“1More’s Piston Fit is looking to make a name for itself in the congested sub Rs 1K segment”

California-based audio giant 1More has been ramping up its earphone launches in the Indian sub-continent and rightly so. With an audience of more than a billion people at its disposal, India is one of the most lucrative destinations for gadget brands to flourish. The company recently launched the 1More single driver (review) which were in-ear type headphones targeted at budget buyers. Now, the brand has come up with the 1More Piston Fit which is an even more inexpensive offering and if you were thinking about picking them up, then you should give this review a read.

What works?

1More Piston Fit review 001

Let’s start with the things that the 1More Piston Fit gets right. Despite being constructed out of metal, the individual ear pieces of the 1More Piston Fit feel very light. This, coupled with the 45-degree angular tilt of the front acoustic tube pave way for a comfortable listening experience. Moreover, the Piston Fit’s design works wonders for your sleep too, provided you plug in your earphones before you hit the bed every night. The shape of the earpieces is such that it won’t bite your ears like most earphones do and therefore, you can kick back, relax and doze off listening to your favourite playlists. Moving on, the earphones come with an inline remote control which can be used to control your music playback or answer/end calls. Seeing how the earphones are relatively cheap, 1More could’ve skimped on the built-in mic to cut costs, but I am glad they didn’t.

1More Piston Fit review 005

Talking about the meat of the matter, the 1More Piston Fit sounds downright average, but offer a good amount of bass which makes it ideal for someone who listens to a lot of EDM. The earphones get sufficiently loud and there’s decent sound isolation even at 50 percent volume.

What doesn’t?

1More Piston Fit review 003

Being budget earphones, the 1More Piston Fit have its fair share of compromises. For starters, the earphones don’t come with a whole lot of accessories. Matter of fact, besides two separate set of ear tips, you don’t get anything else inside the retail box of the Piston Fit. Moving on, while the quality and design of the ear pieces are solid, the cable in itself is a bit thin and flimsy and naturally, I have concerns over the earphones’ longevity. Lastly, I was disappointed with how the earbuds sounded. The highs are practically absent and the vocals sound a bit muffled owing to the excess of bass. Instrument separation was below my expectations too and chaotic songs sound garbled at high volumes.

Cop or drop?

1More Piston Fit review 002

Priced at Rs 999, the 1More Piston Fit offer impeccable comfort and therefore, could make for a great pair of spare earphones you can take to the gym. However, if you’re looking to replace your stock earphones which something slightly better which doesn’t break the bank, then there are plenty of better options around the Rs 1K mark. The OnePlus Silver Bullets, for instance sound much better and retail for around the same price. The Xiaomi Mi In Ear Pro HD cost slightly more, but offer a much better sound quality and a more rugged design too.

Editor’s Rating: 3 / 5


  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Bass-heavy 


  • Lack details in the mids and the highs
  • No accessories included