Wynk Music vs JioSaavn vs Gaana: Which Indian music streaming app should you choose?

In India, the music streaming market has advanced significantly, and both domestic and international platforms are currently active here. While the international ones are the most discussed or covered, in this piece we will just concentrate on the domestic ones, specifically on Gaana, Wynk, and JioSaavn.

Users can listen to music for free (with advertisements) via streaming services like JioSaavn, Gaana, and Wynk Music. These services also offer paid subscriptions that let you save songs for offline use. Statista estimates that 59.4 million Indians paid for music streaming services in 2021 and this number is expected to rise to 87.2 million by 2025. So which of these music streaming services is the best? We used each of these as our primary source of music to find out.

Wynk Music vs JioSaavn vs Gaana: Pricing

Streaming ServiceSubscription Cost
Wynk MusicRs 49 (Monthly)
Rs 399 (Yearly)
JioSaavnRs 99 (Monthly)
Rs 399 (Yearly)
GaanaRs 99 (Monthly)
Rs 249 (6 Months)
Rs 299 (Yearly)

Wynk Music

Airtel’s response to the music streaming conflicts is Wynk Music. The app hovers between either the 1st or 2nd rank in the country with Spotify trailing behind. Wynk music is cross-platform, so it can be enjoyed on Android, iOS, and the web with essentially identical experiences. In 2022, podcasts are quite popular, and Wynk has a section just for them. Through Wynk’s curated playlists, you can easily find a tonne of Bollywood music, old Hindi songs, hit international tunes, classic rock music, and more.

Since joining Airtel’s portfolio, Wynk has experienced great growth and is now available without charge to Airtel users. Non-Airtel users can also purchase Premium memberships from the company. Although Wynk offers free music streaming, there are certain restrictions such as advertisements, poor quality, and a limited selection, on top of this free users can only stream 200 songs a month. These limitations are lifted for premium subscribers, to download their tracks in Ultra HD quality. Wynk Music Premium is available for Rs 49 per month (discounted) or Rs 399 annually.


  • Well curated lists
  • Clean UI
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Usage Quotas
  • Low content quality on the free tier


After Jio’s success, Saavn quickly became a Reliance acquisition after beginning as an independent platform. Since then, the service has amalgamated with Jio and changed its name to JioSaavn. Despite possibly having a larger user population than Wynk music, it trails behind Wynk music on user charts. JioSaavn also is cross-platform with availability on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. In addition to music, JioSaavn customers get access to podcasts, regional content, Bollywood music, classic Hindi songs, hit international music, and radio.

JioSaavn Pro, the platform’s premium subscription, is also provided without charge on higher-tier Jio data plans, similar to how Airtel has implemented it. Non-Jio users can, however, purchase JioSaavn Pro for a monthly or yearly subscription. JioSaavn offers free music streaming, however, there are certain restrictions, including advertisements, lowered quality, and a small selection of songs. These limitations are lifted by the Pro subscription, along with other benefits including the ability to download content in HD quality. JioSaavn Pro can be purchased for Rs 99 each month or Rs 399 (a discounted price of Rs 999) for an entire year.


  • Simple UI
  • Big content library
  • Exclusive content


  • Expensive Pro subscription


One of the most well-liked streaming services in India is Gaana. The colorful UI of Gaana appeals to many, and it shows in the platform’s growth numbers. Like both JioSaavn & Wynk Music, Gaana is also cross-platform and accessible on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Users of Gaana can listen to radio and podcasts in addition to music. Gaana has no affiliation with any Telecom operator, hence you won’t find the premium subscription for free, in contrast to JioSaavn and Wynk Music.

In addition to Bollywood music, vintage Hindi songs, hit international songs, regional content, and shows, Gaana on the whole has a much larger archive of content compared to other players in the segment. Gaana offers free music and podcast listening, but there are certain restrictions, including advertisements, and lowered quality. These limitations are removed with the Plus subscription (premium tier), which also enables users to download their preferred content in Ultra HD quality among other features. Gaana provides three Plus membership options: a monthly plan for Rs 99; a 6-month Plus membership for Rs 249; and an annual membership plan for Rs 299.


  • Attractive Pricing
  • Good Looking UI
  • Various pricing tiers


  • Limited Library For Certain Genres