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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10
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Wait for Poco version of the same

Previous owner of Redmi 7 2gb 32gbRedmi Note 10 4gb 64gb was blazing fastIf you aren't able to buy this wait till Xiaomi release the same in poco with 6gb ram for the same price, like they did with Redmi power with a downgrade in camera, They won't remove the 48mp camera, They may decrease or remove the remaining cameras in poco version of resmi note 10About Amazon sale I logged in to in my pc and clicked on join wait list around 12:02, then opened the app and booked the phone I was in queue for almost 20 to 25 minutes, the next step was payment which was a pain in the head, no COD, Note: only upi ids with number@ are accepted, I added a card Note: Check if ecommerce payments is enabled for your cardIn the allocated 15 minutes the order was booked but payment failed, thankfully I was allowed to pay againAlso while I was waiting in queue I got an option to buy the phone 2 ways, lightning deal - 11998, Regular price - 11999 (in Amazon App), I think lightning deal is for those who want to claim offersFirst of all, i bought this phone for basic use online payments, govt apps like Twallet, Tration, Tappfolio, MyGHMC, Digilocker, Aadhaar, Hpgas, Bharatgas, Hmwssb and much more all of them mostly dual appsI am a pc user so I don't use my mobile for gaming or streamingPros:Display : The display is crisp and clear better than my Redmi 7 (not comparing LCD with Amoled)Touch: The touch response is good it's fast, I can type fast in this phone no lag thereMobile data: 4g Data connectivity is superb I can feel the difference between my redmi 7 and this, mostly the download speedFeel: In hand feel is also good, the weight is lessCamera: Best in the segment (obviously if you don't use the stock app)Price: considering how this is priced more than Redmi Note 9 (10999), I am not angry this too will cost the same after 6 months probably will be on exchange and discount by August independence day sale.Cons:Battery: Being amoled this shouldn't consume so much battery, hope Xiaomi fixes this with an updatePlastic back: glossy back (should have come with matte or rough panel for better grip) and little bit of vibration while playing the speakers especially on top near cameraStereo speakers: yep more like dual speakers than stereo (then again Xiaomi never claimed that they support Dolby (Oppo has them and they sound awesome)Verdict: I was waiting for this from almost a year, from the launch of Redmi note 8 and my analysis went way deep, I was looking at Samsung for amoled, Redmi power for stereo speakers and good battery, Poco varient of Redmi note 9 for the processor and decent in the box fast chargerThis covered almost all of them (not fully though)Finally this just serves my purpose, I still aim to buy a good PC, Nothing can beat a desktop ( I wish remix os and phoenix os were as competitive as Windows, remix went out of play long back.

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Best profitable phone

Best phoneEver

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Good camera, performance and specs.

Good picture quality. The 48 Mp camera works fine and so does the selfie camera in potrait mode. Sometimes the pictures are sharper than required. The charging is fast. Got full charge in 2.5 hours of fast charge. Overall build quality is good, not too heavy as compared to previous models. The plastic phone case provided prevents from ususal bumps and falls. The sound quality is decent and so is the video quality in full HD. Gaming performance is decent too, got to play need for speed in medium setting without crashing the app. Really happy with the purchase.

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, honor 10lite 1.5 / mi 10 5% 3%/ mi / , / , , 9 /

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Camera Noise and Blurred Image

Aftwrv2 days of uses review is that Even though camera is good but when you make Video call either through Whatsapp or Duo your video image looks that you are using some VGA camera. don't whybthwre is a difference in selfie video and video through whatsapp which uses same camera properties.Better to go with Samsung

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