Xiaomi smartphone with an all-screen fingerprint scanner may launch soon

  • Xiaomi patents an all-screen fingerprint scanning technology in China
  • The tech could debut in Xiaomi flagship soon
  • This would allow users to unlock smartphones from anywhere from the screen

Xiaomi has patented a new fingerprint scanning technology that would work all over the screen. This will reduce the inaccuracy that the users face with the existing version of the under-display fingerprint scanner and increase the success rate. The all-screen fingerprint scanner will allow users to unlock their phones by tapping anywhere on the screen instead of touching a specific spot. Xiaomi isn’t the first to patent the all-screen fingerprint under-display technology, as Huawei submitted a patent for the same back in August 2020. Let’s take a look at the working of the technology.

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How does the all-screen fingerprint scanner work
Xiaomi all-screen fingerprint scanner patent

The patent, which was first reported by GizmoChina, was filed at the Chinese national patent database on January 4th. It shows that the tech will work with infrared LEDs transmitters and receivers, sandwiched between a capacitive touch-screen layer and any AMOLED display. The LED transmitters detect the fingerprint through the capacitive touch-screen, while the infrared light receivers will capture the fingerprint data. The data is then processed, and if it matches the record, the device is unlocked.

To save some battery and your eyes, the tech only lights up the specific portion of the screen where the finger is placed. The surrounding infrared LEDs (which here refers to the rest of the display) will remain inactive.

The all-screen fingerprint scanner is likely to debut on Xiaomi’s flagship soon; however, there is no word on the timeline yet. That’s pretty much all we have for you regarding Xiaomi’s all-screen fingerprint scanner technology. We will, of course, keep an eye on this interesting patent and keep you posted in case of any significant developments. So stay tuned to 91mobiles!