Indian Gadget Awards winners: these are the best gadgets of 2020

These are the best gadgets of the year, as per Indian Gadget Awards

The concept germinated from a simple idea: one nation, one award. One thing led to another, and soon, the country’s biggest tech publications and YouTube channels were ready to put their collective might and expert opinions behind what we call Indian Gadget Awards. Call it an event, an association, or a collaboration… we think of it as nothing less than the beginning of a revolution. The Indian Gadget Awards 2020 is the brainchild of like-minded tech experts who want to ensure the best gadgets and brands get their due. It’s the very first event of its kind in India, and possibly the biggest in the world. Take a quick gander at the numbers below:

The Indian Gadget Awards 2020 comprises:

  • 22 awards across smartphones, laptops, televisions, wearables, and more
  • 100+ nominees
  • 30 jury members, comprising the top reviewers and experts in the industry
  • 2 Users’ Choice awards
  • 21 tech publications and YouTuber channels, with a combined audience base of over 100 million

Over the past few weeks, 30 of the biggest tech experts in the country have been putting their heads together to choose the winners across 22 different awards categories, discussing the pros and cons of over 100 different gadgets. At the same time, thousands of readers and viewers across the country have been casting their votes to select their favourite smartphones and phone brands, for the two Users’ Choice categories. And now, the votes have been counted, the results checked, double-checked, and triple-checked for accuracy, as we get ready to reveal the winners to the world. Mark our words when we say these gadgets are the best of the best the tech world has to offer, and that applies not just to the winners and the runner-ups, but all the nominees as well. And as far as the winners are concerned, they represent the collective voice of the industry, standing out as the ones that deserve our applause. So here goes:

Indian Gadget Awards 2020: User’s Choice

Most Popular Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Apple iPhone 12
Winner: OnePlus Nord

With 20 of the most popular phones of 2020 in contention, this was a tough fight. However, the iPhone 12‘s selection as the runner-up shows how Apple is picking up steam in the country. While iPhones have always been popular, they have mostly been aspirational for many. However, devices like the iPhone 11, and now the iPhone 12, have come across as capable all-rounders, and are priced well too. 

The winner of the Most Popular Phone of 2020 is the OnePlus Nord, having received the most number of user votes. The device marks OnePlus’ comeback into the mid-range, and one look at its feature list and price will tell you why it’s so popular. 5G capabilities, high screen refresh rate, smooth performance, capable cameras, good battery life and fast charging support make it stand out in its segment. More importantly, it delivers on those promises as well and is a deserving winner of the title. 

Most Loved Phone Brand of 2020

Runner-up: OnePlus
Winner: Samsung

OnePlus has always been a fan favourite and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the brand has received the second-highest number of user votes for this awards category. The King of hype and the harbinger of value, OnePlus has delivered solid, compelling products over the years. 2020 saw it enter the mid-range segment with its Nord and new set of TVs, and it now finds itself at second spot as the Most Loved Phone Brand.

Samsung is a crowd-pleaser, and 2020 saw it doubling down on its efforts across the entire price spectrum. On the flagship side, its S20 series and Note20 range delivered the goods, the mid-range got action from the A series and the M series took charge in the affordable segment, delivering blows to rivals all across. The brand also came up with quite a few initiatives, exchange schemes, and other plans (like Galaxy Forever) to keep customers loyal. Its efforts seem to be paying off too and won it the title of the Most Loved Phone Brand of 2020.

Indian Gadget Awards 2020: Jury Awards


Best Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020

Runner-up: Lypertek Levi
Winner: OPPO W51

Standing tall against the biggies, the Lypertek Levi has appeared as the runner-up for the title of the Best Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds. Factors like long battery life, comfort, and audio quality that many experts swear by have helped it reach close to the top.

However, the winner of the crown is the OPPO W51. OPPO’s foray into the audio accessories space seems to be a good move, especially with devices like the W51 in the offing. The W51 come across as great value for money, with features like active noise cancellation, deep bass, clear highs, and support for VOOC fast charging. 

