2022 TVS iQube electric scooter price in India, specifications, booking, variants, and more

TVS has recently announced its next iteration of iQube electric two-wheeler which is said to come in three different variants namely iQube, iQube S and iQube ST. The vanilla iQube brings several upgrades and improvements under the hood while lowering the price tag from the previous generation. On the other hand, iQube S and ST come with a premium price tag and superior specifications such as larger batteries and touch screen displays over the 2022 vanilla iQube. In this article, we go through every detail you should know about the new variants of TVS iQube such as availability, specifications, booking procedure and most importantly price. So stick around till the end to know what TVS’ new electric two-wheelers bring to the table.

2022 TVS iQube price in India, availability

Although all the variants of the 2022 TVS iQube have been announced, the pricing and availability of the topmost model iQube ST haven’t been revealed yet. With that out of the way, the vanilla iQube has been priced at Rs 1,66,564 in Delhi, which can be further reduced to Rs 98,564 by claiming the FAME II subsidy of Rs 51,000 provided by the government. Similarly, the iQube S has been priced at Rs Rs 1,76,690, in Delhi but after claiming the FAME II subsidy the on-road price comes down to Rs 1,08,690.

2022 TVS iQube modelsOff-road price (Delhi)On-road price (Including subsidies)
TVS iQubeRs 1,66,564Rs 98,564
TVS iQube SRs 1,76,690Rs 1,08,690

Coming to the availability, the TVS iQube e-scooters will be up for grabs across 85 cities nationwide ‘with the deliveries taking up to 120 days from the time of pre-booking, as claimed by the company. The lineup could give Ola S1 series and Ather 450 series a run for their money.

2022 TVS iQube design

2022 TVS iQube retains the same design as the older model, with some modifications. The S and ST models pack a large visor on the front, which packs in the headlights and LED indicators. That said, there is no difference in the size and dimensions of the 2022 iQube electric scooters. All variants tout bulky design and twin telescopic front suspension with 12-inch alloy wheels and a disc brake. There is a dual shock absorber on the back. Moving on, the new TVS iQube electric scooters come with a large 32-litre storage space under the hood, which for reference can hold up to 2 average-sized helmets simultaneously.

2022 TVS iQube

The company has launched the iQube 2022 in Pearl White, Titanium Grey Glossy and Shining Red. The iQube S has four different colour options, namely Mercury Grey Glossy, Mint Blue, Lucid Yellow and Copper Bronze Glossy, going its way, while the top-end model the iQube ST is available in Starlight Blue Glossy, Titanium Grey Matte, Coral Sand Glossy and Copper Bronze Matte.

2022 TVS iQube electric scooter specifications

The TVS iQube 2022 is slightly better specced than the previous-generation model. The company has increased the battery capacity of the scooters along with driving range, touchscreen display, Alexa voice control, fast charging solution, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about 2022 TVS iQube electric scooter:


Both the vanilla iQube and iQube S models come with a claimed range of 100 km on a single charge. On the other hand, the iQube ST can offer 145 km of range on a fully charged battery. The range is significantly better than the 2020’s TVS iQube, which could only last for 75 km on a single charge.

TVS iQube ST 2022 range

Top speed

The performance of the TVS e-scooters is being taken care of by a 4.4kW, which is able to provide a top speed of 78 km/h on the regular and S models. The high-end ST variant, on the other hand, can achieve a tad faster top speeds of 82 km/h.

TVS iQube ST 2022 top speed


The 3.4 kWh TVS Motor designed battery pack present in the 2022 iQube and iQube S can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in under 2 hours 50 minutes using a 950W output, while a full charge can take upto 4 hours and 30 minutes using 650W of output, per the company. The ST model of iQube, however, boasts of a larger 5.1 kWh battery, which can be fast charged using 1.5kW output taking the battery from 0 percent to 80 percent in 2 hours and 30 minutes.


The entire TVS iQube 2022 lineup comes with a large set of TFT touch screen displays on the front for turn by turn navigation, music controlling, accessing and interacting with notifications, and much more. Both the vanilla iQube and iQube S get a 5-inch screen while the ST model sports an even larger 7-inch display for a better screen real estate. These e-scooters are also capable of receiving OTA updates, which can improve performance and bring new features to the vehicles. Among other features, TVS also has an inbuilt Alexa support which allows users to check the battery charging stats remotely from their smartphones or smart devices.

2022 TVS iQube features

TVS iQube 2022 variants booking

Here’s how you can buy as well as make a booking for a test ride of the 2022 TVS iQube in India.

How to buy TVS iQube electric two-wheeler online in India

Interested buyers can book their 2022 TVS iQube through the company’s official website by paying a small booking amount ranging from Rs 999 to Rs 5000 depending on the region. Also do note that even if the electric two-wheeler has not been launched in your city, you can still fill out the booking form to be notified later about its availability.

Buy 2022 TVS iQube online in India
  • Visit the TVS website and click on ‘Book iQube’ option on the top right. Alternatively, you can directly visit the page by clicking here.
  • Now select your preferred choice of iQube variant and the respective colour you would like to go for. Once done hit ‘Next’
  • On the next screen, start typing your city name in the location field. Once your location appears among the options, select it
  • Now fill in your personal details such as mobile number, full name and email ID for the purpose of verification through OTP
  • You’ll also be able to see the exact booking amount for your region
  • Once you receive the OTP either on your number or email, enter it on the next screen
  • Fill in further details as instructed along with the payment amount for booking the TVS iQube

How to book a TVS iQube test ride

Just like its other vehicles, TVS has opened up test ride bookings for the 2022 iQube electric wheeler through its website. Here’s how you can schedule a test ride with your nearest TVS dealership online.

Book 2022 TVS iQube test ride online
  • Visit the TVS website and click on the ‘Test Ride’ option on the top right. Alternatively, you can directly visit the page by clicking here.
  • On the next screen, enter your city name and pin code to locate the nearby TVS dealerships and hit ‘Next’
  • Moving on, you’ll be presented with a list of dealerships nearby. Select one of your choices and hit ‘Next’
  • Now you’ll have to choose and confirm the test ride date. Select one and tap on ‘Next’
  • Lastly, enter all your personal details as required and hit ‘Submit’ to confirm your TVS iQube test ride
  • Once done you may receive a call or email from the dealership regarding your test ride