Best 300L refrigerators you can buy on Croma

There are plenty of factors you’d want to consider before buying your next refrigerator. It’s an essential household appliance that one really feels should last for at least five years, if not more. Hence, it’s always preferable to browse through many options before zeroing down on the one you like. The refrigerator of your choice will help keep your food fresh and provide you with cold water and ice during hot summer afternoons. If you’re in the market for a 300L refrigerator, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve listed 10 of the best you can buy on Croma right now.

Things to consider before buying a refrigerator

Type: Before you start considering which refrigerator to buy, you need to consider your requirements such as if you’ll need a single-door refrigerator or a multi-door refrigerator. Refrigerators come in various designs ranging from single-door, double-door, triple-door, side-by-side and even mini-sized refrigerators. If you have a large family, you may want to go with larger sizes refrigerators. You may also need to consider the space requirements since multi-door refrigerators consume more space compared to single-door and mini-refrigerators.

Direct-cool or Frost-free: Direct-cool refrigerators circulate the cool air through natural convection. This results in uneven distribution of cool air, resulting in frost being formed in the refrigerator, and you need to occasionally defrost this ice. Frost-free refrigerators, on the other hand, have built-in fans to circulate the air evenly, so there is less chance of frost being formed. For this reason, consumers go for frost-free refrigerators as these offer more convenience. But these also consume more electricity compared to direct cool refrigerators. Another thing to note here is, that direct cool refrigerators have smaller capacities due to their size and are usually limited to single-door options. If you want multi-door models, you’ll have to choose from the frost-free variants.

Capacity: If you’re a family of three-four people, a 150 to 200-litre capacity refrigerator should be enough. And if you’re a medium-sized family of 4 to 5 people, a 250-300-litre refrigerator should be enough. There are larger capacity refrigerators available as well, which are suited for larger families of more than 5 people. You also have mini refrigerators of 30-litre capacity and above, which are suited if you live alone.

Energy efficiency: Refrigerators come in various energy efficiency ratings that range from 2-star to 5-star. The more the energy efficiency rating, the less energy a refrigerator will consume.

Compressor: There are two types of compressors in refrigerators. General compressors and inverter compressors. General compressors run at a constant speed and when the cooling reaches optimal levels, they turn off. On the other hand, Invertor compressors, run at variable speeds depending on the amount of cooling required to keep optimal temperatures. For this, reason, Inverter compressor refrigerators consume less electricity.

Best 300L refrigerators you can buy right now in India

1. Croma 307 Litres 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator with Multi Air Flow System

Croma’s very own 3 Star refrigerator is ideal for anyone who wants a great mix of style and utility. Dressed in black, this double-door fridge packs an inverter compressor, which not only decreases its energy consumption but also helps it operate at low noise levels. It’s got a variable speed blower which changes its speed based on the external temperature. This combines the various cooling air vents distributed through this fridge to deliver ideal cooling in all corners. With a capacity of 307 litres, it can also offer a large freezer to satisfy your daily freezing needs.

2. Samsung 324 Litres 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Convertible Refrigerator with Multi Air Flow System

Samsung has an excellent option in the 300L refrigerator space. This fridge is equipped with the revolutionary Twin Cooling Plus technology, which offers optimal conditions by maintaining a humidity level of up to 70 per cent instead of the conventional 30 per cent, allowing food to stay fresh for twice as long. It comes with a digital inverter compressor, while its stabilizer-free operation offers voltage protection. The fridge also features Power Cool and Power Freeze modes for quickly cooling your food and drinks. In case there’s a power cut, the Cool Pack inside its freezer can keep food frozen below 0°C for up to 12 hours.

3. Whirlpool Protton 330 Litres Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator with Zeolite Technology

This option from Whirlpool is known for its triple-door advantage. The slide-out compartment at the bottom has 32 litres of space for storing fruits and vegetables. This ensures no odour mixing and it also means better cooling retention as opening the upper doors won’t affect the cooling at the bottom. The 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology inside this fridge helps prevent excessive ripening in fruits and vegetables by maintaining their natural moisture and preventing bacterial growth. And thanks to the 330-litre size, there’s plenty of space for you to store your food.

