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Sony Xperia C
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Sony Xperia C
Out of Stock
₹ 9,000
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Don't be misled by false arguments and statements..

Most of the points people have mentioned,while comparing Grand with Xperia C, are completely wrong. So,don't be misled. Following are some of those points-nnA. Processor - MediaTek consumes lesser battery as compared to Qualcomms. Also, you can't compare a 1.2 GHZ MediaTek processor with a 1.5 or 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon. So, let us compare those variants which have same frequency per core say 1.2 GHz. i.e. MediaTek's MT6589 processor versus Qualcomm's MSM8228Q. Please note that Grand Duos doesnt even have a Qualcomm Processor. It has a Broadcomm processor which is inferior to both Qualcomm and MediaTek.nn Comparison - n 1. MT supports full HD video playback while MSM supports HD playback only.n 2. MT supports full HD screen resolution while MSM supports only HD.n 3. MT can support upto 13 MP camera while MSM supports camera only upto 8 MP.n 4. Power Efficiency of MT is higher than MSM.n 5. Cost - A phone having this MT will fall in the range 15k - 16k (I am not talking about brands like XOLO or Lava), while a phone having MSM will fall in the range 18k to 21k.n 6. More Cache memory per core in MT than MSM means better performance.n 7. Heating - MSM generates more heat than MT under similar test conditions.nSo, for a 1.2 GHz per core processor, MediaTek > Qualcomm > Broadcomm.nnB. Unibody design - I personally think that this should not be a criterion while selecting phones. You can't say that don't buy Xperia Z because it has Unibody Design. It's a matter of personal choice. Moreover, you can buy a power bank if you need an extra battery backup.nnC. Buttons on the screen itself - This is not at all a problem. Instead of adding extra hardware for just three buttons, which consumes more battery and may increase the cost, it's better to provide the buttons on the screen itself. And when do we need the full screen display?? While watching movies, pictures etc. or playing games, right? If you have used a Sony phone you must be knowing that these buttons disappear while doing any of the above mentioned things. Plus, how much space of a 5 inch display do you think these buttons will consume??nnD. Front Facing Camera - Yes this has a .3 MP front facing camera which is just a VGA camera. Suppose i provide a 5 MP HD camera in the front. Now while doing video calling, data is transferred and received by the device continuously. If you have watched videos on youtube you must be knowing that to watch a high quality video you need a high speed internet connection. How many people in India use 2G as compared to 3G?? Majority of them, right? What is the max. speed that you can get out of a 2G network? Do you think it'll be good for such a person to buy a phone with a 5MP front facing cam?? I don't think so.. It's only a matter of personal choice again..nnE. Display - Both the Xperia C and Galaxy Grand have TFT displays. Now, i'll roughly explain what is a TFT display? Roughly it contains three layers - a. Top Glass, b. Liquid Crystals layer c. backlight. Now how can Grand's display be better than Xperia C? Top glass will not change anything, liquid crystals are the same. One option is changing the intensity of backlight. Increasing the backlight intensity means more battery consumption. So, if you don't like a TFT display, go for AMOLED or Super AMOLED. If you like the natural colors and sharpness of a TFT, both Xperia C and Grand are equally good. The only way that we can compare these two is on the basis of the ppi. And Xperia C has better ppi than Grand, far better.nn4 GB internal storage is not an issue with Xperia C as you have an option to choose SD card as the default storage for apps etc., which isn't available in Xperia ZR, ZL etc.nnI have 3 phones - Xperia ZR, SP and C, and i have used Grand also. In my view, Xperia C is better than Grand and Xperia SP is better than Xperia C, thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass, Bravia Engine, Exmor Tech., NFC support , 300+ ppi, 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro etc. Xperia ZR is better than all three of them.

