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Sony Ericsson WT19i
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Sony Ericsson WT19i
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I had written one review right after buying it. Now writing another after seeing so many criticism in flipkart for this phone. nnAbout prize- Every store is selling it at 14 . I called univercell, Poorvika, Flipkart, SE official showroom etc. Buy whomever gives the lowest. But dont go for the 12000 deal. Because u never know when u will need a warranty. I know a guy who changed his neoV after it got a scratch. They replaced it. nnAbout restart- Mine doesn't do it. those who bought of from ebay are crying restarts mostly. U see SE forum and they say 'i bought this in indonesia and using it in india and it restarts' etc and u know its an ebay mob. And no one who bought in india faces the same issue as far as gsmarena's comment section goes. And if it has an issue, they will replace it. My friend replaced his Xperia Mini and then got cashback and bought LWW. But u got to have warranty to do that(refer the previous point)nnBattery- Yes it goes off in one day under heavy usage. Seriously, tell my an android which doesn't. NeoV on minimal usage goes off in one day and atleast LWW with its heavy usage lasts one day. With an android device, heavy networking and gaming is unavoidable. The reduced screen resolution actually helps in this issue. nnScreen resolution- Are you a tech? Do you have another high end phone with which u r going to compare this every time u uses it? Yes? Then u got a problem. 180 ppi is normal. It doesnt pixelate. And images are bright. And those who cry about ppi, please see low end htc sets. They pixelate and this is way better. And nnLack of BE- Bravia engine is an optimising software. Not hardware. U can root it and all. But trust me. It works fine. nnCamera- I haven't used the cam much. Because i didnt buy this to take pictures. I already have another. But as far as i saw, its normal. and flash is good. nnProcessor- It is the fastest. I have a computer which lags a bit when i am jumping scenes watching a HD(720) movie. But this phone doesn't. I runs smooth. And games too. If anyone points me an android with 1gz processor,512ram and 320internal memory under 15k prize, i will swallow my phone.nnMusic clarity- Awesome. Loud too. And it looks more hip than an ipod. And there is the FB like button for those who want to annoy their buddies. And infinity button which is awesome if u have wifi. or 3g. nnAny other issues?

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Good Phone, I already bought the Phone

In my view:nPros:n Low Price (Because I bought with INR:12500 only)n 1 Ghz Processorn 512 MB Ram (We can use only 335 MB only)n Adreno 205 GPU (Good for gaming)n 5 MP camera (Good in Daylight)n Led flashn Simile Shutter,Auto Scene recognition, 3D capture, Touch Capturen HD recording (720p, 30 Fps)n VGA Front Camera for video calling(But only throught Skype, gtalk etc)n Dedicated wallkman keyn Stereo Speakers & producing very loud sounds (Xloud)n Noise cancellation micn Four corner shortcutsn Ginger Bread 2.3.4 & ICS upgradablen Very good design & lookn GPS, WiFi hotspot, DLNA, Flash Player 11,n Antutu score 2901n Quadrant Score:1708nnCons:n-Only one day Battery Backup for me (Above avg use)n-Takes more than 2 Hrs for full charging (I don't know about time taken for other phones)n-Low internal memory 420 MB (usable: 320 MB only)n-Not got live headsets for mine & only avg bass through it (Music clarity is good & also Play/Pause, Prev/Next button in headset)n-No mega bass & custom equalizer (Other 10 presets available)n-Distortions from loud speakers when volume is max (xloud ON)n-Camera is not very good in low light conditionsn-HD recording is have avg qualityn-No video calling through mobile network (Only through data services)n-Low resolution (480x320, 180ppi) (Not very bad)n-Media player only supports mp4, 3gp, wmv (I installed a player from android market it supports every formats such as mkv,avi,vob,dat,mpg etc)n-Because of only mp4,3gp,wmv supports in media player, I can't able to recieve other formats (mkv, avi etc) through Bluetooth, It shows, not supportable filennFinal:nBest phone in this price, and It will not disappoints you. Hope some of the cons will be solved in ICS update

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Best Phone In This Price Range!

Processor is really fast!!!.the phone wont lag and its sound quality is awesome it has an adreno 205 which is also in arc and other xperia 2011 models can handle all high end games including gta3 the camera quality is not that bad...5Mp-main and 0.3 Mp Front it has a ppi of 180 which is equal to that of explorer It supports DLNA ..connected the phone to my TV Via WIFI !! We Can even Connect a keyboard or a gamepad to the phone via livedock Or To a Live dock to use it as a docking station Overall 5 Out Of 5!!

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very bad phone

This phone is very bad in touch and takes so may time for loading and constantly restarting i say that plz dont take this phone plz




very bad phone

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Restarting again and again

Why the hell this phone get restart again and again.




Restart constantly

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