Teen from Thailand orders cheap iPhone online, here’s what he actually got

  • A teenager in Thailand ordered a cheap iPhone
  • He received an iPhone-shaped coffee table instead
  • It turns out that he didn’t read the product description

We all have heard numerous stories of people ordering an iPhone but getting a totally different product. Today, we have one such story but with a big twist. As per a report, a teenager in Thailand found a listing of an iPhone online that was selling at dirt cheap rates. Looking at the intimidating price, he ordered the iPhone. However, he was awe-struck when he received the actual product. It was far from an actual iPhone. The teenager discovered that instead of an iPhone, he had received an iPhone-shaped coffee table that was almost as tall as him.

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This is what actually happened

While most people might think that this was just another iPhone scam, it was not. According to the teenager, he did not check the description of the product while ordering it. The listing he came across was actually for an iPhone-shaped coffee table. He mistook it for an actual iPhone. So, it was actually the customer’s fault this time around. The e-commerce website did send the right product and they aren’t at fault in this case.

When the teen received the parcel, he felt something was wrong because the package was as tall as him. Once, he opened the package and checked the description of the listing, he realised the mistake he had done. The teen then posted it on social media about the whole mishap. The boy said that he found it odd the iPhone was listed at a cheap price and that the shipping cost was unusually high.

While this is an unusual case, it does teach us something very important: Read the product listing carefully before ordering any product online. It is also a good idea to record the unpacking of the product so that if anything is wrong with it, you can share the video with e-commerce platforms to prove your story.