Google Pixel 10’s Tensor G5 chip could be made by TSMC and not Samsung: here’s the proof

  • The Google Pixel 10 could ship with Tensor G5 fabricated by TSMC.
  • The listing reveals the phone could come in a 16GB RAM variant.
  • We have shared the performance benchmark scores of both TSMC-made and Samsung-made chips. 

Google’s partnership with Samsung for Tensor chips could end with the upcoming Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 chipset. Per a recent import declaration form by Google, its Pixel 10 series could ship with TSMC-made Tensor G5 SoC. Let’s see how we learned about this development and why is it exciting.

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Google Pixel 10 with TSMC-made chip: what reveals this?

Android Authority has spotted a customs declaration filed by Google. Whenever a company imports or exports goods, they are supposed to file this form. Check out Google’s import filing below:

Pixel 10 TSMC
Image via: Android Authority

The ‘description of the goods’ column mentions TSMC. There are more details hidden in those strings of alphabets and numbers:

  • G313-09488-00 is the code for material imported by Google
  • IC, SOC: This reveals the type of goods is an integrated circuit, a system on a chip.
  • LGA: This is supposedly an abbreviation for Laguna Beach, the internal codename for Tensor G5.
  • A0: This denotes the import form is for a new version of the chip.
  • InFO POP: This is the packaging tech from TSMC and BGA-1573 is the package type.
  • NPI-OPEN: It means the introduction of a new product.
  • TSMC: The easy hint is this only. So, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will make Google’s forthcoming Tensor G5 chip.
  • 16GB SEC: The chip could be backed by 16 gigs of RAM made by SEC (Samsung Electronics and Creative Technology). 

Google Tensor G5 made by TSMC: Why this matters?

  • We are not sure if Tensor G5 will be using TSMC’s 3nm architecture. The current Tensor G3 is made on Samsung’s 4nm process.
  • TSMC chips are generally known to offer better performance, more power efficiency, and better heat management.
  • In our testing, we have found the TSMC-made Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC inside the Galaxy S24 Ultra better than the Samsung-made Tensor G3 inside the Pixel 8 in benchmark tests like AnTuTu, Geekbench, and GFXBench.
TestsS24 UltraPixel 8
Geekbench Multi | Single2208 | 67521045 | 3294
GFXBench Manhattan | TRex7449 | 67426532 | 6738

  • TSMC is solely focused on the chip manufacturing business while Samsung Foundry is one of the many businesses Samsung is involved in. Perhaps, this could result in different R&D priorities.
  • Even though Samsung boasts a newer GAAFET technology for its 3nm process, TSMC still uses the tried and tested FinFET tech, we await real-world results to frame an opinion.