Instagram names for girls and boys: 100+ cute and cool username ideas for Instagram

So you just created a fresh account on Instagram and can’t come up with a username? Well, worry not because in this article we will help you choose a name that looks cool and at the same time differentiates your profile from a plethora of other Instagram accounts out there. Below is the list of the best Instagram names for girls, as well as boys, along with an easy step-by-step guide on how you can create unique names for your Instagram account. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right at it:

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What is Instagram name?

An Instagram name is your identity associated with your profile through which the audience will be able to recognize you. That’s why, the name should be easily readable, rememberable and catchy to stand out. The name is visible at various places within the Instagram app such as in the home feed when you post a pic, in the stories and even when messaging someone. With such high prominence of your profile name, why not make it look distinctive. It certainly can be a hassle to come up with such a classy name, but we’ve got you covered. Read on and pick the best Instagram name for yourself:

P.S. you can always use your name and customise it with special characters. 

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100+ Best Instagram names for girls

Below is the list of some of the most adorable Instagram names for girls. Just copy one and apply it to your Instagram profile. That said, most of these names are taken, so we would advise you to take the inspiration from the list and add your spin to it. You can either mix or match or use the name from the list as it is. If that doesn’t work out either, scroll down to how to generate Instagram names online and use the platform to come up with a unique and stylish name.

  1. Magic Peach
  2. Cupcake Hugs
  3. Chocolaty Queen
  4. Tigger Fresh
  5. Twilight Queenbee
  6. Mystical Dimples
  7. Bikewithgirl
  8. Makegirls
  9. Lovecapri
  10. Hot Babe
  11. Peace Hug
  12. Lil Cutie
  13. Jelly Cuddles
  14. Kara
  15. The Call Me Hanny
  16. Sizzling Teapot
  17. Live Chic
  18. Beauty Babe
  19. Sleepy Tinker
  20. Super Giggles
  21. Candycane Missy
  22. Tiger Kitty
  23. Instafreack
  24. Bunny Passion
  25. Lavender
  26. Strawberry
  27. Blueberry
  28. Vansgirls
  29. Missie Lucky
  30. Thechillpixel
  31. Dilo Ki Rani
  32. Girlyapa
  33. Butterfly Girl
  34. Pretty Lil Princess
  35. Golden Sunshine
  36. Pink Loveheart
  37. Shining Starlight
  38. Fierce Fashionista
  39. Glitter and Gold
  40. Radiantly Beautiful
  41. Starry Eyes
  42. Admire The Girl
  43. Pretty Angel
  44. Lovelicious Girl
  45. Baby Love
  46. Fab Girl
  47. Pink Princess
  48. Lady in Red
  49. Beautiful Things
  50. Pretty Lilac
  51. Queen of House
  52. Unicorn Girl
  53. Bunny Angel
  54. Dance And Sing
  55. Girl True
  56. She Is Resilient
  57. Techie Luxe
  58. Classy Claire
  59. Fashion Princess
  60. Vibrant Alpaca
  61. Popcorn Pixie
  62. Pink Feathers
  63. Unicorn Lemonade 
  64. Leave No Trance 
  65. Cupcakes Hugs
  66. Kisses And Martini
  67. Vanilla Flower Love 
  68. Chantilly Cream
  69. Sparkly Champagne 
  70. Gold Peonies
  71. Marsala Magic
  72. Garden Heart
  73. Rose Berry
  74. Magic Lily
  75. Tweed Love
  76. Colourful Poppins
  77. Tulip Wind
  78. Sugar Heaven
  79. Peach Tree 
  80. Tea And Scones
  81. Soiree Girl
  82. Baby Girl
  83. Dark Princess X
  84. She Is Laughing
  85. Belle Couture
  86. Summer Glows
  87. Goofy Girl
  88. Beach Babe
  89. The Sassy Babe
  90. Dreaming of My Girl
  91. Pretty Eyes
  92. Princess Taste
  93. Twinkle Night
  94. Star Shadow
  95. Princess Kingdom
  96. Zoom Fire
  97. Rose Catcher
  98. Red Ocean
  99. PrincessLand
  100. Tweety Sweetie

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Instagram names for boys

The list for Instagram names for boys follows the same concept as the girl’s list. Take inspiration from it or mix and match to come up with a unique name for your Instagram profile.