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Big problem with the "internal storage" Not able to install any apps

Got this phone for 18k from flipkart - as usual packing of the phone was excellent, flipkart took 4 days to deliver. I initially thought this product is great. When I first started to get the "internal Storage running out error" - i thought, it may be because I do not have the SD card. I got class 10 sony SD card with 32 G storage. It still kept giving me "internal Storage running out error" despite having 32 G memory card, which is less than 10% full and after moving all my apps to SD card. This is the single biggest complaint I have for this phone. Now, I am not able to install any other app. I am having a felling of being locked with this product. I looked up on sony forums on internet and there was no solution available .. Not only is this problem with Sony Xperia C - this is also contagious to other sony phones like Xperia L. Some other pros and cons : nnpros :n1. Size is excellent - some have complained that it could have been smaller. I find it ideal.n2. Sony headphones are excellent .. I used to use Samsung earphone which went into the ear.. The free headphones that comes with it give a premium look and are reasonably good. n3. Sound is okay - i would not say great with speakers. n4. Camera is okay - not great.nnCons :n1. Internal storage is too less - i keep getting alerts about internal memory getting full despite moving all apps to my 32G memory card . Highlighted this in my review earlier. n2. Some apps lag like anything .. I used Notes. After completing one page, the app hangs like anything .. Not sure if this a phone thing or anaroid thing.nnYet to use the dual sim functionality. I initially recommended this phone to others who were going for Samsung - but, now I would rollback my recommendationnnSony folks, if you are listening, please help.

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Bang for the Buck.

I ordered this on 16th morning and it was delivered by 17th afternoon!! Kudos to flipkart!! I always thought Sony phones were overpriced, but some phones like the Xperia Z, C, SP, ZL and ZR are not at all overpriced. So decided to buy this!nnAfter cashback, the final price was 16k! nnI have been using this phone continuously from 3 days, and here's what I found out. (will write a detailed review later)nnThe battery backup is amazing considering its an 5 inch android phone. It took 7 hours of extreme usage(Wifi downloads + installing apps + trying out new games + playing videos + what not)to get the battery down from 60 to 0 %. With moderate usage it should easily survive for two days. The stamina mode and other battery features are helpful.nnThe display is pretty good. I had read many reviews about bad viewing angles and was skeptical about buying this. But I didn't find any such thing. This is a far better display when compared with Galaxy Grand or other competitors. It plays 720p videos smoothly and it's just manageable in bright sunlight. n nThe build is classy. The bezel is very well finished and the rubberised back provides good grip. It is not difficult for one handed usage(depends on individuals). The design is nearly perfect. It is "nearly perfect" because the borders could have been smaller. You ought to remove the panel every time you need to change Sim Cards or Memory cards.nnThe internal memory is 4 GB and the space available to install apps is 1.2 GB. You can transfer the apps to SD card from the settings menu by keeping all the important apps like Keyboard, launcher and music player in the internal storage. I am using my old class 4 16Gb card, But I'd suggest you buy a class 10 32GB card for best experience. All the reviews which mentioned Internal memory as a big con are pointless as you can transfer apps easily to SD card. nnThe Mediatek processor works fine, No lags. Heavy games can be played easily. It has 1 gig RAM which I feel is enough for moderate usage. I have around 45 applications installed and at any given time( without cleaning/sweeping the tasks) the available RAM is around 200 MB. Any ways these depend on the kind of applications you are running and the number of apps open. If you are a heavy user this phone won't disappoint you. if you are a moderate user, you are in for a treat! nnMany useful tweaks by Sony in the software. There is a separate power management option in the settings where you can use the Stamina mode and configure other battery tweaks. The Xperia settings makes setting up the phone very easy. Internet browsing is fast. I use 3G(Aircel) on phone and tether the same to my PC sometimes. The sound quality is good(expected from Sony). The notification LED is also very useful. There are a few inbuilt apps and not too much of bloat-ware. The primary camera is pretty good. The dedicated camera key is a bit difficult to use. The front camera sucks in poor lighting conditions. The freebies provided are below average. The Bluetooth headset works fine, but sometimes it is difficult to connect. Sony headset provided is just of average quality. The databank charger is of poor quality but it might save your life someday :/nnThe Sony accidental damage cover is just the icing on the cake. 6 months of accidental damage warranty. :O What more would you ask for? nnConclusion : It's a Value For Money phone from Sony. It is perfect if you are looking for a phone with a big screen and a very good build quality. The dual sim feature comes in handy. The battery, display and performance are excellent. It's a far better option if have to choose between Grand, Desire 500, Lumia 720, Canvas HD, Canvas 4 and LG optimus L9. It's a refreshing change from all those plasticky phone at this range. Sony. Made Me Believe. :PnnPS: This is just a short review :P :D. I'll post a detailed review later.

