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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
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Android 2.3 phone @ best price

I got this phone from Flipkart within 4 days as promised, the packing was good, I have been using this phone for the last 2 weeks. Now let us rate this phone in every aspect from a common user point of view. Please note this review is based on my personal experience and am unbiased.nnBuild Quality: Being a slide phone the build has weak points at the joints of slide, so I strongly advice that you keep the phone away from children!!! Rating: 3.0/5nnDisplay: 3'' TFT LCD ??? this is what you may feel but this display has Bravia Engine (yes the same you find on Sony TV) which makes the screen crisp & crystal clear. It takes a while to get adjusted to the small screen, Especially if you have used apple, htc or samsumg phones with wider screens. Rating: 4.5/5nnCamera: The phone has 2 cameras - front VGA & rear 5 MP. The camera is really good, the pictures are of very good quality and the best part being HD video recording @ 720p which is not available even in 20K phones. Rating: 4.5/5nnMusic: Can anybody beat Sony in Music? I doubt, and added to this is Sony xLOUD engine audio filter technology which makes the music even more enjoying. Not to forget the FM radio which is good add on. Rating: 4.5/5nnMemory & Processor: 1 GHz Scorpion Processor & 512 MB RAM makes the phone quite fast. The Phone has a 320 MB internal memory which is a bit on the downside. Especially when you have to run lot of applications on internal memory. This can be offset with an application "Apps to SDcard". The package comes with a 2 GB external card (expandable upto 32GB). Rating 4.0/5nnInternet & Data connectivity: Supports GPRS, EDGE & 3G for internet. Bluetooth & USB for data connectivity with your Laptop/PC. Can work as modem and also as a WIFI Hotspot. The internet is quite fast compared to my IPhone 3G. Rating: 4.5/5nnSoftware: works on the world famous Android 2.3 Gingerbread, supports JAVA, Adobe Flash Player. Macfee Anti Virus & Phone Security is an added advantage. The emails are sent via SSL encryption, which makes your mails quite safe. Browser is a bit slow, this can solved by downloading Opera Mini. Multitasking works very smooth. Rating: 4.5/5nnBattery: Every good thing in this world has a flaw & so is this phone, the battery. If you are avid internet user like me then you have problem. The battery gets discharged in about 3 hours of continuous browsing. If you use it only for phone & mails without connecting to WIFI then you might be lucky with one day. The Lithium Ion 1200 mAh battery is quite less for this beautiful phone. I don't know if there is any alternative for this. Rating 2.0/5.nnIn a nutshell if you are willing to compromise with the battery then you have a amazing beauty @ affordable price. The phone is compact fits within your palm, ladies will sure shot like this. Hope this review comes in handy and you can make an informed decision.

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coooooooooolest phone

I have been waiting for an android mid-range budget phone with good processor, good ram, good resolution, good camera . I have been checking all available android phones for the last 2 months. Almost all mid-range/low-range (price wise)phones are having 600Mhz processors (one or two have 800Mhz); android 2.2 os ; no flash support & no multi touch support ; 256MB to 512MB ram; but all of them have low-range cam @15 fps or VGA or QVGA cams and no front camera.nnThis guy has 5MP cam @720 px HD video recording @24 frames/sec and front camera; 512MB ram; Android 2.3 ; with flash & multi-touch; 720px HD video playback; and 1 GHz Scorpion (Snapdragon MSM8255) processor with Adreno 205 GPU which is also used in Xperia arc/neo/active/ray and in Xperia Play. Yes seriously the same processor&Gpu are used in Xperia Play - the playstion phone ; and cool physical keyboard & the coolest Sony Ericsson UI; and the price is 15,399 INR ( 300 USD approx.) only.nnI found this gem in flipkart two days back and ordered it immediately. I have been waiting(dying) for the delivery.

