Sony 2024 BRAVIA lineup explained: models, features, and everything else you need to know

Sony’s tagline for its 2024 BRAVIA TVs is “Cinema is coming home” and this is laid out through both LCD and OLED offerings. Well, it’s mostly LCD and Sony’s flagship TV for this year is a Mini-LED-backed LCD TV. This shows Sony’s confidence in Mini-LED tech and its BRAVIA XR system. Over the years, we have seen Sony make incremental improvements to its hardware and software suite. Let’s now check out the complete lineup of Sony 2024 BRAVIA TVs, their new features, and the various technologies they include. 

Sony 2024 TV lineup: new models launched this year

BRAVIA 3 (Direct LED)$599.99 (about Rs 50,084.17) (43-inch)
BRAVIA 7 (Mini-LED)$1,899.99 (about Rs 1,58,601.67) (55-inch)
BRAVIA 8 (OLED)$1,999.99 (about Rs 1,66,949.17) (55-inch)
BRAVIA 9 (Mini-LED)$3,299.99 (about Rs 2,75,502.97) (65-inch)

Sony’s flagship TV for 2024, viz., the BRAVIA 9 is an LCD TV with upgraded Mini-LED backlighting.

12 new features in Sony 2024 TV lineup

  • The Mini-LEDs in BRAVIA 9 are physically smaller compared to the Mini-LEDs in the previous model. That means 325 percent more local dimming zones on BRAVIA 9 than BRAVIA X95L. The TV is 50 percent brighter too at peak luminance, making it Sony’s brightest 4K TV ever.
  • Sony has used the world’s smallest Mini-LED driver that is capable of handling higher 22-bit bandwidth data. In comparison, the X95L can handle only 8 to 10-bit data. 
  • The company is even able to individually control each LED and manage the minute levels of gradation/brightness between super bright and super dark. This allows for improved contrasts. 

  • The Sony TVs come powered by an XR processor with 20 percent better power efficiency.
  • The TVs come with Dolby Vision across the lineup, Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and a new Prime Video Calibrated Mode on BRAVIA 7,8,9, and ATSC 3.0 compliance on BRAVIA 7,8,9
  • The flagship BRAVIA TV sports Acoustic Multiaudio+ for 3D surround sound and Voice Zoom 3 for clear vocals. BRAVIA 9 is also the world’s first TV with a beam tweeter (an upward-facing speaker for high-frequency sounds).
  • BRAVIA 8 is the only new OLED TV in the BRAVIA 2024 lineup. It is WOLED with a Micro Lens Array (MLA) and a 10 percent brightness uplift over last year’s A80L. Sony claims it is 31 percent thinner and its display bezels are slimmer by 29 percent. You also get Acoustic Surface Audio+ and Acoustic Center Sync technology for audio.
  • BRAVIA 7 is said to offer 30 percent higher brightness than last year’s X90L.
  • Compared to last year’s X80L, BRAVIA 3 supports HDMI 2.1 features like 4K/120fps Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).
  • The new Eco remote supports USB-C charging.
  • Google TV brings several new features to the Sony 2024 BRAVIA TV lineup like a new UI with smaller circular app icons and an expanded ‘Your Apps’ row on the homescreen.

Complete Sony TV lineup

  • A-lineup (OLED): A95L, A95K, A80L, A80K, A80J, A90K
  • X-lineup (LCD): X95L, X95K, X90L, X90K, X85K, X82L, X80L, X80K, X75L, X74L, X70L, X64L, X75K, X74K
  • W-lineup (LCD): W830K/W880K, W820K

Sony TV technologies explained

What is BRAVIA XR?

BRAVIA XR includes the XR processor and the various cognitive intelligence (AI) tools present in Sony’s BRAVIA TVs. BRAVIA XR can individually analyse the colour, contrast and clarity in the focal point of a scene.  Some of its underlying features are:

  • XR Clear Image: for sharper images
  • XR Motion Clarity: for motion smoothing and clear images.
  • X-Anti Reflection: to allay glare
  • X-Wide Angle: for wider viewing angles so that the picture looks the same good quality from wide angles.
  • 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme: It upscales lower-res content to 4K HDR quality. 
  • 4K X-Reality PRO: This is also an upscaling technology and it aims to “find the best hue, saturation and brightness for each pixel,” so that the visual looks closer to reality.
  • XR Backlight Master Drive System: It is a local dimming algorithm that individually controls each LED’s brightness levels and overall contrast of the TV.
  • XR Triluminos Pro: to ensure accurate colours are presented on the screen.

What is Sony Pictures Core?

It is the new entertainment app for PS4 and PS5 consoles that brings you up to 2,000 movies by Sony Pictures in IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, exclusive bonus content like director commentary, etc.

What is Creator Calibrated?

Creator Calibrated is Sony’s project to tune the BRAVIA TV’s settings for specific content as its creator intended. While Netflix Calibrated, Prime Video Calibrated Mode and BRAVIA CORE Calibrated (for Sony Pictures Core) work on a genre or style of content, the Creator Calibrated will work on a content-by-content basis. 


Is Sony Mini LED better than OLED?

Sony BRAVIA 9 (Mini-LED) is said to be the company’s brightest 4K TV ever. So, in terms of brightness, it may be better than Sony’s own BRAVIA 8 OLED TV. That level of brightness along with the XR Backlight Master Drive System and XR processor could provide impressive local dimming control and resulting contrasts. However, it may not be enough to match the pixel-level dimming and luminance control by OLED. Mini-LED may still have blooming and other dimming artefacts. But, we reserve our judgement until we review the new Sony TVs and perhaps compare them side by side.