PlayStation 5 Pro new leak reveals major upgrades in GPU power, ray tracing, and more

  • The PlayStation 5 is reportedly getting a Pro version later this year.
  • The PS5 Pro going to come with some major upgrades, according to a new leak.
  • Ray tracing will be tripled, a custom machine learning architecture is in tow, and more.

A PlayStation 5 Pro is reportedly in the works, and as the name suggests, it will be an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5. The new Pro model might come as early as Fall 2024 but there’s no official confirmation yet from Sony. There are some major upgrades rumoured for the next-gen gaming console from Sony, and here’s what has been leaked so far.

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PS5 Pro specifications leaked

The PS5 Pro will come with 28 percent faster RAM than the regular PS5 from 448 GB/s to 576 GB/s, according to a report by Insider Gaming. This means that it will be capable of 18 gigatransfers per second than the previous speed of 14 gigatransfers per second.

The PS5 Pro’s CPU is also getting a 10 percent increase over the PS5. It will feature a “High CPU Frequency Mode” that goes up to 3.85GHz from 3.5GHz. This High CPU Frequency Mode will also downclock the GPU by around 1.5 percent taking its performance down by 1 percent, the report added.

Ray tracing performance will be tripled in the PS5 Pro, and even quadrupled (x4) in some cases. It will also come with the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling and antialiasing technology (PSSR). Future SDK versions are said to support resolutions up to 8K. 

In terms of computing power, the PS5 Pro is said to feature 33.5 Teraflops of computing power, which would mean a 45 percent improvement in rendering performance in the Pro model. It will also be equipped with an ‘AI Accelerator’ that can support 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation and 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point, and a custom machine learning architecture. The PS5 Pro is said to come with a detachable disc drive and 1TB of storage. Audio in the PS5 Pro is also getting a boost with a 35 increase in performance.

There’s no official confirmation on the launch of the PS5 Pro but rumours suggest it will arrive in fall this year. The PS5 debuted in November 2020 but it was met with stock issues that led to delayed launches in several countries.