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Samsung E1200
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Light weight & on pocket; Basic feature phone

Bought this phone for my dad, a Sr. citizen. Product delivery was in 5 days, which was the only good aspect. The phone did not recognize the SIM card. Placed a Return & Replacement request in 6 days. However the seller rejected it. He asked me to reach out to Auth service center and closed my request saying that the issue was settled 'mutually'. After that I raised a complaint with Flipkart. Called them some 5 times and sent some 8 emails to both and Would receive automated email responses saying that the issue will be resolved in 3 / 5/ 7 days. This continued for some 4 iterations. Finally post 2 weeks of my father needing a communication device, I went to Auth service center and got the phone repaired, which thankfully was free because of the original bill I had. So much for Prompt Customer service and 74 hours Refund guarantees. Pathetic customer service.

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A simple and easy to use phone

PROs:n1. I drop the phone at least one time a day. And I'll say it's not entirely my fault as the phone is so LIGHT, I hardly realise I am carrying it. The higher model of this phone with the music player, is really heavier than this. n2. This is really an easy to use phone with all the basic features you need. Back to the old days where the primary function was calling. n3. I appreciate that it can store 500+ messages! n4. On top of it, the battery life is amazing. I charge it once in 2-3 days and I'm an average caller. Plus, it charges up pretty fast.nnCONs-n1. I miss the FM though but I think if you are buying this, you already know the tradeoffs.n2. I do wish the keypad was not that stiff. n3. And finally that there were more games. But humans are never satisfied!

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seller making fools

This is a copy of samsung guru 1200 & it is not written any where, it is an USA model as said by the seller verbally when we complaint about this,nNo samsung india import slip is available on the box,no mrp,no manufacturing date,no package contents,no samsung india warranty,when we start the phone language is Chinese difficult to understand,no torch,open market price of this product is Rs 600/- & they are selling on the price of indian model guru.Beware to this product they are making fools of giving some cheap price.nThis product is also have 10 days replacement or return policy but nothing is there,we bought this product on 10th June 14 but still no one listen & seller make fools Ist 2 days that we will send guru 1200 but you have to pay extra Rs 200/- we agreed but now 10 days gone seller is not picking up the phone.nEven Flipkart is also with the seller and send us the mail that your request for replacement or return is rejected by the seller, we have purchase from the flipkart not directly from the seller but still no help from flipkart.nSo please beware of this seller mobile n modem,flipkart & this product.

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If you wanted the ultimate "basic" phone, this is it.

Several months back my old Samsung Metro S3310 broke and before dying it gave signs of a cellphone user's greatest nightmare - a bad battery that dies every four and a half minutes!nnI took oath that I'd buy the greatest basic phone ever, with basic phone functionality that would also have the greatest battery ever! Then I saw this thing.nnSamsung E-1200T, or Samsung Guru 1200 as they'd like to call it, happened to be the very kind of phone I was looking for. With all the basic phone functionality covered, this happens to sport an unrivalled battery life! The menu response is fast. The features are compact and rubbish-free. And it even has a built-in flash-light. How nice!nnLet me list the pros and cons of this phone, according to me - nnPros -nn(1) INCREDIBLE BATTERY LIFE! nnIt doesn't get any better than this. I charge this phone for one hour and IT LASTS ONE AND A HALF WEEK!! I am yet to see a phone that handles stored electricity better than this. And I didn't even turn on the power saving mode!nn(2) Fast and responsive.nnCheap must not EVER equal to sluggish. And neither is this. This phone never uses bloated animations or fancy effects. Always to-the-point and without delay. When you just want to make a phone call in a hurry, you CAN!nn(3) Flash-light integrationnnSo basically it is a trend that most economic phones must come with a flash-light for some reason. And this one is no exception. It's also friendly on the battery if you were wondering and turns off on it's own after a while.nn(4) Compact and SturdynnThis phone is very compact as you can tell from the picture. It's also sturdy, which you cannot tell from the picture. Since my mentioned disaster with the last cellphone, I've been careful not to drop this baby too often. But it still feels way sturdier than the previous more advanced model.nn(5) Call clarity and soundnnCall clarity isn't bad. It's pretty good. The only times I had trouble hearing (or the other person hearing me) was when the Telecom service went ass over tit. The default ringtones comes pretty loud.nnCons -nnPlease understand that I will not state useless cons such as no camera and stuff like that which is obvious. My cons will go on about mentioned or present features which have some form of drawback. Again, this is completely from my own perspective.nn(1) Flash-light short-cut hasslennActivating flash-light via "hold the up direction" short-cut is very slightly flawed. The thing is, you cannot do it when a menu is open. And if the phone happens to register a "hold lightly" as a "press", you enter menu and you have to go back to use the short-cut again. Same for turning off. It also doesn't work directly from stand-by mode. A very minor flaw.nn(2) Almost negligible customization.nnYou cannot obviously connect this device to anything else and get MP3 to set as your custom ringtone. But the internal library is quite low. Considering the purpose of this phone it's understandable. But seriously, only two wallpapers?nnWho am I to complain though? I'm probably lucky this thing has a coloured display.nn(3) Low initial ringing volumennAs expected, this phone bear Samsung's usual "initial low volume" ringing feature. This means you gotta keep your ears REALLY close to the phone's speakers to hear anything for the first few fraction of seconds, before the ringing becomes clearly audible from a distance. This also means if a friend tries to give you missed-calls and they only ring it for a fraction second, you may not notice anything.nnOverall, I am very satisfied and it's been nearly six months I've been using this. I really hoped that at least this thing gets a Dual-SIM feature or a FM but that was too much to ask considering that when I got this, it was being sold for 999 bucks!nnIf you need a cellphone to fall-back on when your smart-phone fails you or dies unexpectedly. It's got everything you'd ever need out of a cell phone: voice call, texting, alarm, calender and a plethora of other tools like a calculator and a converter. They even have the usual Samsung phone "Fake Call" feature which I found amusing to have in a budget phone like this.nnSeriously, it's great to have one of these around you at all times.

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Great entry phone but with horrible inbuilt ringtones

This phone has it all for those who just need an entry level phone; featherweight, great battery life, voice quality is fine and a decent albeit smallish display. There are also multiple alarms, memos and some basic apps like calculator/converter. But one thing lacking is pleasant, clear or even loud ringtones. My old Nokia 1100 in contrast had several bollywood ringtones which were loud and highly audible. Moreover, this phone to my knowledge is incompatible with third party ringtones so you are stuck with the default ones. Missing out on such an elementary feature compels me to deduct one star

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