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Moto G5 Plus 32GB
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Moto G5 Plus 32GB
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The hype created about this phone is utter disappointment. There are two major issues with the phone and the very important ones:nn1) BATTERY ISSUEnIt just drains so quickly, even when the phone is locked, it seems to drain very fast. I had J-7, which had similar 3000 mAh battery, compared to it I feel the real capacity of G5 plus battery is around 2000-2200 mAh. Also it takes 2 hours to charge phone from 15% to 100%, I donno how it is fast charging.nnBIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT. What's the use of a good phone if your battery cannot last long ENOUGH. You can't do anything with a dead phone. nn2) CAMERA PERFROMANCE WHILE VIDEO RECORDING:nI cannot believe that the video recording would be so pathetic. I could see black vertical stripes when I put the camera on video mode, I could see it all the time during recording and while playing the video. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. EVERYBODY PLEASE OUT YOU CAMERA ON RECORDING MODE AND CHECK FOR THE ISSUE.nnI am definitely raising a replacement or refund request. I will keep updating here.nnnThanks

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Very poor

I was wondering I would've given 5 stars ✨ if you could've send me the phone which is in working condition. But your sent non working phone! That too basic functionality of vibration is not working... Frankly shame on you rite??? nnApart from vibration it's good features and specs. You can easily buy this without doubt but like this happens because of stupid sellers. They think buyers as fools... nnFlipkart you could've verified before delivery of the products rite? Why don't you do that? nnYou simply earning money but we are wasting our money and time.

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Ridiculous customer service from Flipkart

Got this as a gift for my dad 5 minutes after the launch. I have bought the Moto E, G2, G3, G4 Plus all on the day of launch and I have had zero complaints till date. This one surprisingly had an issue when my dad received it and when he tried to boot the device it was asking for an Android password. I'm not in town so I had raised a replacement request instead of trying to let him use the boot loader options. Little did I know that replacement of a faulty device will be such a pain in the neck. No one called back at the stipulated time, I received no response to my email. Later, my dad called up the customer care number and had to detail the issue for about half an hour. Now they're sending a technician to look at the issue after acknowledging that it is a software issue. So I would have to wait for 4 days + (if they issue a replacement another 2 days), for the device. Please add another statement to your replacement guarantee "We will make sure the customers suffer as much as possible if the device doesn't work". Great work Flipkart!

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Slightly disappointed

Issues in G5. 1. Heating problem while using 3-4 apps 2. Cast function is not working 3. No fast charging. 1% per min. Apart from these issues, rest performance of the phone is good.

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moto g5 plus

Flipkart wants me to believe that delivery means delivery and no matter if the product was defective or damaged. Replacements will happen though different process, will have to wait till the defective product is picked . nnI have been running pillar to post to understand why -nn1) replacement cannot happen though express delivery when you have already charged at the time of ordered, why should customers pay for delivery charges for damaged product n2)Call centre team suggest they have no clue about the seller and the shipment, is flipkart irresponsible seller n3)Call centre Floor manager confirmed on 21st that will receive confirmation by 22nd Morning about the pick and replacement delivery schedule for the same date , which again was a false promise, neither did i receive any SMS or a calln4) Call Centre Supervisor disconnected the call and didn't bother to callback even in case if I have to believe that call got dropped n5) 100 % payment has been made in advance, shouldn't flipkart repay for their inefficiency n6) Damaged product is with me, so why i should hold the product and become the custodian till the time it is taken back, who is responsibility for damages their afternnFollowing Lessons learnt- nn1) Flipkart cannt handle the Product Launch so dont get attracted by their launches it will hurt you in the bargain n2) Never opt for Product replacement just cancel and re book the product once you receive the cancellation confirmation as you will get 2 IDs to track and life will be easy n3) Avoid Flipkart as much a possible for orders above 5k, may be they are good for lower value items they dont have sense for high end products. nnDONT KNOW WHEN WILL GET MY SHIPMENT ??????????????????

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