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020

Runner-up: Sony WF-1000XM3
Winner: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Sony has been making waves in the audio accessories segment for a while now, and its headphones are loved by audiophiles across the globe. The brand has brought the same audio prowess to the TWS segment too, and its WF-1000XM3 have collected the second-highest number of votes to come out as the runner-up for this award category.

Truly an aural masterpiece, Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 have walked away with the crown of the Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020. Superb sound quality, great comfort, lovely design, useful features, IPx4 rating, and good battery life are some of its key highlights.

Best Fitness Tracker of 2020

Runner-up: Amazfit Bip S
Winner: Mi Smart Band 5

Amazfit has come a long way from being an unknown name to one that can now challenge the likes of Samsung and Fitbit in the hotly-contested fitness band arena. Its focus on the software aspect, great product design and a loaded feature set that translates into great bang for the buck has helped immensely. And the Bip S conforms to all of those, winning it the second spot.

Xiaomi is one of the leaders in this segment, and not without good reason. Its range of Mi Bands over the years has stood out in the burgeoning segment as true warriors. And the latest, which comes in the form of the Mi Band 5, is the best one yet. With its trademark long battery life and new health and fitness features, complemented by the affordable price, it’s a great option. And, the winner of the Best Fitness Tracker of 2020 title as well.

Best Smartwatch of 2020

Runner-up: OPPO Watch
Winner: Apple Watch Series 6

As with audio accessories, OPPO’s foray into the smartwatch segment seems to have hit the right chords. A gorgeous design, use of the Wear OS platform, fast charging, and a not-so-high price seems to have tilted things in the favour of the OPPO Watch, and got it enough jury votes to win it the second spot.

Apple’s smartwatches have upped the ante with each new generation, and the brand’s latest, the Series 6 brings quite a few improvements across the board. Despite the fact that the smartwatch isn’t platform-agnostic and needs an iPhone to work, the Apple Watch Series 6 is an all-rounder, ticking all the boxes in terms of smarts and health-related features to emerge victorious and wear the crown of the Best Smartwatch of 2020.


Best Value-for-Money TV of 2020

Runner-up: Mi TV 4A 43-inch Horizon Edition
Winner: OnePlus U1

Smart TVs have grown not only in terms of capabilities, usefulness and acceptance, year 2020 has also added to their importance in keeping us entertained as we stay indoors. And Xiaomi’s offerings have played a big role in this segment. The Mi TV 4A 43-inch Horizon Edition comes as a slightly more premium version, and ticks all the boxes in terms of design, features and value, earning it the runner-up spot.

OnePlus venturing into the mid-range space in 2020 is a significant move, and seems quite strategic since the brand has done the same thing in both the smartphone segment as well as the TV arena. Its new TV offering in 2020, the OnePlus U1, balances solid features, a lovely screen, and premium design into a package that is deserving of the title of the Best Value-for-money TV of 2020.

Best TV of 2020

Runner-up: Sony X9000H
Winner: LG GX

The premium TV range has all the big players vying for your money, with the devices packing all the frills and goodies to justify their price tags. Thanks to everything that it brings to the table (or the wall if that’s your preference), including its rich panel and loaded set of smarts, the Sony X9000H has emerged as the runner-up for this prestigious award. 

However, it’s the LG GX that got the most number of votes from the Indian Gadget Awards jury, emerging as the device that reaches the epitome of features and capabilities for a premium TV. Top-notch picture quality, slim design and the built-in ThinQ IoT hub are just a few of the aspects that helped it snatch the crown of the Best TV of 2020.


Best Value-for-Money Laptop of 2020

Runner-up: Lenovo IdeaPad S340
Winner: Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition

Everyone needs their own personal laptops these days – from people working from home to kids attending their classes online. A laptop that delivers high value for money is the need of the hour, and each of the nominees for this awards category promises exactly that. However, the one that came very close to winning the title was the Lenovo IdeaPad S340, coming across as superb VFM for its specs and capabilities, all offered at a reasonable price.

