[Exclusive] Leading Asian Carrier Tips Next-Gen iPad Air, iPhone SE at Apple’s March Event

  • Apple has scheduled a virtual product launch on March 8th
  • Thanks to behind the scenes prep work by a large carrier, we can be fairly certain what the company plans to unveil
  • Placeholder pages suggest a third iPhone SE and fifth iPad Air are incoming

While Apple was busy today sending out invitations to its first, virtual product introduction of 2022, happening on March 8th, retailers and carriers began preparing the pages on which their online stores will sell the new devices. And thanks to pages being built by one of Asia’s leading mobile networks, it seems highly likely that Apple will be unveiling both a new iPhone SE model as well as the next generation of iPad Air next Tuesday.

As the images above and below make clear, the carrier is creating scaffolding for product pages to feature the new phone and tablet. Both devices have been previously mentioned in reports by Bloomberg, which is expecting them to launch at the event, and this material would seem to confirm that information. What’s more, metadata for the tablet page explicitly mentions the so-called fifth-generation iPad Air. The iPhone SE, meanwhile, would be the third iteration of that entry-level handset.

Unlike most Android manufacturers, Apple almost never seeds marketing or promotional material to its partners prior to product launches, so the latter companies need to prepare their online spaces using placeholder media (often labelled with the letters FPO). This is why press-quality renders of Apple products nearly never leak early, while those of Android-powered devices nearly always do.

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