LG 2024 TV portfolio explained: OLED evo, QNED, new webOS features, and more

LG Electronics is one of the leading TV manufacturers in the world. The company has been at the forefront of OLED TV technology, offering three classes of OLED TVs in 2024: Signature OLED, OLED evo, and standard ‘OLED’. Additionally, LG sells LCD TVs with both conventional LED backlighting and premium Mini-LED backlighting. In this article, we will clarify what each of these different terminologies means and explore the advantages of each. Furthermore, we will detail the hardware and software improvements in LG’s 2024 TV lineup.

LG 2024 TV portfolio: new models launched this year

ModelStarting price (INR)
LG B4Rs 1,69,990 (55-inch)
LG C4Rs 1,19,990 (42-inch)
LG G4Rs 2,39,990 (55-inch)
LG Signature OLED M4DE €5,000 (about Rs 450260.00) (65-inch)
LG Signature OLED TNA
LG QNED82TRs 62,990 (43-inch)
LG QNED85T$849 (about Rs 70,879.61) (50-inch)
LG QNED88TRs 1,03,990 (43-inch)
LG QNED90TRs 1,89,990 (65-inch)
LG QNED81$1,099 (about Rs 91,751.11) (43-inch)
 LG QNED86$1,799 (about Rs 1,50,191.31) (55-inch)
LG QNED89$8,999 (about Rs 7,51,290.51) (98-inch)
LG  QNED91$2,999 (about Rs 2,50,374.51) (65-inch)
LG UT80$899 (about Rs 75,053.91) (43-inch)
LG OLED Flex$4,999 (about Rs 4,17,346.51) (42-inch)

  • LG B4, LG C4, LG G4, LG QNED82T, LG QNED88T, and LG QNED90T are now available in India through LG.com and major retailers.
  • LG M4 is the world’s first TV with wireless audio and video support (up to 4K resolution at 144Hz refresh rate). Perhaps why it is placed under LG’s ultra-premium Signature OLED series. Other than that, there is no difference between it and LG G4. 

12 new things in LG 2024 TV lineup

  • Micro Lens Array (MLA): MLA uses convex-shaped microlenses to control light reflection and scattering between the different layers of the OLED panel. These microlenses are present within the OLED panel only. It results in increased luminance (light that the TV creates) and overall brightness (that users see).

    LG claims the new LG G4 and M4 OLED TVs sized up to 83 inches can hit up to 70 percent higher brightness than regular OLEDs. A heat sink in these TVs aids in the increased brightness. 
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MLA is available on 83-inch LG G4 and LG M4 for the first time. LG C4 don’t get MLA.

  • Peak Highlighter: The Peak Highlighter feature boosts the peak luminance on a 3% window on the LG G4 and LG M4 (with MLA technology). This leads to a 150% brighter screen than regular OLED screens.
  • α11 (Alpha 11) processor: LG G4 and LG M4 come equipped with this new-gen chipset that enhances the video and audio on these TVs. The company claims Alpha 11 offers a 70 percent gain in graphics and a 30 percent improved processing speed. It also has the following features:

    AI upscaling endows sharper, clearer, and more vibrant visuals
    LG Filmmaker mode benefits from better colour grading in scenes
    Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro tunes brightness and contrast for more realism
    AI Picture Pro Enhancement works natively on DRM-protected content now
    AI Sound Pro enables “richer, fuller audio” with Virtual 11.1.2 surround sound
    AI vocal separation from soundtracks resulting in clearer dialogues
  • Zero Connect Box on LG M4: All external devices like speakers, consoles, and Bluray players connect to this Zero Connect Box. This box then transfers audio and video signals to the TV wirelessly. So the TV looks cordless and premium. Zero Connect Box can work within a 30m radius and has 3 HDMI 2.1 ports.

  • 4K at 144Hz: LG M4, LG G4 and LG C4 series with screens up to 83 inches feature 4K visuals at 144Hz refresh rate. They also bring in HDMI 2.1 features.
  • webOS 24: The 2024 LG TVs ship with webOS 2024. Both 2022 and 2023 LG TVs will get webOS 24 in 2025. 
LG webOS 24
Image source: FlatpanelsHD
  • Tabletop stands are being included in the LG G4 box in select markets. LG G3 didn’t come with this.
  • A 5-year panel warranty is being offered with LG G4 and LG M4 against OLED burn-in issues.
  • LG C4 vs C3: Compared to the LG C3, the LG C4 upgrades include an Alpha 9 Gen 7 processor, up to 144Hz refresh rate support, and webOS 24 out of the box. LG also claims LG C4 TVs will be brighter than its similarly sized C3 counterparts.
  • LG G4 vs G3: Compared to the G3, the LG G4 brings MLA 2.0, Alpha 11 processor, 144Hz max refresh rate, 11.1.2 virtual surround sound, and webOS 24 out of the box (5-year upgrade promise). Its 83-inch size supports MLA 2.0 
  • LG M4 vs M3: Compared to LG M3, the LG M4 is now available in a 65-inch too. It supports the Zero Connect feature, MLA 2.0 and the other LG G4 benefits.
  • LG B4 vs B3: Compared to LG B3, the LG B4 upgrades include an Alpha 8 processor, 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, support for virtual 11.1.2 virtual surround sound, webOS 24 out of the box and a new 48-inch screen size option.