Xiaomi’s entry into the laptop segment in India came as big news, and while the initial lot of offerings turned out to be very capable, the most recent introduction that landed in the form of the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition ended up winning the crown of the Best Value-for-money Laptop of 2020 from our esteemed jury. High on specs, lightweight and reasonably priced, this laptop goes well and beyond its e-Learning moniker and offers great value for money.

Best Gaming Laptop of 2020

Runner-up: Lenovo Legion 7i
Winner: ASUS Zephyrus G14

Gaming is a category that has seen massive popularity off late, and game developers are happy to feed the frenzy. Apart from PUBG and Fortnite, titles like Call of Duty Warzone, Cyberpunk 2077, and Among Us kept gamers busy during the year, and laptop makers helped provide the machines to keep things going smoothly.

The Lenovo Legion 7i won the runner-up title for the Best Gaming Laptop of 2020. Its understated design hides powerful specs underneath, and apart from all the power, also include a very capable and smooth 144Hz screen. The winner of the crown however, was the AMD-powered ASUS Zephyrus G14, a loaded machine that ticks all the boxes for gamers despite its compact size.

Best Laptop of 2020

Runner-up: Dell XPS 15 9500
Winner: Apple MacBook Pro M1

A full package is what one is looking for when out in the market for a premium laptop, and given how our requirements have changed significantly in the past few months, those who’re willing to spend wouldn’t be ready to accept any kind of comprises. Design, power, screen capabilities, and so many other aspects that form the key parameters for helping people make their purchase decisions have reached new highs, and these machines deliver. 

The title of the Best Laptop of 2020 represents the pinnacle, and the Dell XPS 15 9500 almost touched it, emerging as the runner-up. However, Apple is the who took the lead. Helped immensely by Cupertino Giant’s new M1 chip that has come up as a solid contender in the computing silicon space, the Apple MacBook Pro M1 wins this title.

Mobile SoCs

Best Mid-range Mobile SoC of 2020

Runner-up: Mediatek Helio G95
Winner: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G

2020 is the year that saw mobile chipsets reach new heights, and acquire features that were hitherto considered the domain of flagships. With focus on gaming, camera capabilities, AI and power efficiency, mobile chipsets in the mid-range can handle most use cases these days.

MediaTek has come up very strongly in 2020, and its G series of chipsets have been amassing positive reviews from both experts and end users. The MediaTek Helio G95 is a full package, delivering premium features in the mid range. The special focus on gaming, and more importantly, delivering on that promise helped it win the runner-up title for the Best Mid-range Mobile SoC of 2020. The winner comes in the form of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, which throws 5G capabilities into the mix, ensuring that smartphones powered by it end up being future proof too.

Best Flagship Mobile SoC of 2020

Runner-up: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+
Winner: Apple A14 Bionic

Flagship mobile SoCs aren’t just about pure power. Apart from their blazing fast number crunching, they need to add multiple capabilities to the smartphone, adding to almost each and every aspect. This includes camera chops, display capabilities, connectivity, battery consumption, machine learning, among others.

And as Qualcomm’s top-end chipset, it was the Snapdragon 865+ that was adjudged the runner up by the jury. However, the title was captured by the Apple A14 Bionic for its all-encompassing array of features and capabilities that help make devices like the iPhone 12 Pro Max so powerful.


Best Budget Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Realme 7 Pro
Winner: POCO X2

If you think the budget prefix is akin to making compromises, think again. Smartphones priced south of Rs 20,000 are veritable powerhouses these days, and one look at our list of nominees for this awards category is enough to prove that point.

This turned out to be a tough fight between the contenders, but when the dust settled, it was the Realme 7 Pro and the POCO X2 that were left standing. The Realme 7 Pro was adjudged the runner up for being a fully loaded package, while the POCO X2 won the crown of the Best Budget Phone of 2020 for disrupting this segment in a big way.

