Apple Intelligence announced for iPhone, iPad and Mac: improved Siri, Genmoji, and more

  • Apple Intelligence brings a host of new AI features and tools to iPhones, iPads and Macs.
  • Siri has been redesigned with a new look and features. 
  • Apple has also introduced a Magic Eraser-like tool in Photos. 

‘Apple Intelligence’ was announced at WWDC 2024. It’s Apple’s personal suite of AI features and tools coming to iPhone 15 from iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPads and Macs powered by M1 or later. The Cupertino tech giant says Apple Intelligence “combines the power of generative models with personal context to deliver intelligence that’s incredibly useful and relevant.” It brings a host of AI features like writing tools, on-device image creation, a more natural, relevant, and personal Siri, and more. Apple Intelligence uses on-device processing and a Private Cloud Compute for privacy so your data is never stored or shared with Apple. 

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Siri gets redesigned with new features

Siri has probably received the biggest upgrade with Apple Intelligence. It has been completely redesigned with a new look and a strobing light around the screen like Samsung’s Edge Lighting. Siri is now more natural, relevant, and personal. You can now Type to Siri by double tapping the bottom of the screen, and easily switch to voice whenever you want.

Apple has also trained Siri with almost every possible task you can do on an iPhone. It also has ‘on-screen awareness’ and can take actions within apps. For example, you can ask Siri to save an address someone sent you from the Messages app. Siri can even edit photos for you through voice commands. It can also find a photo of your driving license, extract your ID number, and enter it into a form for you. Siri also gets ChatGPT support.

Genmoji, Image Playground, and Wand

Apple is using AI to let you create emojis on your iPhone with ‘Genmoji’. You can write a description of the emoji you want to create and Apple Intelligence will turn it into an emoji. ‘Image Playground’ is an on-device image generator app. It lets you create images using prompts. You can choose from a set of themes and objects and even create images based on your photo.

Image Wand will make your Notes look better by turning your sketches into images. Apple Intelligence also brings a Magic Eraser-like Cleanup tool that removes objects from photos.  Search in the Photos app is also more powerful with Apple Intelligence. 

More Apple Intelligence features

Apple Intelligence will improve your writing skills with AI. New writing tools like proofread, and rewrite for you have been introduced, and these features will be available across native iOS apps. Apple Intelligence will also show priority notifications by stacking them according to what’s urgent and important. Apple has also finally added native call recording and it’s powered by Apple Intelligence. 

Apple Intelligence will be available for free on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPad and Macs with M1 and later with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15.