iQOO 11 vs Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10T vs iQOO 9T battery drain test: which flagship wins?

  • iQOO 11, OnePlus 10T, Xiaomi 12 Pro, and iQOO 9T go up against each other in a battery drain test.
  • iQOO 11 has the highest battery capacity on paper with a 5,000mAh unit, while the Xiaomi 12 Pro has the least with a 4,600mAh unit.
  • iQOO 11 is the first phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 SoC.

Battery department is that one segment that is a tough nut to crack especially these days where smartphone usage is on the rise. iQOO 11, Xiaomi 12 Pro, OnePlus 10T, and iQOO 9T are some of the latest flagship offering on the market and the folks at MySmartPrice did battery drain and charging tests on these smartphones to see which turns out to be the winner with better battery life. The tests are conducted with each device set at maximum brightness and performance modes.

PhoneBatteryCharging speed
iQOO 115000mAh120W
Xiaomi 12 Pro4600mAh120W
OnePlus 10T4800mAh150W
iQOO 9T4700mAh120W

iQOO 11 vs Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10T vs iQOO 9T battery test

The video started with the battery charging speed. iQOO 11 took just 24 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent, OnePlus 10T was the next fast charging phone, which took about just 28 minutes to charge fully. Next comes the Xiaomi 12 Pro with just 38 minutes of time and lastly, iQOO 9T took 58 minutes to charge fully.

After all phones died out, the video shows the phones again put to a quick charging test. The Xiaomi 12 Pro took just 35 minutes to charge completely, thanks to 120W fast charging support. This is followed by the OnePlus 10 Pro at just 42 minutes, courtesy of 80W charging speed. The Vivo X80 took around 58 minutes to charge completely, while the Pixel 7 took a whopping 1 hour and 52 minutes time to charge.

After the charging speed test round, the battery drain round moved to the video playback and speaker tests for about two hours. After the 2-hour mark, the iQOO 11 had consumed lesser battery compared to other flagships on the list. The battery here dropped to just 85 percent with 750mAh of capacity used. Sitting in the second place was the iQOO 9T with 940mAh capacity consumed and 80 percent remaining.

OnePlus 10T and Xiaomi 12 Pro secured third and fourth places, respectively. The battery capacity of the phones were 79 percent and 75 percent. It should be noted that iQOO 11 has the highest battery cell compared to other models.

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The battery drain test further moves to benchmark scores. Unsurprisingly, the iQOO 11 topped the list with a pretty impressive margin. The Xiaomi 12 Pro was the least scoring phone, which is not a surprise again considering the throttling issues. After Geekbench, the phones were put through AnTuTu and Throttling tests, which went for another hour. Again, iQOO 11 consumed less battery, with 58 percent juice still left in the tank. This was followed by iQOO 9T with 52 percent battery, OnePlus 10T at 48 percent, and Xiaomi 12 Pro had 46 percent battery, which was the least of all. 

After the benchmarks, the battery drain test moved to gaming and this lasted for another hour. After this, the iQOO 11 yet again managed to come on top as the battery dropped to 43 percent, while the remaining phones dropped significantly. The iQOO 9T was in second place with 33 percent, while the OnePlus 10T and Xiaomi 12 Pro just had 25 and 23 percent capacities.

The flagship phones were then put to a video recording test, which sometimes is a stressing test. This lasted for around 30 minutes and by the end of it, Xiaomi 12 Pro almost ran out of juice with just 2 percent left in the tank. iQOO 11 was still on top with 30 percent capacity left, while the iQOO 9T and OnePlus 10T had 16 and 14 percent capacities. 

Lastly, the phones were put through social media scrolling. Xiaomi 12 almost instantly ran out of battery, right next to it was the OnePlus 10T followed by iQOO 9T. The iQOO 11 had over 15 percent battery capacity at the end of the test and became the winner.

iQOO 11 vs Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10T vs iQOO 9T battery results

iQOO 117 hours 11 minutes42mins
iQOO 9T6 hours and 25 minutes58mins
OnePlus 10T5 hours and 59 minutes35mins
Xiaomi 12 Pro4 hours and 47 minutes1h 52 mins