[Exclusive] Logitech G FITS TWS earbuds pictured

Logitech, a company not generally known as a regular source of leak-worthy products, has been doing its best lately to shed that reputation. Last month we got a very good look at the cloud-first Android gaming handset it’s working on with China’s Tencent, and now a set of upcoming TWS earbuds has caught our eye, too: the colorful Logitech G FITS.

Featuring bold hues and the same ambient lighting that curiously adorns any serious (and desirable) piece of dedicated gaming hardware, the FITS will be the first buds from the company’s G line, but its second pair overall, following the pricey, active-noise-cancelling Logitech Zone.

One welcome in-box addition here is a set of USB-A and -C wireless dongles, giving owners a host of connectivity options among PCs and smartphones. It’s not yet clear when these will launch and begin to ship, but we’ll update you will further details as we learn them.