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Finally.. Decided to go for Sony..!

Dear readers,nnI want to share a piece of my experience. nnFrom more than a couples of months i was thinking on to which phone to buy. my requirements where to have a dual sim ( a must for IT professionals like me.), big sceen, a good processor. my range was 20k. nnPreviously i was using samsung. so got bored out of it. and all samung look like to me , only the size changes. nnI went through many phones like micromax canvas 4 , samsung grand duos, samsung mega 5.8, micromax turbo and then finally this sexy beast sony experia C.nnFinally decided to buy sony experia C and believe me guys its worth every penny spent. though a bit behind in configuration compared to canvas 4, but guys brand matters.nnfor people like me who are in confused state, just go for it. you need not think twice.nnfor me , it was a bang.. got the phone for reduced price of 16899 + free sony headphones( sound quality is awesome) + 6 months accidental damage. what more to expect at this price. nnNow, about few features which made me feel good:nndisplay is awesome. auto brightness feature is good.nlook wise its the most sexiest phone in this price range.nsound quality is as good as it used to be in sony.ndual sim feature - easy swap with one touch. No other phone has this feature i guess.n8 MP camera is worth and clarity is better than 13 MP of C4. Battery back up is awesome as well. more than a day in normal use.nnOnly thing lacks is 0.3 front camera. Sony should have kept it alteast 2 MP. but hardly matters as video calling is not required by me. nnThough a long review, but i wanted to be genuine and true. thanks for reading.nnI feel proud and good to have a Sony. rating it 5..

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Awesome phone. Dont go with bad reviews.

Sony's new device is rocking. Dont heard about some bad reviews of people , who dont even see the phone & come with their wrong information & mislead people.nMy friend purchase this phone 3 days ago. I saw that phone , I operate it since 2 days & think about write a review. Nice slim design & Stylish look. Rocking phone. Now come to the point.nn(((())))) Now Lets see Xperia c's Competitor Galaxy grand , Htc desire 500. People talk & compare more about grand So go with grand first.n n----) Now see the things , Galaxy grand come with WVGA 480*800 Pixles screen , dual sim , android 4.1 jelly bean , 5 Inch sreen , 8mpx primary camera & 2mpx secondary camera , Full hd shooting , Full hd video support , 2100Mah bettery & at the end 1.2Ghz dual core processor. Ok , done.nn---) Now come to Desire 500 , It's come with same screen as grand 480*800 pixles , dual sim , android 4.2 , 4.3 inch sreen , 8mpx camera & 1.6 mpx secondary camera , Hd shooting , Hd video support , 1800Mah polymer bettery & at the end 1.2 Ghz snapdragon quad core processor.nnn-----)))) Now see features of Xp-C, XP-C comes with 960*540 qHD display , dual sim , android 4.2.2 , 5 inch sreen , 8mpx primary camera & 0.3 mpx secondary camera , Full hd shooting , Full hd video support , 2330Mah bettery & at the end 1.2Ghz Mtk , quad core processor. All features compare to other this range phone , i dont think you can get better than this & after all it's sony , Clarity & performance of sony , whole world knows its awesome.nn Now i see that grand not at all stand against this phone , Not a one feature beat sony. Same way htc desire has qualcomm snapdragon quad core processor & Sony comes with Mtk Quad core processor , Both has great feature. n Most important part is that nothing can beat sony in camera clarity , You can test 8Mpx grand's pic , HTC Desire 500 pic & Then 8Mpx sony's pic & See all pic in Pc & zoom it , You can understand it easily.n One thing to say that if you like a single sim phone , You can go with xperia SP , Its also outstanding phone & works well , no issue in that phone & comes with 1.7 Ghz qualcomm snapdragon S4 dual core processor , HD display & 2370 Mah bettery. nn At the end , this review is from user of this phone. i suggest that it's good smartest phone , works great but saying about it's price , Request that if you think it's high now , wait till diwali , you'll get this product at perfect price. Thank you.

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