Airtel not working? Here’s how to fix Airtel network issues quickly

Airtel, used by millions of users, can wreak havoc if its network is disruptive even for a few seconds. In this guide, we tell you how to resolve this network issue swiftly and restore connectivity, unless it’s a widespread problem. Below, you will find several methods, all listed in sequential order, to accomplish this task. We advise you to proceed in the same order to fix the Airtel network issue as soon as possible. Check it out.

Check signal strength/network coverage

If you cannot access mobile data, send/receive messages or call someone, the first thing you should or are likely to do is look at the signal strength shown at the top of the phone on the status bar. 

Perhaps move to a different area and you could get better signal strength. You can check the Airtel network coverage map here.

Check if the connection is active

If you have missed a recharge or have not used the SIM in a while, you should first recharge the connection and that should solve the problem. If you just bought the SIM or ported to Airtel, you should wait for at least 4 hours for the calls to work. The SMS service would work after 24 hours of the new connection or porting.

Enable and disable Airplane Mode

Sometimes just turning on Airplane Mode and then quickly turning it off helps as it reboots the connection. You can find the Airplane or Flight mode on your phone’s Quick Settings or Control Center.

Turn mobile data off and on

Similarly, enabling and disabling the mobile data from the Quick Settings or Control Center or settings menu of your phone quickly helps with any petty issues.

Turn off Wi-Fi

If your phone settings are such that it prioritizes the stronger Wi-Fi connection against mobile data, you will have to toggle off Wi-Fi from the phone’s settings or Quick Settings or Control Center for mobile data to work.

Restart the device

You could always try restarting the device and that could fix any minor bugs with the device or network. Check if you can make calls, send/receive messages or connect to the web.

Change the SIM card to a different slot

Check if the SIM is properly inserted or if there are two slots, try putting it into a different slot and turn on the device to see if the SIM connection is working now. 

Check APN Settings

APN settings decide the connection between your phone and the internet. So, if there’s a problem with its settings that could trouble your experience. You can follow this guide to change Airtel APN settings for faster internet.

Update software

It could be a problem with the current software on your device. Updating it to the latest version might fix the issue and you could use Airtel mobile data normally.

Reset network settings

If the above steps didn’t do the trick, you can try resetting the network settings by going to the device Settings. Here’s how:

  • Android: Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset mobile network settings 
  • iPhone: Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    The path to the Reset options might differ on phones from different generations and brands. So, you may Google how to reset network settings on your respective phone. Or in the Settings menu, use the search option to find the reset network settings.

Call customer care

If nothing else works, you should try contacting Airtel customer care and they should be able to guide you to troubleshoot the issue. You could also ask them about any network outage in your area.

Airtel customer care number: (Area code) 44444121. For example: the area code for Delhi is 011. Check your area code on Google and prefix that with the above number. Dial it and after getting through the IVR segment, you should be able to get in touch with a human representative.

Hope this resolves!


How to check Airtel network outage?

You can call the Airtel customer care to enquire about the network outage. Sometimes, this issue would have surfaced on Even Downdetector is a good place to see reports related to whether Airtel is down.