10 best electric scooters you can buy in India (November 2022)

Electric scooters have become a viable alternative to petrol scooters in the face of rising fuel prices. Here are the best electric scooters you can buy in India.

Electric scooters in India are available in all shapes and sizes. To help you find the right one, we have compiled a list of the best electric scooters available in India right now. The list comprises e-scooters from established and new companies. These scooters are not only environment-friendly but have lower maintenance and running cost compared to their ICE variants. What’s more, some of the electric scooters, if not all, are now matching their petrol variants, and with government subsidies from the centre and state – subject to change, you can further bring the cost down. On that note, here are our top 10 electric scooters

Best electric scooters you can buy in India

There are several types of electric scooters available in India, including some, which don’t even require you to have a license to drive. In this list, we have covered electric scooters that can handle the daily needs of an average scooter user in India. We have also made sure to include electric scooters targeting all price points so you can get one that fits your budget.

  • Ather Energy 450x Gen 3
  • Hero Electric Optima CX (Dual-battery)
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • Ola Electric S1 Pro
  • Hero Vida V1
  • TVS iQube ST
  • Bounce Infinity E1
  • Okinawa Okhi 90
  • Ampere Magnus EX
  • Kinetic Green Zing HSS

1. Ather Energy 450x Gen 3

In July 2022, Ather Energy updated its flagship electric scooter with the third generation iteration, dubbed the Ather Energy 450x Gen 3. The scooter offers a more powerful electric motor that can produce an equivalent of 8.7 bhp of power and an ARAI-certified riding range of 146 km. Not only this, Ather’s already well-engineered scooter body is now even better built thanks to an all-aluminium frame. It also gets a new tread profile for the tyres, as well as a new tyre pressure monitoring system accessory. Even its digital dashboard has been upgraded with more RAM to make operations smoother and easier. All things considered, the Ather 450x Gen 3 is arguably the best electric scooter that you can buy in India. From ride quality to build and overall experience, this is one of the most premium electric scooters on Indian roads right now.

Ather Energy 450x Gen 3 price in India, pros and cons

The Ather electric scooter is selling in India at Rs 1,37,612 onward (depending on the city of purchase).


  • One of the most premium scooters
  • Good riding range and speed
  • Best-in-class features


  • New generation is only an iterative upgrade
  • Expensive

2. Hero Electric Optima CX (dual-battery)

Hero Electric, not to be confused with Hero Motocorp, is still one of the most recognisable names in the EV industry at the moment. Rightfully, the Sohinder Singh Gill-led company is one of the most popular when it comes to electric scooters on Indian roads, and one of the company’s most reliable workhorses is the Hero Electric Optima CX. We particularly recommend the dual-battery model of the scooter, which offers an excellent certified range of 140 km per charge cycle. It also has a detachable battery, which makes it even more convenient as you can charge the battery when at home — without needing a mobile charging station, necessarily. The scooter can travel at a peak speed of 45 kmph, thereby being rated as ideal for city commutes. You also get features such as a digital instrument cluster and a USB port for charging your mobile device, and regenerative braking for increasing your riding range.

Hero Electric Optima CX price in India, pros and cons

The EV is priced in India at Rs 77,490.


  • Great riding range
  • Detachable battery for charging
  • Has all the essential features


  • Charges slowly
  • No cruise control

3. Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak was one of the most prominent and popular scooter brands in the past, and now the company is reviving it in its electric form. The scooter’s design is an amalgamation of its old heritage and new modern aesthetics, and it looks beautiful. Talking about the specs, it has a range of 90 kilometres with the battery rated to last for 70,000 kilometres or 7 years. The battery has a quick charging feature that can charge up to 25 percent in only an hour, with a full charge taking 5 hours. Its steel body is built to last and comes with IP67 water and dust-resistant rating. There’s no doubt it’s a premium scooter, but its price is still too steep.

Bajaj Chetak EV price in India, pros and cons

The Bajaj Chetak comes with a sticker price of Rs 1,41,400.


  • Good durability
  • Charges fast
  • Iconic brand


  1. Expensive
  2. Range limited for the price

4. Ola S1 and S1 Pro

Ola S1 didn’t get the start many were anticipating, but it’s still the strongest option out there at least on paper. The scooter is available in two different models: the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro. The regular Ola S1 has an ARAI-certified range of 121 kilometres, while the Ola S1 Pro offers 181 kilometres range on a single charge. However, the real-world range is likely to be significantly less. Ola has clarified that the true range of the S1 Pro scooter is 135 km, which can only be achieved under certain conditions.

Similarly, the Ola S1 Pro has a top speed of 115 km/h and can do 0 to 40 in only 3 seconds, while the Ola S1 top out at 90 km/h and takes 3.6 seconds for the 0 to 40 acceleration. Both models come with several enticing features, including proximity unlock, a giant dashboard, voice control, multiple profiles, and more. The Ola S1 is available in 10 gorgeous colours, and the prices start at Rs 99,999. Despite the seemingly high price, it’s one of the best electric scooters that you can buy in India.

Ola S1 and S1 Pro price in India, pros and cons

The Ola S1 is priced at Rs 99,999, while the S1 Pro costs Rs 1,29,999.


  • Good range
  • Packed with features
  • Among the most popular


  • Many reports of quality issues
  • Software on infotainment has glitches

5. Hero Vida V1

Vida V1 electric scooter
HereMotocorp’s sub-brand Vida earlier this month launched its first electric scooter named Vida V1. The scooter comes in two variants, Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro. Coming to the features and specs, both variants come with a top speed of 80 kmph but the V1 Pro can go from 0 to 40 kmph in 3.2 seconds while the V1 Plus takes 3.4 seconds for the same distance. As for the claimed range, the new EV two-wheelers will be able to deliver a range of 163 km and 143 km for V1 Pro and V1 Plus respectively. Running under the hood in both electric scooters is a portable battery pack that can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in less than 65 minutes. Furthermore, both the Vida V1 models come with a set of smart features such as parking assistance, location navigation, riding models, trip analytics and more all accessible via the 7-inch touch display.

