These five Android apps can hack and empty your bank accounts: do you have them on your phone?

  • Online scams are a pretty common sight nowadays.
  • If you are using an Android smartphone, you need to be aware of these five Android apps.
  • All five can potentially hack your bank accounts and drain all your money.

Modern-day smartphones have access to our private information and, in one way or the other, store most of our data, including our banking information, making it vulnerable to online scams. A new scam has recently popped up in the form of a banking trojan, that has been identified by researchers lately. The new trojan can steal users’ login information, account number, and other related financial details, thereby risking one’s hard-earned money.

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So far, five Android apps have been identified and red-flagged by Threat Fabric as top suggestions to be uninstalled from the devices right away. Let’s take a look at the five malicious apps that we suggest you uninstall without a second thought.

These 5 Android apps are very risky

According to the report, apps named File Manager Small, Lite, My Finances TrackerZetter Authentication, Codice Fiscale 2022, and Recover Audio, Images & Videos are identified as the ones infected by the trojan, and it’s advisable that if you are using these apps, you should uninstall them right away.

While the first two apps have around 1,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, the remaining three have more than 100,000 downloads each, which is pretty alarming to say the least.

These five Android apps can hack and empty your bank accounts: do you have them on your phone?”Such way of distribution of Android banking Trojans is very dangerous as victims may stay unsuspecting for a long time and may not alert their bank about suspicious transactions made without their knowledge. Thus, it is very important to take actions on the organisation side to detect such malicious apps and their payloads as well as suspicious behaviour happening on customer’s device,” said the Threat Fabric report.

So far, countries like the US, UK, Australia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Spain have seen the circulation of this trojan and there are chances more than likely that the trojan could spread even more. So, it’s advisable to not download these apps and if already downloaded, uninstalling them and finding a suitable replacement app could be the best solution.