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Huawei P9
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A good gift for my wife

A good gift for my wifenTOP 1: Leica Certified Lens nLeica, known for fine German craftsmanship and reliable quality, has been held as a legendary brand in the world of photography. Fans of the brand praise these lenses for blowing life into photos. When describing excellent lenses we use phrase like “high permeability” or sentence like “capture the sense of airiness in the picture.” High permeability here is easily understood while “airiness” takes time to come across. nAiriness refers to unparalleled resolution and restoration capability that Leica lens possesses.nLeica lens captures micro details in dark areas, with no overexposure in bright areas, and presents richer and smoother color saturation, bring airiness to photos. nLeica uses low-contrast lens, giving photos more details in tonal value. An additional advantage of shooting with a Leica is that there’s more room for editing even though in the same RAW format. Leica RAW format photos have greater tolerance than RAW photos shot by any other brand’s camera on the market, hence greater color range to adjust in post-production.nLeica lens’ color performance and capability to suppress high brightness gives photos richer details and greater color saturation. By reducing the high brightness, Leica lens captures richer colors than human eye. The optics and coating technologies of Leica lens ensures greater light control, thus details can be preserved and photos are more color dynamic.nP9 features the Summarit camera lenses from Leica, subject to stringent quality screening by engineers at Leica in accordance with the most demanding quality criterion. nTOP 2: Leica Picture Quality: Clarity, Details, Color & SNRnRGB camera (color) is for recording color information, and the monochrome camera (mono) is for capturing silhouettes and details in high resolution. The light sensitivity and resolving power of monochrome camera are superior due to the absence of color filter. Dual camera solution combines strengths of monochrome camera and RGB camera that lead to better image quality. nEvery Picture output can Produce Signature Leica Color and Monochrome sharp Outputs for every Click , With a merging Algorithm running on QUAD Core ISP.nTOP 3: Dual CameranTwo Customized 12-megapixel sensors – one RGB color and one black and white – allows the P9 to capture up to 50 percent more detail and 300 percent more light than conventional single-camera smartphone designs. nP9 Features Pixel size of 1.25 µ m, Dedicated QUAD Core ISP, Virtual Aperture up to F0.95 , Better Bokeh effect than entry level DSLR.nnTOP 4: Image algorithmnHuawei’s proprietary IMAGESmart 5.0 algorithm, designed to work seamlessly with the dual-camera architecture to create pictures with enhanced color and detailnnTOP 5: World First Smartphone with Dedicated Depth Sensor nWorld’s first smartphones to ship with built-in depth measurement integrated circuits, resulting in faster image focusing and processing speeds. nDedicated Depth Measurement chip also helps improve power consumption and smartphone performance by reducing the workload of the central processor (CPU).nnTOP 6: Hybrid Focus Technology nHuawei’s proprietary Hybrid Focus technology, Leverages three sensors – laser, depth and contrast – to determine the best focus for each photo taken and to yield the highest-quality result. nnTOP 7: Large AperturenLarge-aperture photography function on the P9 and P9 Plus enable users to experiment with innovative imaging effects, making the background appear out of focus while accentuating the main object.nnTOP 8: Leica Film modenThree Leica film modes for their cameras: Standard, Vivid Colors and Smooth Colors. Each film mode faithfully reproduces the authentic colors of Leica, capturing the unique style of LeicannTOP 9: Better SelfiesnAutofocus in the front camera for better selfies , Instant Preview.nnTOP 10: Industry DesignnSuperior-grade 2.5D glass and an aerospace-class aluminum unibody, featuring diamond-cut edges rounded out by carefully balanced curvatures, 6.95mm in thickness.

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Must buy!

Amazing phone, with the most beautiful camera! One of the finest I've used on a phone.. Not even a single complaint so far.. Simply amazing!

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Good phone

Super mobile...

81 users found this review helpful helpful?
Very Good product

Ordered it from Flipkart on the day it was launched. Have to say, the screen is awesome (even though its 'only' 1080p). Did some indoor shooting. Camera is comparable to S7edge - both have their pros and cons. Selfie camera is awesome though - nice balance between making the selfie look unnatural and hiding very obvious blemishes of skins. UI is good and easy to use. No issues encountered till now. Battery easily lasts a day even on heavy usage (no gaming though).

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Very well satisfied!

Received within 24hrs from ordering the product.nPackaging was done very well!nGreat seller!nGreat phone!nVery comfy to use.nVery smooth.nCheers Huawei!nVery good pace for a wonderful mobile phone company!

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