Best Mid-Range Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy M51
Winner: OnePlus Nord

The mid-range smartphone segment is suddenly seeing a lot of action, and the nominees in this list can deliver supreme shooting prowess, flagship-rivalling features, and in a couple of cases, 5G capabilities too. In fact, brands like Google are now just focussing on this particular segment in India, and others like OnePlus are eying it too.

While it might seem like the Samsung Galaxy M51‘s claim to fame is just its 7,000mAh battery, it’s actually a well-rounded device. And for that, it has been selected as the runner up for this awards category. The winner of the Best Mid-Range Phone of 2020 however, is the OnePlus Nord. A solid all-rounder that scores high on almost all aspects, the Nord is a deserving winner.

Best Affordable Flagship Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Winner: OnePlus 8T

Once considered the stronghold of just one or two brands, the affordable flagship segment seems to get a lot of interest from most big brands now. The plethora of choices available in this segment made it a hotly-contested space in 2020. One look at the list of nominees will show exactly what we mean.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE is a contender that delivers most of the signature features that are the hallmark of the brand’s flagships, without the high price tag. Therefore, it takes the podium as the runner up for this category. The winner of the Best Affordable Flagship Phone of 2020 is the OnePlus 8T, coming in as the one that sticks to its core philosophy and scores high.

Best Mid-Range Camera Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Vivo V20 Pro
Winner: Google Pixel 4a

Cameras have always been great differentiators for smartphone brands, and manufacturers seem to have taken things to a whole new level as far as shooting capabilities of mid-rangers are concerned. Amazing levels of zoom, high-res sensors and the ability to make photographers out of just about anybody are the key highlights of the nominees of this particular awards category.

Vivo seems to be doing a lot of things right, especially with regards to smartphone design and camera features. The Vivo V20 Pro has emerged the runner-up for this awards segment, thanks to its capable camera sensors and innovative features like Motion Autofocus and Eye Autofocus. On the other hand, its the Google Pixel 4a that has won the crown of the Best Mid-Range Camera Phone of 2020. Despite offering a solitary camera on the rear, this compact device seems to have impressed the jury with its shooting prowess across different conditions.

Best Selfie Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Winner: Vivo V20 Pro

With many people staying indoors, selfies took on a bigger role as a means of self-expression. Phone brands obliged users with front sensors that weren’t just more capable, but also came with tons of features and creative options. 

This awards category saw competition among devices from across different price bands. The latest and greatest from Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro Max got chosen as the runner-up for the category. However, it was the Vivo V20 Pro that won the title of the Best Selfie Phone of 2020, thanks to its dual front setup with a 44MP sensor, the Eye Tracking Autofocus that help deliver pristine self-portraits across a variety of lighting conditions, and a smorgasbord of other selfie-related special features. 

Best Camera Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra
Winner: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Smartphone cameras can do mind-boggling stuff these days. And when it comes to smartphones that deliver the best camera experience money can buy, we’re looking at heavyweight contenders that don’t just score high on pure image quality, but also a plethora of other features that could appeal to casual and even serious photographers. Camera capabilities of smartphones have set new benchmarks in 2020, and now it’s time to choose the best one.

For the runner-up, it was the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra that got chosen by the 30-member jury of the Indian Gadget Awards 2020. The Note series is already a loaded device that stands tall in the premium flagship segment, but its shooters really set the bar high in terms of everything they can accomplish. Moving on to the winner, the crown of the Best Camera Phone of 2020 was claimed by the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. It takes its Max moniker pretty seriously, and on the camera front, boasts features like the new ProRAW mode that provides more freedom to tweak the images post shooting, not to mention the industry-first sensor-shift stabilisation, among others.