4. Croma 307 Litres 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator with Multi Air Flow System

Another option from Croma is this stylish fridge that will surely spruce up your kitchen space. It has been fitted with numerous vents for distributing cool air equally to all its parts. The filters inside this fridge contain silver ions to keep bacteria away. Out of its ample 307 litres of capacity, as much as 30 litres is reserved for the vegetable tray. And despite this, there’s a high amount of space that you can utilize for storing other stuff. Equipped with an eco-friendly refrigerant like all the options on this list, this Croma refrigerator delivers stabilizer-free operation.

5. Croma 337 Litres 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator with Large Vegetable Basket

Here’s one more double-door fridge from Croma that comes with a large vegetable basket. It ships with a variable-speed compressor that can change its speed based on the load placed in the refrigerator as well as the outside temperature. This allows it to offer great energy efficiency as well as uniform cooling. Moreover, it’s got a silver air filter that protects your food from bacteria. The fridge also offers a Quick Chill feature that can be used if you need to cool something immediately. The double-door refrigerator comes with 337 litres of space, which makes it ideal for families of three or four.

6. LG 340 Litres 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Convertible Refrigerator with Multi Air Flow System

LG’s proposition in the 300-litre segment is this high-end fridge that comes with smart inverter compressor technology. LG’s trademark Smart Diagnosis feature is present on it as well, allowing owners to use their phones to identify any problems that the fridge might be facing. And then there’s Auto Smart Connect, which helps connect your refrigerator to your home’s inverter. So that whenever there’s a power cut, the fridge will automatically take inverter power. Another thing worth highlighting is the unique lattice-patterned box cover for its vegetable tray that helps maintain optimal moisture levels.

7. Whirlpool Intellifresh 360 Litres 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Convertible Refrigerator with AI Technology

The best part about this Whirlpool refrigerator is its Adaptive Intelligence feature, which continuously analyses data to offer maximum cooling. Then there’s the IntelliSense Inverter technology, which adapts the cooling as per the internal load, thus allowing it to reduce energy consumption. The Zeolite feature onboard this fridge prevents excessive ripening of vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh. Whirlpool has also equipped this refrigerator with its Fresh Flow Air tower with Flexi Vents. This scientifically designed air tower distributes cool and fresh air in different sections for even cooling and long-lasting freshness.

8. LG 360 Litres 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Smart Wifi Enabled Refrigerator with Smart Diagnosis

This exquisite option from LG comes with a flat design and a metallic finish that really lights up any kitchen it becomes a part of. What’s more, it comes with LG’s ThinQ technology that allows owners to control the refrigerator settings using their phone, no matter where they are. The Hygiene Fresh technology onboard the fridge claims to deodorize and remove up to 99.99% of bacteria. The freezer of this double-door unit is convertible in nature. That means, if you’re short on storage in the lower compartment, you can have the freezer act as a fridge.

9. Samsung 394 Litres 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Convertible Refrigerator with All-Around Cooling Technology

At 394 litres, this is the most space offered by any fridge in this list. This Samsung unit promises all-around cooling with optimal humidity thanks to its Twin Cooling Plus technology. It comes with a total of 5 conversion modes, allowing you to use the freezer space as you want. You can even turn it off completely if it’s not in use. The digital inverter technology makes its way into this fridge, allowing it to adjust the compressor speed in response to cooling demand. And then there’s the Smart Connect Inverter that lets you connect the refrigerator to your home inverter without any worries.

10. Haier 376 Litres 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Bottom Mount Convertible Refrigerator with Magic Cooling Technology

Its unusual design is the first thing you’ll notice about this fridge, but it’s built like that for a reason. By placing the vegetable tray and the other racks higher, this fridge greatly reduces the number of times you bend down to grab something from it. The freezer, which is usually used less often, is placed at the bottom. which makes you wonder why other companies don’t follow the same cues. This fridge even has a movable ice maker that you can remove if not needed, in order to make space for something else.