Redmi 5G phone will have a big battery but weigh over 200 grams: Lu Weibing

“Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi 9S 5G is expected to come with a 4,000mAh unit, measure 8.9mm in thickness, and weigh 196 grams”

Reports regarding the possible Redmi 5G smartphone are all over the place. Now, the brand’s general manager Lu Weibing confirmed that with 5G support, the battery capacity will be getting bigger, and the phone will also get heavier at 200 grams and thicker at 9mm. The executive claims that users cannot have everything in the 5G era. This means either the battery capacity can be prioritised or the thickness/ weight with small battery capacity. The company seems to be believing that these are the only viable options to have 5G support. While he didn’t link this to the rumoured Redmi 5G phone, it’s possible the handset could weight over 200 grams.

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Redmi 5G smartphone
Redmi seems to be believing these are the only viable options to have 5G support

This also means the Redmi 5G could pack in a considerable capacity battery that should offer battery life that is in-line with current Redmi phones. For comparison, Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi 9S 5G smartphone is expected to come with a 4,000mAh unit, measure 8.9mm in thickness, and weigh 196 grams, which again is placed between the said parameters. With 5G slowly catching the momentum in major markets like South Korea, China, the USA, and the UK, we can expect smartphones to weigh and measure more in a bid to offer bigger capacity batteries.

Separately, Redmi also started teasing an announcement related to the Redmi K20 series on August 20th in its home market, China. While the teaser image didn’t reveal what exactly the brand is planning, but speculations are rife that it could be a special 12GB RAM variant since it was certified by TENAA certification agency. We should know more details on August 16th.