Now you can sign into your Google account without a password: here’s how

  • Google is bringing passkeys to personal accounts.
  • With passkeys, you no longer need a password to sign into your Google account.
  • Here’s how to use Google passkeys. 

Google is adding more security to your personal accounts with the introduction of passkeys. This was rolled out earlier this year, and passkeys are now the default option for personal Google accounts. Passkeys are 40 percent faster than passwords, and more secure as well. Google will start prompting users to create and use passkeys when signing into their accounts. 

Passkeys for personal Google accounts

So what exactly is a passkey? It’s your fingerprint, face scan or pin that you use to unlock your device. Google decided to adopt this system as it moves towards a ‘passwordless future’. This will also help remove the process of having to remember difficult passwords. With passkeys, you can simply sign into your Google account without having to enter a password. 

How to create passkey for your Google account

  • Google will start sending prompts to users to create and use passkeys for their account.
  • You can also go to your Google account and open the ‘Security’ tab.
  • Here, you’ll see the option to start using passkeys.
  • Select that and the default authentication for your device will be your passkey.
  • So it can either be your face unlock (Face ID), fingerprint or PIN. 

If you’re trying to sign into a website on your laptop or PC then you will need your phone nearby. Google will prompt you to unlock your phone, and then you’ll be able to sign into the website. 

Google isn’t removing passwords completely though keeping in mind those apprehensive about the new security feature. So you will be able to continue using passwords, and also opt-out of using passkeys by turning off the “Skip password when possible” from your Google account. This will be toggled on by default in your Google account settings. 

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