Samsung Galaxy M34 5G: Unleash the Monster at an Unbeatable Price!

Since its launch in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy M series rightfully cemented its place in the Indian smartphone market as one of the most popular smartphones currently on offer. This ‘Monster’ smartphone from Samsung aims to offer buyers a device that packs cutting-edge technology and impressive features at an affordable price.

All this makes the Samsung Galaxy M series ideal for the demands of the Indian market where most consumers look for value. Not only that, but Samsung has also introduced a number of segment-first features in India. With every subsequent release, the Galaxy M series keeps upping the ante while continuing to offer excellent value.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G, it looks like this trend is set to continue. Touting the ‘Must be a Monster’ tagline, the smartphone will be a perfect match for Indian users who are constantly in search of the next thrill and there is no stopping them! Don’t believe us, just see what the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has to offer!

Say goodbye to blurry pictures with the 50MP No Shake Cam

When a giant like Samsung claims a ‘No Shake Cam’ feature, you know they mean it. This has been made possible by the use of advanced optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology. This ensures sharp and blur-free images and videos even when your hands are unsteady such as when running or in a vehicle. It does this by utilising a sensor to detect movement, the smartphone is able to automatically compensate for it by precisely adjusting the camera lens. This helps maintain focus, which in turn reduces blurring. So you get crisp and clear images.

But OIS also has another important use. In low-light conditions, the camera shutter has to remain open for longer in order to allow enough light to reach the sensor. During this time, any slight movement can result in blurry and shaky images. By keeping the camera lens stable, you get brighter images in low light without losing detail.

More than just camera hardware

This is Samsung we are talking about. So it’s not just about offering great hardware. They also offer great software to ensure you make the most of the camera. Monster Shot is a great example of that. This allows users to capture multiple outputs in a single take. It does this by utilising the device’s advanced AI capabilities to capture a burst of photos and videos. Each of these is taken from various angles, speeds and filters. It then intelligently combines these elements to create a stunning and immersive representation of these moments. So a multitude of memories are preserved in a single composition, letting you experience these moments whenever you would want.

Besides that, you also get Night mode and Fun mode on the Galaxy M34 5G. The Night mode on the Galaxy M34 5G uses AI and advanced image processing to take brighter and clearer photos in low light. It does this by combining multiple frames into a single image, which helps to reduce noise and improve detail, whereas Fun Mode is a collection of creative camera filters, powered by Snapchat, that can be applied to your photos and videos. These filters can change the look and feel of your images, making them more fun and engaging.

In addition to the above-mentioned capabilities, the Galaxy M34 5G is also equipped with an 8MP ultra-wide camera. This camera offers a wider field of view as compared to standard cameras, enabling you to cover more of your surroundings in your photographs. Furthermore, the device supports 4K video recording, ensuring that you can faithfully preserve your cherished memories in exceptional detail and clarity.

Get lost in the vibrancy of a 120Hz Super AMOLED display

When it comes to immersive visuals, you will need a big screen display. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G delivers thanks to its massive 6.5-inch display. But it gets even better thanks to the inclusion of a Super AMOLED panel and a 120Hz refresh rate. The AMOLED pane allows for more vibrant and colourful visuals as compared to traditional LCD panels. Meanwhile, the 120Hz refresh rate allows for super smooth scrolling and transition animations. On top of this, you get Eye Care Mode, which is designed to alleviate eye strain by minimising the amount of blue light emitted from the device’s display, thereby protecting your eyes. Speaking of protection, the phone’s display is protected from accidental bumps and scratches via a Gorilla Glass 5.

But that’s not all. When dealing with harsh sunlight, the High Brightness Mode can crank up the brightness levels to 1000 nits. So you can clearly see everything that is on the screen regardless of the lighting conditions.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the phone also comes with Samsung Vision Booster technology. This was initially seen on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series of smartphones. This technology enhances visibility in bright sunlight by intelligently adjusting colour tones and contrast on the display. It does this by intelligently analysing the ambient light conditions and the content being displayed. So this approach ensures that images are not only legible in direct sunlight but also vibrant and not washed out.

Feel the speed and power

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is also a monster when it comes to performance. At the heart of the device is Samsung’s own Exynos 1280 SoC. This octa-core chipset features two Arm Cortex-A78 cores and six Cortex-A55 cores. For everyday tasks, the chipset makes use of the more power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores. However, when running resource-intensive tasks such as gaming, the chipset switches to the more powerful Cortex A-78 cores. This helps the chipset offer the optimal balance between performance and battery efficiency. On top of this, the Exynos 1280 SoC is based on the 5nm process, which allows for greater performance and efficiency as compared to similar chipsets based on larger processes.

You can’t talk about performance and not bring up gaming. The Exynos 1280 packs an Arm Mali-G68 GPU which is based on the Valhalla architecture. So you can enjoy a quality gaming experience on the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G smartphone without worrying about laggy gameplay or spotty graphics. Further, gaming is then optimised with Fused Multiply-Ass which offers improved power consumption, resulting in better battery life.

Of course, with the Exynos 1280, you also get 5G connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G supports the sub-6GHz as well as mmWave 5G networks. So you should be able to get access to 5G regardless of the operator you have. With 5G, you can enjoy super-fast connectivity speeds with extremely low latency!

There’s more!

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is like a gift that keeps on giving. Aside from offering so many features, Samsung also has a lot more to offer. First up is Samsung Wallet which allows you to store your credit cards, debit cards as well as IDs. So you can carry all your money as well as important information on the smartphone and leave the bulky wallet behind.

What about future updates? Well, Samsung has you covered there as well. Not only will the Galaxy M34 5G promise four generations of OS updates, but you will also get five years of security updates as well. So not only will you get to enjoy new features on your phone for years to come, but you will also rest assured in the knowledge that your phone is secure as well.

Other notable features of the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G include Smart Hotspot. This gives you greater control when using your phone as a hotspot. You will not only be able to set a data cap on a connected device but also control how long any particular device is connected.

As we discussed earlier, we already know that the Galaxy M34 5G is a multimedia powerhouse. But what makes it even more awesome is the fact that the phone also supports Dolby Atmos for an improved audio experience. Meanwhile, the Voice Focus feature helps minimise background noise to make audio and video calls much clearer. So you won’t miss out on any little detail.

Where to get it?

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is priced at Rs 16,999 and is available in three classy colours, namely Midnight Blue, Waterfall Blue and Prism Silver. The phone is set to go on sale from July 15th onwards. In fact, users can pre-book the device for Rs 999 and get a 25W travel adapter for free! So head over to Amazon and pre-book the device today!