Voter list: How to check name in voter list online and download it

The name should be on the voter list to cast vote.

With elections in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry, and Assam states coming up, you should check your name on voter list. Having a voter ID card is just not enough to cast a vote. The voter should have his/ her name on the list as well. You can search your name in voter list online and fix discrepancies (if any) to exercise your right to vote in elections. Additionally, you can download voter list on your device. If you not sure how? Follow the steps below. Make sure that your device has a browser and maybe a PDF reader if you’re downloading the voter list. Now, let’s take a look at how you can check your name in voter list online and how to download voter list for offline view.

How to check name in Voter list online

You can check name in voter list online via the Election Commission of India (ECI) website or NVSP (National Voter Service Portal). The portals have details of all the registered voters across India. To shortlist yours, keep your voter ID details handy. Now,

How to check name in voter list
  • Fire up your browser and visit – the official web portal of the ECI
  • Scroll down and look for the ‘Search name in Voter List’ option, below the ‘Current Issue’ section
  • Click/ Tap on the link
  • You’ll be redirected to a new page that’ll allow you to search for your name on the voter list
  • You can ‘Search by Details’ by entering your name, father’s/ husband name, Age/ DoB, and State. Or, you can ‘Search by EPIC no’. This is the number that is stated on your voter ID card.
  • After this, enter Captcha code and hit Search
  • The details will appear at the bottom of the page under the ‘Number of Record(s) Found’ section
  • Select ‘View Details’ to confirm your name on the voter list

If there are any discrepancies, you can fix them from the page. The website allows you to ‘Apply shifting to a different Assembly Constituency’, ‘Apply for shifting to a different Assembly Constituency (Only for overseas elector)’, ‘Raise an objection for the inclusion of this entry or Apply for deletion from electoral roll’, ‘Apply for corrections in electoral roll entry’, and ‘Apply for shifting within Assembly Constituency’.

How to download Voter list

The steps to download the voter list are as follows:

how to download voter list
  • Go to the ECI website and from ‘link to official Sites of Chief Electoral Officers of 36 stats/ UT’, select your state. Alternatively, go to NVSP’s website and select ‘Download Electoral Roll PDF, then the state. We selected ‘NCT of Delhi’
  • If you’re doing this on Chrome, the browser may show that the website is not safe – something that the government should fix, if that’s the case
  • You can still proceed to download voter list by going to ‘Advance’ and selecting ‘Proceed to (unsafe)’
  • From the Quick Links on the left-side panel, select ‘Electoral Roll’
  • A new page will open –> select language –> Main Roll –> Assembly Constituency –> Locality
  • Validate yourself by entering the Captcha code
  • The Voter list will open/ download on your device


How can I register in voter list

  • To register in voter list, go to the ECI voter portal –
  • Create an account, if you haven’t
  • Sign-in using your mobile number/ email/ voter ID number, enter password, and solve the maths.
  • Click on login to register yourself in the voter list

The portal can also be used to check enrollment, update details, find polling station, download e-Voter ID card, and know your Booth Level Officer (BLO). 

What to do if name is missing in voter list?

You can contact your district election officer or BLO or login to the above portal and raise the request.

How to know your BLO, Assembly/ party/ constituency details, and more

  • To know your BLO, Assembly/ Party/ Consitituency details, and Political Party representative, visit
  • Enter your EPIC no, i.e. printed on top of your photo on voter ID card. If you don’t have voter ID card, search name on voter list with the steps stated above to know your EPIC no
  • Hit ‘Search’ button to see Assembly/ Party/ Consitituency details, and Political Party representative, and BLO details

How to delete name from voter list online

To delete name from voter list online, search name in the voter list using the above-mentioned steps and click on Form 7. Alternatively, you can go to the ECI voter portal – –> create an account –> and login with your details. After this, you will be able to apply for deletion from electoral roll.

How to check name in voter list via ECI app

Election Commission of India also has its app for users to check voter ID card details. For that, head over to Play Store/ App Store and download ‘Voter Helpline’ app. Just as the case with the browser, tap on ‘Select Your Name in Electoral Roll’ (users can ‘Search by EPIC number’) and quickly fill in the details. Tap on ‘Search’ to see the details. Notably, the result on the app doesn’t show your polling date.