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User Reviews for XOLO A500S IPS

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Xolo Service truly reflects the product!

I face an issue that proximity sensor turns on and never gets inactivated and have to turn off and turn on handset. So I found the Indiranagar service center (Bangalore) and found such disastrous service. When I called them for about 30 times before they had always answered the phone but never heard anything, as there was a lot of noice from background. Thinking its an issue with my phone, I walked in directly to discover some pathetic facts of their GREAT SERVICE. nnThere is no If's and But's to track any problems in Xolo customer service. True facts I discovered when I visited Indiranagar Xolo service center :-nn* Phone rings, they receive the call and dont talk and just keep it like that. n* No one user who is visiting is happy about the service offered. n* One lady was complaining that she had a battery problem and for the 6th month when she came, service person is mentioning, there is no stock, please go to Rajajinagar branch. She shouted at the top of her voice why he did not tell her when she handed over 6month back. n* There were 30 - 40 people who have handed the phone and had not been serviced atleast for 3 months in minimum. n* Now when I visit the center, executive mentions, "Sir, today irate customers are too much. Can you please come after 1 week?" I asked him if I had a free auto filled with petrol serviced by Xolo? n* They did mention the issue resolution may take 3 months as they have to ship it to Noida for service and shipping days extra. n* One person came and snatched a phone and went off saying repair my phone which is lying with you for 6 months and all 40 users were supporting him, which was a hilarious scene!nMy bought phone is working only that I cant hold it to my ears to talk and now either use a headset/Bluetooth/speaker to call experiencing this pathetic service. nnTrust me guys, you lose your money and get frustrated if any issue is seen with your phone and has to go for repair! Never ever buy any other Xolo phone

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Good Smartphone in this price range !

Using this phone since 2nd Jan 2014nn:) Specs are really greatn:) Slim and Sleek design, really attractive !!n:) Performance is also great, mobile is very responsive and there is no lag found !n:) Dual Sim management system and options are really good.n:) Battery backup is also good.n:) Display is clear, sharp and smooth.n:) 3G is really fast and gives an awesome internet experience. n:) A good screen guard was pasted while i got this phone (not a temporary one) and an additional screen guard found in box.n:) Comes with inbuilt mobile tracking & power management software.n:) No heating issues as of now.n:) Landscape rotations are smooth and fast.nn:( Pinch and zoom is not smooth. Multi touch is not deducted.n:( Audio is not that loud, but headphone music is fine.n:( Keyboard is not good, so need to download a keyboard from play store. I suggest dodol keyboard.n:( Camera is not so good. Cant take macro pics. Cant focus on objects and they go blur sometimes.n:( No gorilla protection, but we cant expect that in this price range.n:( No Pouch comes along.nnNote : Those who buy red, blue, green or white color phones, be careful in choosing a pouch or flip cover, because the pouch's color may stick to the phone's corners and edges.

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Excellent product for this budget

I have been a long time user of Samsung mobile devices(S2, grand duos, fame) and lately I have decided not to go for any foreign products because of GDP problems. So after a long time research I have decided to buy this phone. Intially I was skeptical whether this product will be good or will there be a problem in after sales service. But trust me this phone is really good. Below are my reviews about 1 week usage.n1. This phone's design in stunning. Design and looks are really good and lived upto the expectation.n2. Display is more than average I should say, not so good as AMOLED displays. 233 ppi will do a decent job when watching videos or playing games. yes its capable of playing all HD mkv videos with MX video player, though there will be few frames missing here and there which will go unnoticed.n3. viewing angles are good but not the best. when you play high end games definetly you will feel some difficulty when you tilt up/down while playing, but really not so bad.n4. I am disappointed with the music quality. Either be it via speaker or via stock headphone. It is only average. But I should say better than othet mobiles in this budget like micromaxx, karbonn etc.n5. batter life is good, really good. I needed recharge only once in a day. I do play games like temple run 2, use internet to check Email, FB, WIFI to download and calls atleast 1 hour per day.n6. Gaming experience on this phone is pretty good. MALI 400 GPU had done a decent job.You can play few high end games as well.n7. XOLO had used much of the stock android features when it comes for the interface and you will get few useful apps pre installed apps. Thanks for not installing any bloatwares. the launcher skin is customisable to some extent.n8. The internal memory is sufficient to have good number of apps and you will get aroung 3 gb of storage for your other data needs. you can get a 32GB SD card for addition data storage.n9. Service centres are available in all major cities. Being in chennai is not a problem at all.nverdict: Best budget phone available in market.I have reduced 1 start just for the music I got this phone for 5999 on christmas.

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Such a Good MobilenI have buy this phone on 7th November 2013.nDon't get any problem with this phone.nBut camera can't take good picture in night with flash light, otherwise camera is good.nVideo calling is also fine, all apps are running very good.nSound quality in earphone is basic not very good, but average.nKeyboard getting problem while touch when paste screen guard on the screen, so you can install Swype keyboard from Google Play then its work fine.nBattery backup is 24 hours including WiFi connected 10 hrs with talk time 1-2 hrs & also playing game.nStandby of the mobile is very usual above 4-5 days.nOver all this mobile is very good.nIf you want to buy Micromax or other phone plz go for XOLO A500S IPSnMake sure you take IPS, its showing on the box.nThis is the product of LAVA mobile.nnnnGood Phone till this time (23-July-2015)..........GreatnThanksnArun KumarnNew Delhi, India

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best budget phone ever

i had a very tight budget but i also wanted a performance and a good looking phone this phone had all and i bought it if we compare the price and features on other phone this it the best ni had tested this phone for 3 days and use it now some reviews say mic problem and other os problems that's bullshit all you need is to keep a bit of you ram free to keep your phone running well it has 512 ram and 4 gb rom also it has an option to move your apps to memory card which i didn't find in any other phone while i was using it ......nPROSn1.looks like HTC or Sonyn2.feels like HTC or Sony (I mean it )n3.display is just awesome 233 ppin4.performance is on par with all device under 10kn5.price n6. USB & Bluetooth tethering and hotspot night moden2.can't play 1080p n3.finding the brand name on phone is difficult when they make a product this good they can start building their image too .n4.stock headsets are of very poor quality spoils the music experience

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