Apple iPhone 5s review in 2016: should you buy it now?

“The iPhone 5s is available at a very attractive price, but should you be buying it now?”

Apple took the world by surprise by launching the iPhone SE (review)… Suddenly buying a 4-inch phone became an in thing rather than something one used to do in the past. But priced at around Rs 40,000, the SE seems to be too pricey for the convenience it offers.
On the other hand, thanks to a recent price drop, yesteryear’s iPhone 5s is now available under Rs 20,000. This means that those who want an iPhone experience can now get it without burning a hole in their pockets. But more importantly, with the same display size, same design, same fingerprint scanner and the same front camera… the iPhone 5s surely feels relevant. But is it worthy enough to buy in 2016? Watch the video review and find out if the iPhone 5s worth your gold.