i have buy 25 watt notIts a good pacage with samsung serurity other than chiness manufacturing

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