Hero Vida V1 price in India, pros and cons

The Vida V1 Plus and V1 Pro come at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1,28,000 and Rs 1,39,000 respectively which includes the FAME II and state subsidy. Additionally, the reservation price is set at Rs 2,499.


  • Portable battery for charging
  • All round robust design
  • Decent pickup times


  • Range slightly on the lower side as compared to the competition
  • Some may not find top speeds adequate

6. TVS iQube ST

The TVS iQube ST electric scooter stands out for looking more conventional, but that also comes with its own perks. For one, the iQube ST has one of the biggest boot spaces, capable of fitting two full-sized helmets to ensure safety for yourself and your companion. But, that’s not all. The scooter comes with a peak riding range of 145 km in economy mode, and 110 km in performance mode. When riding in the latter, the scooter can reach a pretty solid riding speed of 82 kmph, which makes it one of the best-performing electric scooters in the market. You also get a 7-inch touchscreen that offers Amazon Alexa voice assistant integration, music playback via Bluetooth, and even social media notifications on screen, while following all necessary safety measures to prevent you from being distracted. All things considered, the iQube ST from TVS is among the most robust and reliable electric scooters on the market, and it is even available in four colour variants!

TVS iQube ST price in India, pros and cons

The TVS iQube ST comes with a sticker price of Rs 1,09,256 in Delhi.


  • Excellent range
  • Rich set of features
  • Four body colours


  • Looks bulky
  • Alexa can be patchy

7. Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1 has an interesting sale model, where even if you do not pay the full price, you can get the scooter at a much more affordable price — paired with the company’s Battery-as-a-service aka BAAS plans. The plans come with a monthly subscription cost starting at Rs 849 and a swappable battery option, which cost Rs 35 per swap. This brings the effective Bounce Infinity E1 price per KM down to Rs 0.65. 

As for the features, the Bounce Infinity E1 has a single-charge range of up to 85km and a 65kmph top speed. There are three driving modes: Drag, Eco, and Power. The electric scooter also gets a 2kWhr 48V battery pack that is IP 67 rated and can be swapped out and charged anywhere. It supports a regenerative braking energy re-cooperation system as well. The scooter touts 12-inch tubeless tyres with disc brake and CBS.

Bounce Infinity E1 price in India, pros and cons

The Bounce Infinity E1 is retailing in India at Rs 68,999 (with battery) and Rs 36,099 (without battery).


  • Cost
  • Swappable battery
  • Regenerative braking system


  • Range
  • One of the most affordable

8. Okinawa Okhi 90

Okinawa’s latest electric scooter in India is one of the more premium options that you can get your hands on. For starters, it is one of the few electric scooters in India that have daytime running lights (DRLs) — LED lights that stay on and add a touch of style to your vehicle at all times. The Okhi 90 is also one of the few electric scooters that offer fast charging — with the right charger, you will be able to charge your scooter by up to 80 percent within just one hour. The scooter is rated to offer up to 140 km of riding range, at speeds of up to 90 kmph. The scooter also has one of the largest wheels in its segment, offering 16-inch tyres in place of the commonly used 12-inch ones. It also has a large, 40-litre boot space, and makes for one of the most well-equipped electric scooters on the market.

Okhinawa Okhi 90 price in India, pros and cons

The Okhinawa Okhi 90 is priced in India at Rs 1,21,866.


  • Massive wheels
  • Good riding range
  • DRLs


  • Clumsy design
  • Not available yet

9. Ampere Magnus EX

Ampere is an electric vehicle brand that is owned by the iconic automobile engineering firm, Greaves Cotton. One of the biggest aspects of Ampere, alongside its vehicles themselves, is the fact that the company is steadily building a battery-swapping network to cater to its riders across India. This automatically makes the Magnus EX a largely convenient electric scooter — even if you run out of power amid your journey. The scooter offers great acceleration and is capable of reaching speeds of 40 kmph within just 10 seconds. It also comes with an ARAI-rated riding range of 121 km and has great legroom for you to ride in comfort, even if you are riding the scooter for long hours.

Ampere Magnus EX price in India, pros and cons

The Ampere Magnus EX is available in India with Rs 77,249 sticker price.


  • Detachable battery
  • Well built


  • Basic feature set
  • Looks dated

10. Kinetic Green Zing HSS

The Kinetic brand is a recognised name in the three-wheeler space, and Kinetic Green adds an EV touch to the company’s products for consumers. The electric scooter offers a riding range of 120 km on one charge, but the best part is that it is one of the fastest-charging scooters on the market. The full battery can be charged within three hours, making it a nifty scooter to own for city commuting. The list of premium features includes anti-theft alarms and keyless entry, as well as a highly convenient detachable battery that you can charge from the comfort of your home. You can also switch its modes based on your preferred driving style, and to make the deal even sweeter, you also get cruise control to motor along city roads at utmost comfort. Simultaneously keep your phone charged, thanks to a USB port on the vehicle itself.

Kinetic Green Zing SS price in India, pros and cons

The Kinetic Green Zing SS is priced in India at Rs 76,277 (estimated).


  • Fast charging
  • Detachable battery
  • Cruise control


  • No smart dashboard
  • Basic lifestyle features


Who should buy an electric scooter?

While an electric scooter has numerous benefits, it isn’t for everyone just yet. Buy an electric scooter

  • If you have short-distance commutes
  • Parking space to charge your electric scooter
  • Speed isn’t a priority