iPhone 16 might not overheat like iPhone 15, hints new battery leak

  • The iPhone 16 battery will like be encased in metal instead of the usual black foil to prevent overheating.
  • The iPhone 16 might come with a battery capacity of 3,597mAh, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 15.
  • The iPhone 16 is expected to be launched in later 2024 alongside other models.

In the past, several iPhone 15 users had complained about overheating issues in their devices. However, this might not be the case with the iPhone 16, as a new leak suggests that tech giant Apple is planning to tackle this issue with several changes in the upcoming iPhone series. Here’s more about the expected development.

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iPhone 16 battery leak

  • The leak from Majin Bu posted on X suggests the iPhone 16 battery may have a similar shape and size to the iPhone 15’s battery.
  • However, the iPhone 16 battery is encased in metal instead of the usual black foil found in most smartphone batteries.
  • Reports say that the metal encasing of the battery might help in managing heat better and prevent it from overheating.
  • The new leak also reveals that the iPhone 16 might come with a battery capacity of 3,597mAh, slightly larger as compared to the 3,367mAh battery on the iPhone 15.

It is worth noting that several users in the past have complained about the overheating issues in the iPhone 15. Some users even mentioned that their iPhone 15 heated up after basic usage of social media. However, the tech giant later attributed these issues to a bug in its operating system.

No other details expected for the battery details of the iPhone 16 have been revealed this time. However, recent reports say that the iPhone 16 might feature a redesigned camera setup and will be launched in shades of White, Black, Blue, Green and Pink colours compared to the Green, Black, Yellow, pink and blue colours on the iPhone 15.

Additionally, there are rumours that hint that the iPhone 16 will include several new features, such as an Action button, a Capture button for quick video recording, focus adjustments, and zoom control. Furthermore, the iPhone 16 might also support spatial video recording.