  1. Programer
  2. Swagyboy
  3. Ghost Rider
  4. Bruce Banner
  5. NightShift
  6. Sacred Place
  7. Inspire You
  8. Think Big
  9. TheTravelTime
  10. Roundglobe
  11. Humanity Inside
  12. Lucky Point
  13. Mankind
  14. Nature Care
  15. Iron Fist
  16. The Destroyer
  17. Macho Maniac
  18. Macho Man
  19. Muscle Builder
  20. Gamer Simmer
  21. Gamez Slayer
  22. Texas Tiger
  23. Fear Swag
  24. Demon Slayer
  25. CyberWarrior
  26. Skull Crusher
  27. Fight God
  28. Sparky God
  29. Yoyo Singh
  30. Micky Wreak
  31. Bad Captain
  32. Yoyo Guitarist
  33. Tonight Gamer
  34. Dead Deal
  35. Deal Anneal
  36. Deal Cereal
  37. Dead Guru
  38. Lucky Lad
  39. Manhattan Man
  40. Will of Washington
  41. Creepy Camp
  42. Freak Treat
  43. Mouth of Mexico
  44. David The Dancer
  45. Global Tummy
  46. Caption Master
  47. Daily Punch
  48. Seven Shots
  49. Legion Master
  50. Cool Samurai
  51. Ninjastic Ninja
  52. Mr Bad Boy
  53. President Punch
  54. Dead Ultra
  55. American Ape
  56. Lovely Devil
  57. Drama Gram
  58. Brainy Clicks
  59. Extra Loud
  60. Ninja Nun
  61. Imported Sense
  62. Bald Saloon
  63. Day Owl
  64. Disco Cop
  65. Pick a Sick
  66. Balloon Face
  67. Batman
  68. Mad Dawg
  69. Mad Titan
  70. Gym Freak
  71. Hell Devil
  72. Smarty Champ
  73. Cool Crusher
  74. Space Lord
  75. Star Lord
  76. Mystery Man
  77. Annihilator
  78. Mad Max
  79. Buzz Busy
  80. One Man Show
  81. One Man Army
  82. Insta Master
  83. Cyber Tron
  84. Bald Saloon
  85. Day Owl
  86. Disco Cop
  87. Pick a Sick
  88. Balloon Face
  89. Fight Picker
  90. Cool Wannabe
  91. Mr Strange
  92. Captain Mighty
  93. Zombie Killer
  94. Superb guy
  95. Technophile
  96. Superb guy
  97. Metalhead
  98. Tech Bro
  99. Soul Taker
  100. Fear Intensifier

How to change your username in Instagram

Changing your username on Instagram is pretty straightforward. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps to change your username.

 how to change username on Instagram
  • Open the Instagram app on your phone
  • Tap on your profile picture present at the extreme bottom right
  • There would be a button named ‘Edit profile’ below your bio. Select it.
  • From here you can change both your Name and Username accordingly
  • When done, hit the ‘tick’ icon on the top right corner
  • The process to change your username is the same for both private and public accounts
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How to find cool and stylish usernames for Instagram online

Finding cool Instagram usernames for girls and boys is a pretty easy task these days. There are several websites on the internet that provide you with tons of unique and stylish names by just entering a single or couple of words. Once done, leave the rest of the work to the name generator. One such website is and here’s how you can use it to find Instagram usernames.

 Instagram username generator
Generate 100s of Instagram stylish usernames for girls & boys
  • Open your browser on phone or PC and go to
  • You will be welcomed by a search bar where you’ve to input a name or keywords of your choice
  • Once done hit the ‘generate’ button beside the search bar
  • You will be presented with hundreds of cool Instagram usernames
  • From here you can use any of the generated usernames for your Instagram profile or paste it somewhere for later reference
  • Also, when you tap/select a username, the website will check its availability on Instagram for you

Tips for choosing the best Instagram names

  • Keep it relevant: Your Instagram name should be relevant to the content you will be sharing on the platform. 
  • Should be catchy: In addition to being relevant, the Instagram name should be catchy as well. This will help others to recognise your profile more easily.
  • Easy to remember: Your Instagram name should not be a tongue-twister. Keep it nice and simple so that it’s easily burned into the user’s memory.

So, folks, these were the different Instagram usernames for girls and boys you can choose from and use them on your profile to set yourselves apart from others on the ever-growing social media platform.