Tata Motors website briefly crashes after bookings open for Tata Tiago EV

  • Tata Tiago EV’s booking website crashes minutes after the window goes live
  • The website temporarily broke and display a ‘504 error’ possibly due to heavy traffic 
  • The Tiago EV holds the crown of being the most affordable mainstream EV

Tata Motors earlier launched India’s first electric hatchback in India and priced the much-anticipated product right out of the park. Tata started taking bookings for the Tiago EV hatchback today at 12 noon via its portal. The vehicle has generated huge interest and as a repercussion, the booking portal now seems to have crashed. While the exact details are unavailable it could have been caused by exceedingly high traffic on the website. 

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Tata Tiago EV booking portal crashes minutes after it goes live

This overwhelming response generated by the Tata Tiago EV hatchback is what could have caused the booking portal to have crashed. The booking portal for the Tiago EV opened up for customers at 12 noon and minutes after the website crashed and showed a “504 error” page. This could be blamed on heavy traffic which the website at the moment could not handle. 

The Tata Tiago EV has grabbed the title of being the cheapest EV in the country. Additionally, Tata has positioned it in a way that maintains its youthful appeal and the Indian automaker has kitted it out with added goodies to make the package even more lucrative. No wonder, the vehicle has generated a ton of buzz. 

However, what could be inferred from this mini incident is Tata’s hold on the EV market. The Tiago EV bears an introductory price of Rs 8.49 lakh (ex-showroom) and can be booked for a token amount of just Rs 21,000. This makes a superb value-for-money proposition and the company’s website bogging down is only a sign of yet another winner in the EV segment of the company. 

Tata Motors appear to have quickly worked on the problem and the website is now back up.