Battlegrounds Mobile India beta hands-on: 7 things we learned after playing the game

Here's what we learned after playing Battlegrounds Mobile India beta.

The highly-anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been launched in India in beta version. The PUBG Mobile India rebrand game can be downloaded from Google Play Store after applying for an early access program. After accepting a few beta testers, Krafton has stopped taking beta registrations, for now. This is an unreleased version of Battlegrounds Mobile India for testers to check out the game and look for bugs and issues. We got the opportunity to download the Battlegrounds Mobile India early access version, and after playing the game, here are a few things we learned and that you should know about.

You can sign in through Facebook and Twitter

Battlegrounds Mobile India sign in

The first thing we noticed after opening the game is that the log-in screen is similar to the one in PUBG Mobile. You can sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. This contradicts an earlier report that claimed BGMI needs a phone number and OTP authentication to sign in.

PUBG Mobile data can be restored until December 2021

PUBG Mobile data restore in BGMI

A major sigh of relief for PUBG Mobile fans is that they can carry forward their existing PUBG Mobile game and personal data to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players will be able to transfer their PUBG Mobile data until December 2021. Krafton assures that all the data that will be brought to BGMI will be stored securely in the company’s server in India and/ or Singapore.

BGMI asks if you are 18+

Battlegrounds Mobile India 18+

Keeping with the government’s demand, Battlegrounds Mobile India will ask you if you are over 18 years old. However, this can easily be mistreated and there seems to be no way for Kraton to know whether anyone under 18 years is playing the game. If you claim that you are under 18 years, the game will notify you when you have been playing for too long.

Not all characters are fully clothed

Battlegrounds Mobile India characters

When you set out to create your character, you will notice that your avatar is fully clothed, which is in line with the government’s directive. However, while playing the game we noticed that not all characters are fully clothed. This could be a problem going forward as the Indian government could object to this. 

Graphics and gameplay similar to PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is just how similar is BGMI to PUBG Mobile. Turns out, the upcoming India-only game is almost identical to the banned battle royale game. The maps, gameplay, weapons, and vehicles in Battlegrounds look similar to PUBG Mobile. This confirms that Battlegrounds Mobile India is indeed a repackaged PUBG Mobile. This may also be bad news as Battlegrounds Mobile India could face a potential ban in India given the similarities with PUBG Mobile.

Green hits instead of red

Battlegrounds Mobile India green hit

The biggest visual change while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India is the green hits instead of red. In order to make the game look less violent, Krafton has replaced red blood splatter with green. This does not really hamper the gameplay much and we found ourselves ignoring this change quite easily.

Yes, there are bugs and issues

As expected, the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta version comes with its fair share of bugs and issues, which Krafton wants to know about. We noticed touch issues while playing and the game would frequently hang, requiring us to restart it. If you have been able to download the beta version, you can expect to see such issues while playing.

We will talk more about the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta version as we dig deeper into the game. As of now, these are some of the big takeaways after our initial hands-on with the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is said to be June 18th, but the beta release today suggests the public version may launch later this month. Stay tuned for more updates on BGMI.