[Exclusive] Pictured: Dell’s first fully detachable XPS 2-in-1 hybrid

Having exited the smartphone space long ago (remember the Windows Phone-powered Venue Pro?), Dell’s not a company we discuss very often, but it’s got an upcoming product in its XPS line of premium performance computing products that may elicit some interest.

Dell has done 2-in-1’s before, to be sure, though within the XPS range, they have been limited to the rather clumsy/cumbersome laptop whose display could hyper-extend its rotation until it sat relatively flat on the bottom of the notebook — leaving the keyboard exposed and facing downwards.

But the XPS 9315t is different: the 13-incher is very much a tablet first, a riff on the form factor that has proven so successful for Microsoft with its Surface family. The company has been developing the product since last year, and though it’s expected to be unveiled relatively soon, no hard specs were immediately available.

Feel free to fill in some of the blanks if you know any more about this one, or just enjoy imagery that’s supposed to represent the shipping version of the hardware.

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