    Complete LG TV lineup

    Primarily, you can classify LG TVs into OLED TVs, QNED TVs, Nanocell TVs, and conventional smart TVs with HD or FHD displays. You can also find the former three in higher resolutions like 4K or 8K.

    • LG Signature OLED: LG OLED R, LG Z2, LG Z3, LG M4, LG OLED T
    • LG OLED evo: LG C2, LG C3, LG C4, LG G3, LG G2, LG C2X, LG C3X, LG G4, LX1 Pose
    • LG OLED: LG A1, LG A2, LG A3, LG B1, LG B2, LG B3, LG C1, LG OLED Flex, LG B4. It also includes LG OLED evo and LG Signature OLED TVs.
    • LG Nanocell: LG Nano 75, LG Nano 77, LG Nano 73, LG Nano 80, LG Nano 83

    Besides these, you can also pick LG TVs by size and resolution:

    • LG Ultra Big TVs: LG UHD UT-90, LG UR80, LG UR90, LG UQ80
    • LG 4K TVs: LG UR75, LG UQ75, LG UQ73, LG UP75, LG UR77, LG UQ90, LG UN73, LG UP77, LG UM77, LG UP80, LG UR90, LG UT90, LG UT80
    • LG Smart TV: LG LM56, LG LQ57, LG LQ643, LG LQ64, LG LM63, LG LR65, LG LQ63, LG LM57
    You can find the complete LG TV roster here.

    LG TV screen technologies explained

    What is LG Nanocell?

    LG Nanocell is a type of LG LCD TV equipped with a layer of Nanoparticles designed to filter out unnecessary colours and impurities from colourful signals emitted by the LED backlight and RGB filter. This is done with help from the underlying Alpha processor. Nanocell technology endows better colours and viewing angles compared to conventional LCD screens.

    If you want even better LCD technology, then you have the QNED lineup, the best LCD TVs from LG.

    What is QNED?

    QNED is LG’s branding for its Mini-LED range of LCD TVs. QNED TVs use a backlight with tiny LEDs. These along with LG’s Alpha processor achieves Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) or in other words, precisely control dimming zones and brightness levels. This results in higher peak brightness, better contrasts, and a wider colour gamut. Learn more about Mini-LED technology here.

    Just so you know, QNED also employs Nanocell technology to filter colours accurately.

    What is OLED?

    Unlike LCD TVs, OLED TVs don’t have a backlight. OLED uses self-emissive organic material to produce light on its own. It offers accurate dimming, pitch-black blacks, superior contrast ratio, and colour reproduction. There are 3 ranges of LG OLED TVs: conventional OLED, OLED evo, and Signature OLED. 

    What is OLED evo?

    LG OLED evo screens use deuterium (instead of hydrogen) as the blue filter material and add an extra green filter layer. Together these make the OLED screen brighter by 20 percent. OLED evo can achieve higher brightness levels than conventional OLED and even LCD screens.

    What is LG Signature OLED?

    LG Signature series represents luxury or premium. So, they bring cutting-edge tech like transparent/translucent displays, rollable displays, etc.

    QNED vs OLED

    Light sourceMini-LED backlightSelf-lit pixel
    Black levelsVery dark grey (dimming artefacts)True black (pixels turned off completely)
    Peak brightness1,000 nits3,000 nits

    OLED also offers better viewing angles, contrast ratio, and motion handling. However, it can be more expensive and is vulnerable to burn-in risk.

    New LG webOS features

    LG webOS 24 brings the following new things:

    • webOS 24 brings a new cleaner UI.
    • The top portion shows ads now but you can disable it completely.
    • There is a screen saver feature called Always Ready that can show weather, calendar, and photos.
    • Add Chromecast support to LG 2022 and 2023 TVs.
    • You can now connect hearing aids to LG TVs with webOS 24.
    • Different users can have their personalised profiles.
    • If you have any queries about your LG TV interface and settings, you can now ask the built-in Chatbot.
    LG webOS 24
    Image source: LG


    How to check my LG TV resolution: 4K or not?

    Open LG TV’s settings. Then go to Display Settings. Click on Advanced display settings at the bottom. Next, check Advanced display settings and you will see if the TV supports 4K resolution or any other resolution.

    What are LG Magic Remote features?

    LG Magic Remote comes with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-based wireless connectivity. You can even trigger the TV through voice using the built-in mic on it. You can also tap on hotkeys of various OTT or entertainment apps to quickly access them.

    Update: The pricing and availability details of LG TVs available in India have been added.