Moto 5G phone: How to activate 5G on Motorola smartphones in India, supported devices, OTA update, and more

Motorola has launched several 5G smartphones across various price segments in the past few months. Many users find it difficult to enable 5G on Motorola phones. This can be annoying for eager users who want to try out 5G in a location where telcos like Airtel and Jio have rolled out 5G services. In this guide, we’ll be providing you with a step-by-step process to activate 5G on your Moto smartphone and we will also be explaining why you’re not able to find the 5G settings.

How to activate 5G on Motorola smartphones

For this, you will have to update your Motorola smartphone to the latest OTA update. This is true for most Moto 5G phones launched in 2022. The upcoming Motorola 5G smartphone may have the necessary 5G update pre-installed. Either way, you will have to enable 5G manually.

Enable 5G update on Motorola phone

Now regardless of the fact that Motorola has released a 5G update for your smartphone or not, here’s how to check the availability of the 5G option and even activate it from thereon.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your Moto phone
  • Select the topmost option called ‘Network & Internet’
    Activate 5G on Motorola smartphone
  • From here select ‘Mobile network’
    Activate 5G on Motorola smartphone
  • Now scroll down a bit and tap on ‘Preferred network type’
    Activate 5G on Motorola smartphone
  • If you see the ‘5G’ option simply enable it and you’re good to go

    If you are not getting 5G in your preferred network type, check if your Motorola phone is 5G enabled and has the latest update installed.

    How to check 5G software update on Motorola smartphone

    • Head over to the ‘Settings’ app
    • Scroll down to the ‘System updates’ section
      How to check software updates on Motorola smartphone
    • Next tap on ‘Check for updates’
      How to check software updates on Motorola smartphone
    • If any update is available, go ahead and start downloading the update
      How to check software updates on Motorola smartphone
    • Once the update is downloaded, you can install it to boot into the latest software version

    If you are not seeing the 5G update, chances are your Motorola smartphone hasn’t received it yet. The OEM is rolling out the update in a phased manner. You can check when your 5G smartphone will receive the update in the table below.

    Compatible Moto 5G phones

    Following are the 5G-compatible Motorola phones in India.

    Model5G Software Update roll-outSA (Jio)NSA (Airtel & Vi)
    Moto Edge 30 Ultra10/10/2022YesYes
    Moto Edge 30 Fusion11/10/2022YesYes
    Moto g62 5G25/10/2022YesYes
    Moto g82 5G25/10/2022YesYes
    Moto Edge 3025/10/2022YesYes
    Moto g71 5G25/10/2022YesYes
    Moto Edge 30 Pro5/11/2022YesYes
    Moto g51 5G5/11/2022YesYes
    Moto Edge 20 Pro5/11/2022YesYes
    Moto Edge 205/11/2022YesYes
    Moto Edge 20 Fusion5/11/2022YesYes


    Why are you not getting 5G network settings?

    Despite having a 5G-compatible Motorola smartphone, there can be a possibility you don’t see any 5G option within the network settings. This is simply because Motorola is yet to roll out a software update for your smartphone that will enable 5G. Keep a tab on the official announcements from Motorola to know when the 5G OTA update will be made available for your smartphone.

    Why there is no 5G signal even after updating the phone?

    Getting 5G signals depends on various factors such as 5G availability in your exact location, nearness to network towers, and the presence of various obstacles that can interrupt the network connectivity. Try moving to a place that actually has 5G signals in your locality. This can be checked using the ‘Map’ feature of Ookla Speedtest app.