Motorola is slowly winning back customers trust: Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2022

Motorola is once again clawing its way back to the top to take on players like iQOO, Xiaomi, and Realme in terms of user satisfaction

Motorola spent decades enjoying strong brand loyalty among fans. Things changed, however, with the influx of brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Realme that were able to deliver value-for-money smartphones. Motorola was unable to keep up with the competition, forcing loyalists to switch to the other team. However, Motorola has seen a sort of revival over the past couple of years with the launch of several impressive budget and mid-range smartphones. It’s no wonder the brand is slowly winning back customers’ trust, as insights from the latest 91mobiles Great Indian Smartphone Survey indicate.

In our previous post, we talked about iQOO claiming several top spots when it comes to user satisfaction. We now turn our attention toward Motorola, which has been improving its ranking in customer satisfaction as well. Take a look.

Although Motorola’s ownership share declined in 2022 as compared to the previous year, it seems the brand is bouncing back. According to data from our Great Indian Smartphone Survey where we polled over 15,000 people, Motorola’s ownership share is set to touch 2.9 percent from the current 1.9 percent. Motorola, iQOO, OnePlus, and Apple are the only brands that are expected to improve their ownership share in the coming months, based on survey data.

Motorola gains in user satisfaction in 2022

  • According to our survey, over 50 percent of people owning Motorola phones are happy with their phone’s speed. This is an improvement over the brand’s performance last year.
  • People are also increasingly liking the battery life of Motorola smartphones. Over 60 percent of Motorola users in our survey pool say they were satisfied with their phone’s battery reliability.
  • In addition to the battery, over 55 percent of Motorola users are also satisfied with their phone’s display capabilities.

  • The software was a sore point for Motorola users for years as the brand would be quite late to push out updates. However, it seems the company is mending its ways as close to 60 percent of users say they are satisfied with their Moto phone’s software performance.

  • Notably, Motorola has also increased in ranking as a value-for-money brand, being just behind iQOO and OnePlus now. This could be due to the several budget and mid-range phones Motorola has launched in recent times, packing impressive hardware at affordable prices.
As you can see from our Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2022, Motorola has been impressing users over the past couple of years with its smartphones. The brand is once again clawing its way back to the top to take on players like iQOO, Xiaomi, and Realme. Phones like the Moto G51 5G (review), Moto G71 5G (review), Moto G52 (review), and more recently the Moto G62 (review), have done well by offering a clean Android experience, good performance, display, and battery life, which are features most important to customers in the budget and mid-range segments.