Samsung dual display laptop patent shows ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo-like design

  • Samsung has filed a patent for a dual-display laptop.
  • The design of the laptop looks similar to the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo.
  • A portion of the display next to the keyboard could be used as a virtual trackpad.

Samsung has shown it is ahead of its competitors when it comes to foldable phones. It seems the South Korean tech giant is now looking to apply its foldable display technology on laptops. The company filed a new patent for a laptop that shows an ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo-like design with dual displays. While the ASUS laptop has two visibly separate displays, the Samsung patent suggests one display that can be folded. The patent was filed way back in 2020 at the United States Design Patent and was published on November 22nd, as discovered by 91mobiles.

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Samsung dual display laptop patent

The patent images seen above suggest a large foldable display that can fold from the middle to create the main screen and a secondary screen. The part of the screen that’s right next to the keyboard could be used as a virtual trackpad. We can also see two Thunderbolt ports on the right side of the laptop.

The design appears to be largely inspired by the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo and Intel’s Horseshoe Bend that was showcased at CES 2020. This suggests the laptop can be viewed in full vertical manner scrolling from top to bottom.

The content will have a continuum and flow across dual screens. This combined with Samsung’s AMOLED display should result in an immersive viewing experience. As said, the keyboard will be placed at the bottom but considering it is a foldable laptop, the key travel should be less. There should be some noticeable crease where the display folds in the middle.

The patent does not reveal any key specifications of the Samsung dual display laptop but one speculates there could be an Intel processor inside, an AMOLED display, Windows OS out of the box, and more. Since the design is still in the patent stage, it isn’t clear whether Samsung will launch it commercially.