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here it is

1) Camera:- It has two cameras.n [a] 5MP camera :- Which captures high quality 2592x1944 pixel photos with Geo-tagging, image stabilization, smile and face detection & touch focus features. And HD video recording [ 1280x720 Px, overall bit rate: 6457 Kbps, Aspect ratio: 16:9, Average Frame rate: 30 fps, Format: MP4]n [b] VGA camera :- Which captures low quality 640x480 pixel photos and low-range video recording [ 640x480 Px, Overall bit rate: 2214 Kbps, Aspect ratio: 4:3, Average Frame rate: 12 fps]n n HD video recording is pretty good.n n2) Video Playback:- Watching videos in this mobile is really cool, the Bravia engine display & xLOUD technology audio totally rocks.nn3) Gaming:- It has 1 GHz Snapdragon processor & Adreno 205 GPU & motion sensors , so it can play almost all the HD games available without any lag. I have played some graphically intensive games like Backbreaker 2, Reckless Racing, Airattack HD part 1, Age of wind 2, Dungeon defenders, NFS shit, Angry birds (all three versions), FIFA 2010, PES 2011 and more with out any hustle. Here, in gaming too, the Bravia engine display adds further magic to these wonderful games. But the drawback is its display resolution, 320x480 px. i.e. even though it has the ability to play HD games , some manufactures [gameloft] don't allow their HD games[Gangstar, Asphalt 5 or 6, nova 2 ...] to run on this display resolution. However some modded versions of these HD games are available (google them). You can play those games also without any lag.nn4) Emulator Gaming:- NES, SNES, Sega Genisis, N64, GBA and Play Station one emulators & their good old games are working perfectly. But NDS games didn't work.nn5) Audio Playback:- Even though it has only one speaker , the sound quality is pretty good [thanks to the sony xLOUD technology]. Default audio player is ok but FM radio is good. Anyway its an Android phone so we can find some good audio players in the market.n n8) Others:- All apps run smoothly; Multi-touch response of the screen is good; adobe flash support is there; physical keyboard,four corner UI & earphones are good; Its comes with a screen guard, extra back panel and an useless 2GB memory card [useless because its just 2GB and its not an original Sony memory card].nnAgain, flipkart COD service is great as usual.

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Bad phone!!

I recently bought this phone on flipkart after a LOT! of research and comparisons to other phones online. The phone itself was perfect specification wise. But its only when you dig a little deeper you uncover the murky truth. When something is too good to be true it usually isn't and i discovered this the hard way. The phone utterly fails on a physical level mainly due to the problem of an electrostatic noise that occurs near the microphone at the speaker. I fail to see how every major review site on the internet could have missed such a blaring imperfection of the phone when the discussion forums scream about the problem endlessly. nnSo the problem in detail. When you buy the phone the first thing you want to do is check whether you hear any noise during the HD recording. If you don't then eithern1. Get your ears checked.n2. Congratulations you have the perfect phone!! (Highly unlikely though considering sony themselves acknowledged the issue on their website and tons and tons of people are reporting it on their discussion forum - Google "static noise problem in sk17i" (Flipkart doesn't allow HTML embedding)nnSo basically you can even view the sound it produces in the Youtube videos with the same google search to get an idea of what it sounds like.nnMost people just miss this completely during the initial few days of just oomphing over the phone (like me). But this prickly sound is there throughout. Its a hardware issue and sony fails to solve it or issue a recall and hence the low price. If the discussion boards are to be believed. They have basically stopped production of this model and there are just waiting to get rid of the stock. So anyway there is a 2.3.4 update which they claim to solve the issue but seriously i tried it and all it does is use a software filter to mask the sound plus instead of the crackle you start to hear a strange heartbeat kind of sound. Oh and the battery drains like hell because of the electrical leakage and the crackling sound. A full charge at night before sleep magically decreased to 63% of the battery in the morning and trust me i'm not the foolish kind who'd leave the gps, bluetooth, etc on. nSo yea sony still isn't addressing the issue as effectively as you would expect them till they do DON'T buy this phone..nFlipkart as usual has done a good job of delivering the goods on time and have told me that store credit would be issued since i didn't want a replacement for this. Anyway whether they will really do that remains to be seen.

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Excellent Piece for the price......

This is an awesome phone for 15k budget.. has got best in class 5MP camera with HD video recording..nand Supports every feature supported by big brother like ARC and NEO, Even ADOBE flash is supported, Multi TOuch UI, and ofcourse sony ericsson user experience...

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