Best Gaming Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Winner: ASUS ROG Phone 3

Mobile gaming was already very popular, but the year gone past gave it wings. Not letting the PUBG ban dampen their spirits, gamers piggybacked on titles like COD: Mobile, Among Us and Genshin Impact to keep their juices flowing. Smartphones high on power and steroids helped immensely.

With its massive screen and the power given to it by the powerful A14 Bionic chip, among other reasons, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max was selected as the runner-up for this awards segment. The ASUS ROG Phone 3, which came as the only true-blue gaming phone in 2020, won the title. The phone delivered not just on gaming features, but raw power and a very capable screen with 144Hz refresh rate.

Best Phone of 2020

Runner-up: Apple iPhone 12
Winner: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Entrusted with the task of choosing the best phone of the year, the 30 jury members faced a challenge. With so many options to choose from, each looking like a deserving winner, this wasn’t an easy job at all. One phone that does it all, in the best possible way, and ticks all the boxes…

And when the votes were counted, it was Apple all the way. The iPhone 12 is a solid device… high on capabilities and high on power, without being too high on the price. And that’s why it could actually be the ideal option for most new iPhone buyers. Its all-round capabilities and great user experience were the aspects the got the iPhone 12 the runner-up title. However, it was its bigger sibling, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max that won the title of the Best Phone of 2020. Raw power, shooting prowess, a large and gorgeous screen, and an overall user experience that’s pretty much unmatched, led it to the very top.


Most Innovative Gadget of 2020

Runner-up: LG Wing
Winner: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Innovation is something each technology company strives for and makes us look towards the future. Year 2020 saw its fair share of innovation in the tech space, and our assorted list of nominees shows how things moved forward in the gadget world. As things turned out, both the runner-up and the winner of this awards segment are smartphones.

Up first, the runner-up. That comes in the form of the LG Wing, a fresh take on how a secondary screen can be implemented on a phone. Hygiene factors like performance and cameras aside, the LG Wing attempts to fly in a different direction, and its main screen that pivots and rotates to reveal a secondary display underneath enables some very cool and nifty use cases. The winner of the Most Innovative Gadget of 2020 however, is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This phone that opens up to turn into a tablet might be a second-gen device, but shows how foldables can be the torchbearers for smartphones in the future.

Best Gadget of 2020

Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Winner: Apple MacBook Air M1

Now how does one choose the best gadget of the year? Well, put the biggest experts of the country up to the task of course. If two people are better than one, using 30 should do the trick. And it did. These are the devices that made a difference in year 2020, as per the jury members and also lit up a path for the future. 

And the runner-up for the Best Gadget of 2020 is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It takes the idea of a single device that can take on additional responsibilities to the next level, and builds upon that to come up with a smartphone cum tablet that can do so much more. The winner of the Best Gadget of 2020 title however, is the Apple MacBook Air M1. It’s surprising how the addition of one new chip into an existing form factor and design has worked wonders for Apple in the laptops segment, but the M1-powered MacBook Air simply comes across as a machine that can do it all, and in the fastest way possible.

Best Brand of 2020

Runner-up: Samsung 
Winner: Apple

In a year that changed so many things, electronics companies adapted themselves and came up with new ways to address the requirements of their customers. The brands that made a difference in the lives of their users, via their devices, their strategies and their initiatives, are the ones that were selected as the nominees for this awards segment.

For the runner-up position, the chosen brand is Samsung. The company not only came up with devices that made a difference, it also launches various programs, schemes and offers that helped both existing as well as potential users of the brand’s products. The winner of the Best Brand of 2020 though, is none other than Apple. The iconic brand managed to stand out with its solid product offerings, and proved how India plays a vital role in its overall strategy. Apart from launching highly impressive devices like the iPhone 12 range and the M1-series laptops, the brand also upped its efforts for Make in India, and launched an e-commerce store for selling directly to its users.

That wraps up the 2020 edition of the Indian Gadget Awards. We will be back in a year’s time with the next edition, covering all the amazing and useful gadget segments that are coming our way in 2021.